Are sociopaths capable of feeling sadness guilt or regret and do they ever feel bad even if it is only for themselves?

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Sociopaths and feelings
  • Sociopaths have NO conscience, though they know the difference between right and wrong. So they don't experience remorse or a sense of guilt. Usually they even have great difficulty owning their actions. In other words, they often can't even bring themselves to say, "Yes, I did this" if it's something society disapprove of.
  • Another key characteristic of sociopaths is callousness and lack of empathy, so genuine sadness for others is something they aren't capable of.
  • Many sociopaths are quite good actors. They know how to pretend to show sympathy and so on. Sometimes they give themselves away by displaying exaggerated or even melodramatic sympathy that doesn't ring true. Always look out for uncalled for drama.
  • As for 'feeling bad for themselves', it usually takes the form of aggressive self-pity. As they can't accept responsibility for their own actions, they blame their misfortunes on others.
  • Sociopaths are sharks in deep water. Sociopaths absolutely have no conscience and that also includes the law. To them laws are to be broken and they do not adhere to the regular social lives of others. Sociopaths don't even have pity for themselves because they have no conscience. They are callous, unforgiving, cruel and get great pleasure out of demeaning, harming another human being (even in some cases animals.) When looking into a Sociopath's eyes it's like looking at "shark eyes" ... dark, unmoving and dangerous!
  • That "eye thing" has to do with a number of factors -- a sociopath will stare almost unblinkingly into another person's eyes because they watch people's reactions far more closely than most people. Why? Most other people are much better at reading each others' emotions, and at hearing what emotion is present in other people's voices. Thus, when a sociopath is "acting" and displaying tears, or some such, it is considered excessive or unreal because the tone of voice may be incongruous or the chosen words may not fit the emotion being synthesized.
  • The state that a sociopath is in during a display of emotion such as weeping is simply like mental "static" -- a generalized discomfort that is almost impossible to differentiate and is then focused on getting some kind of substitute gratification. Without a conscience, it isn't possible to influence other people the way most people do, so sociopaths do it by manipulation, although sometimes what they display comes pretty close to what they'd be feeling in a given situation if they were instead normal.
  • As for the eyes and emotion, many sociopaths display a sadistic glint of glee as they abandon themselves to depraved behavior and subject their victims to excruciating pain. At such moments they experience intense pleasure and may even laugh excitedly with joy.
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Why does the abuser allow guilt to play a superior role when being abusive when they themselves seem to feel no guilt?

Answer . They dont feel guilty because they actually believe theyre right and not only that but the power they feel they have over you is stronger than any guilt they may have had.. Answer . Manipulating guilt is a powerful control mechanism.. Answer . First, they don't see themselves as (MORE)

Do narcissists ever realize or feel guilt over what they have done to their victims?

The consensus is that they do not feel guilt. Read on for the reasons: The narcissist has a diminished capacity to empathize so he rarely feels sorry for what he does. He almost never puts himself in the shoes of his "victims". Actually, he doesn't regards them as victims at all! It is very common (MORE)

How do you get rid of the feelings of love you still feel for a sociopath even though you are no longer in contact?

ANSWER: I am very sorry you are experiencing this. I am too, and it is such a troubling emotion. I know, sometimes you feel like you are obsessing. Sometimes you remember all the wonderful times and your heart starts breaking worse. You are doing the right thing by not maintaining contact. Reme (MORE)

Why do you feel as if you are in a bad movie and are the only one who can see the entire narcissistic sociopathic behavior pattern?

Because you've made excuses for a while..... you've allowed yourself to be treated in ways you knew weren't right.... for too long. So.... that's why it looks like a bad movie. It's a pretty dramatic story line. I couldn't write fiction as strange as my life turned out to be. As for your apparent cl (MORE)

Is it possible to hurt the feelings of a sociopath?

yes. by all means acts just as crazy and you will get rid of them. they need admiration. do the opposite and belittle them till they can not stand it. just have back up in case they try to physically attack. then your problems are over. they will be gone.

How does a sociopath feel about being diagnosed?

Sociopaths -- psychopaths; people with ASPD (Antisocial Personality Disorder) -- actually feel very little. The sociopath is essentially a hollow shell. Yet, according to Robert Hare, an expert on psychopathy, they are "not fragile" -- their character is "set in stone" for life. But there are (MORE)

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Can a sociopath feel sadness and shame for their lack of empathy?

\n. \nA sociopath, by definition, does not empathize with the feelings of others.\n. \nPsychopaths, or sociopaths, cannot experience emotional feelings for others. They can be difficult to identify, as they often possess a superficial charm. \n. \nDon't try to befriend them or to cure them; this (MORE)

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Can a sociopath ever feel safe with someone?

Sociopaths do not have the emotions that would lead to a feeling of safety. They tend to either feel in control or out of control, and react to situations on that basis and with a total disregard for the preferences of others unless they can gain from them. A sociopath may say all sorts of things (MORE)

Can a sociopath ever feel that someone loves them?

Sociopaths have no capacity to love, or to feel empathy for others. It is extremely unlikely, therefore, that they can ever truly recognize, accept and appreciate love from another person. To a sociopath, a person who loves them is simply that much easier to manipulate and control.

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Do sociopaths have feelings?

Sociopathy is antisocial personality disorder, characterized by alack of empathy and remorse, and by a lack of inhibition onbehaviour. So the answer is yes, they do have feelings, and anyoneclaiming otherwise is ignorant. However, unlike normal people,sociopaths lack empathy and remorse for others, (MORE)

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Can sociopaths feel sadness?

I have always considered myself to be a sociopath due to a blatant lack of understanding or care for what society classifies as "good and evil," about other people, or about life in general.

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Do sociopaths feel jealousy?

Their response shows itself as jealousy, but the anger, from my experience with living one for 20 years, is about control. They need complete control of their environment , and everyone and everything in it. So control is the underlying root of what appears to be jealousy.

Why do we feel sad?

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Can a sociopath feel a sense of loss?

It is hard to truly know because sociopaths are almost never forthcoming with their true feeling. They can either show no emotion or mimic the emotion they think they need to display to keep up false image.At the end of the day,however, they are human and do feel some sort of loss but it is shortliv (MORE)

Do sociopaths ever experience sadness?

Yes, the impression that a sociopath or psychopath has absolutely no feelings is false. However their range of emotions are VERY limited, they may feel nothing for their dying friend/father/grandma/uncle/cousin/girlfriend/boyfriend but will feel their world come apart when their mother dies. A socio (MORE)

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How would a sociopath feel if he was cheated on?

The Pride would be hurt?,,,,,maybe?. Possibly then a ego knee jerk recreation for themselves to avoid the reality check of the glib grandiose sense of self. Possibly an escalation of the same sociopath state as a bolstered coping mechanism? This could be in the form of lies to themselves, delusion, (MORE)

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Are sociopaths capable of feeling sadness guilt or regret?

they don't have much. that's why their like that. take that away. they regret letting that go and feel sad. last but not least guilt for not holding what was close to them closer. in their eyes the world is the cause and your just trying to protect it.

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