Are there any medications that you should not take while pregnant and can any cause you to miscarry?

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If you have endometriosis and have just miscarried at seven-and-a-half weeks should you get a DNC done to make sure it does not cause any problems?

D & C stands for Dilatation and Curettage, which is a dilationof the cervix and cleaning out of the uterus. Most miscarriages donot need a D & C done afterwards, and having en

Can you take your regular medications while pregnant?

Answer . \nIt can be dangerous to stop your regular medications while pregnant. You need to discuss with both your Ob/Gyn and your other doctors what you should do.\n. \n

Is there any medications that will cause a miscarriage.?

Plan B DOESN'T cause a miscarriage! It prevents ovulation, thereby also preventing pregnancy. Which is why it has to be taken within 5 days of unprotected sex., though more ef

Can you take any specific drugs to make yourself miscarry?

yep they are used for abortions sometimes but only some abortion clinics give them out... your best shot at more information is to go to planned parenthood and have a free vis

Can you take cherry juice while taking any blood pressure medication?

As a registered nurse, it is always a good idea to take the product with you to your doctor with you have any questions. This will allow your doctor to see exactly what you ar