Am I a high risk pregnancy at 38 with previous miscarriage?

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The answer to this is yes and you will be looked after with more care than a woman half your age with no previous history of any miscarriages. You would of been looked after with greater attention being 38 but also having previous miscarriage makes you even more a priority. Please do not worry as people still have successful pregnancies at your age with miscarriages.
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What is a high-risk pregnancy?

Answer . \nA high-risk pregnancy is anything that increases the chances of the baby and mother not remaining healthy.\n. \nThis may be because the mother already has a pro

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A pregnancy after a miscarriage is still possible. As long as the embro or fetus has been complete removed from the uterus. I am one of the many enjoying a pregnancy after fee

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Well, if you are still ovulating then you have a chance of pregnant no matter what the age! Here are some links that will give you some info on pregnancy at around your age.

What is theChance of viable pregnancy with the risk of miscarriage?

Hi If your gynecologist says that there is a risk of miscarriage it normally means that they could not find a viable pregnancy....don't worry though in some cases when they

How can a high-risk pregnancy be prevented?

A pre-pregnancy visit with a healthcare provider is especially important for a woman who has a medical problem. The doctor will discuss how women with this condition usually f

How is a high-risk pregnancy diagnosed?

A woman with a high-risk pregnancy will need closer monitoring than the average pregnant woman. Such monitoring may include more frequent visits with the primary caregiver, te

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Factors can be divided into maternal and fetal. Maternal factors include age (younger than age 15, older than age 35); weight (pre-pregnancy weight under 100 lb or obesity); h

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Treatment varies widely with the type of disease, the effect that pregnancy has on the disease, and the effect that the disease has on pregnancy. Additional tests may help det

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A high risk pregnancy can result in health problems for the newborn or the mother. It may result in a premature birth, or the loss of the child either due to miscarriage or st