Are you a teenager at 18?

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Of course. Though you could say a senior teenager by that age.
In addition 18, in many countries, is when people reach their majority and become adults with all the duties and responsibilities of an adult.
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Is it a normal stage for teenagers to go through if you are 18 and really want a baby?

I commend you for asking this question. The fact that you�re actually putting some thought into this as opposed to just saying "I want a baby, so I�ll have one, rather I�m ready or not" shows that you have a great deal of maturity. I think your feelings are relatively normal--for many (MORE)

What do you do when you are a teenage boy and you like a woman who is 30 but you don't want to tell her until you are 18 because you think you could have a relationship?

Answer . I am sure in your mind you are certainly interested in this 30 year old woman, but most 30 year old women will not have a relationship with someone as young as yourself. You haven't had a chance to know what you want. You are young, should be experiencing more of life, traveling, getti (MORE)

Can a teenager under 18 use a parent's or sibling's credit card?

NO. The credit card company won't allow that to happen. It is illegal for ANYONE who is not the card holder, named on thecard, to sign for goods purchased with the card. Expanding on the above answer: A minor may be able to use anadult's credit card if the credit card owner has officiallyauthorized (MORE)

What is a Teenager?

A teenager is a child between the ages of Thir teen and seven teen Hense the fact its called a 'Teen' 'Ager' For the word 'teen' in everything from thirteen to nineteen And 'Ager' ans in aging

What are teenagers?

Teenagers are young adults. They HATE being called children, because they think they are out of that stage. There is the stage of: Child: Ages 1-9 Preteen: 10-12 Teenager (or young adult): 13-17 Adult: 18-59 Elder: 60-100

What is the teenagers?

\n. \n. \nThat could really be a lot of things. \nBut maybe you heard of the band "The Teenagers". They are a three person group that are instrumental but edit their music thus being electronic.

What is teenage?

A person's 'teenage' years are those years of thirteen through nineteen. It is call 'teenage' because the age of the person ends with 'teen' MORE: the term "teenager" was not used until 1939. No one was considered a teen and this is a more recent age/term.

Are you a teenager?

yeah Answer 2: Yes, and I am so glad I haven't given my mother a heart attack yet. God, teenagers can be pretty scary at times. HOW?! its fun being a Teenager Answer 3: Yes, and it was just 16 hours and 45 minutes ago. Im not a teenager im 11 ANSWER 4: if i were you guys i wou (MORE)

How do teenagers ask out teenage boys?

lt really starts out as in knowing the guy and then getting to know him better and if you wanna go more then just ask him to go out for lunch or something and then you will have a good start

What teenagers buy?

Teenagers start buying inappropriate things so they can find pleasure, that's all they really buy now in days.

How do you get a job for a teenager?

Teenagers can get jobs in fast food places like McDonolds, Tim Hortin's, Burger King and clothing stores. They can also become busboys for larger resturaunts.

Is it easier to be a teenager or to be the parent of a teenager?

i would say it would be easier to be the parent of a teenager, because some parents would just leave their kids to do what they want, and have brought them up to be responsible enough to know what is right and what is wrong. teenager because if ur a parent it would be sad 2 leave your kid,:(

What do teenager want when they become a teenager?

We want for our parents to listen completely to our story and not interupt us right away when they think we are wrong... we want to be treated like we mean something and most of all we want adults to treat us with respect not like we are always going to do something wrong. We want trust and friendsh (MORE)

Is teenage pregnancy the teenagers fault?

not always. Sadly,, the teenager could have been raped, and therefore have no control over her getting pregnant. The teenager may be sexually active and not have planned for a baby- which is more common. However, there are many teenagers who plan to become pregnant, and will do whatever it takes t (MORE)