05 Eddie Bauer explorer cig lighter is not working and i checked all the fuses-does anyone have any suggestions as to what i can check next or what the problem is?

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Take it to a dealer Its under warrantee
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Air conditioning heater fan in your l999 vw beetle stopped working any suggestions fuses have been checked where are the relays?

Answer . \nI am not a mechanic, but I just had this problem with my a/c. I checked all of the fuses -- no problems. I pulled apart the instrument panel to check the connections to the switches -- no problems. My next step was going to be to remove the panel that covers the blower (under the g (MORE)

All Brake Lamps in 1999 Explorer Eddie Bauer will not come on when pedal is depressed - bulbs are fine and so is fuse Any suggestions?

Does the turn signal work? Sometimes a damaged turn signal switch can cause the brake lights to fail.. Answer . Yes, apparently the turn signals are operational. Answer Please check your brake pedal switch, get yourself a flashlight and inspect it( it's above the brake pedal pad), it may (MORE)

What could be the problem on a 1997 ford explorer Eddie Bauer Edition when the speedometer and odometer both at the same time either work or not work?

first off 97 didnt use a speedo cable,on the back of the transfer case is a vss (vehicle speed sensor)try and replace that if that doesnt solve your problems check the gauge cluster,i have a 97 eb exporer and i had the same issue it was driving me nuts had the dealer scan it and they couldn't tell m (MORE)

How do you determine if the clock springcruise control and horn problem are related in a 95 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer none of them are working. My stereo and power antenna have also stopped working.?

Answer . \nYou have to manually test the inputs and outputs of the clockspring with an ohm meter. But if you have lost your horn, cruise, and your airbag light is flashing a code 32 (three flashes, short pause, then two flashes, long pause, and repeat), then you can pretty much bet the clockspri (MORE)

Your windshield washer doesn't work check the line but not water seems to be coming through Any suggestion on what could be the problem?

Answer . I had this problem with my Villager and continue to have it with my Quest. The Villager went back to the dealer who told me that there were no problems that they could find but it was a common problem with the Quest and Villager. When I need to use the fluid I press and release the switc (MORE)

97 Ford Explorer and the dim headlights wont work The high beams work and all others work checked the fuses and they are fine Any suggestions?

Answer . Check bulbs Check relay Check dimmer switch. If it has daytime running lights (DLR) then try removing the DLR module.. I had one where high beams worked when pulling back, but high beams would not work when pushing forward. The regular headlights would not turn on at all. The interior (MORE)

Your 1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4x4 has trouble starting at different times acts as if the battery is dead The battery checks out as wellas the alternator What could the problem be?

Answer . Got to check the connections. The connections at the battery as well as at the solenoid/starter. There may also be an ignition switch problem but this would likely cause other problems as well. The connections should clean and tight and if your battery terminals are an after market type (MORE)

What does a P1507 code mean in a diagnostic check for a 1998 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer?

Answer . P1507 means "Idle Air Control Underspeed Error". It can be most commonly caused by a vacuum leak, a damaged Idle Air Control (IAC) assembly or a stuck IAC valve that needs cleaning. Essentially, your engine isn't idling at high enough according to your computer's programming parameters. (MORE)

Horn will not work on 1993 ford explorer Eddie Bauer?

Answer . According to my Chilton repair manual there is a 20 amp fuse in your. fusebox (under your dash on driver's side) that is for your horns.. The Chilton book has the fuse being in location # 2. That's a place to. start.

What could be causing all the power windows not to work on a Eddie Bauer ford explorer?

Answer . one of 3 things will cause all the windows to quit at the same time. The first and simplist thing is to check your fuses. If the window fuse is blowen none of them will work. Second and about as easy. If the relay goes out it can cause them to quit as well. An easy way to check the relay (MORE)

Are all ford explorer Eddie Bauer editions awd?

Eddie Bauer is just a trim level - one step above the XLT trim level The AWD ( all wheel drive ) system is used with a V8 engine only Wrong I have a 1997 model and it has a 4.0 ohc it is also awd

My cigarette lighter in my car doesn't work I need it to hook up my Ipod Trasmitter so it can get power form the lighter outlet. Please anyone I will check the fuse but which fuse should I check?

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How do you check the transmission fluid on a 2003 Eddie Bauer explorer there is no dip stick?

Ah you have the fun transmission. You need a special adapter to fill this tranny. First get under the vehicle it has to remain level. You can't jack up one side or the front. On the bottom of the transmission pan you will see a piggy back bolt in the center. You have to start the vehicle. While it i (MORE)

Check engine light 2006 Eddie Bauer Explorer?

A malfunction that is effecting the emission control system has been detected If the check engine light is flashing on and off that means an engine cylinder misfire has been detected and should be looked after as soon as possible If the check engine light is on solid , the problem may go away by i (MORE)