Best eyeshadow colour to make bluegreen eyes stand out?

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definetly anything in the purple/red family. plum, mauve, maroon, dark rusty colors. all look amazing  Mocha, chocolate brown, strawberry. Creamy and light colors would look great. A touch of glitter could even help. Creamy, rich colors are perfect for bluegreen eyes. And red, orange, rust-red, yellow, ark purple, lilac, lavender, maroon, red-violet, violet, rusty and sunny colrs would look nice, too.

I have blue green eyes, and I use purples, blues and pinks. With the yeliner, I use black..alot of it :)
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What is the best color eyeshadow to use with brown greenish eyes?

eyeshadow for green or blue shaded eyes I would say a copper brown tone on the whole lid with maybe a darker brown in the crease.. My eyes are green and sometimes green/brown or green/blue or just blue any shade of brown makes these colors pop in eyes. Answer Great question! We all want a litt (MORE)

What is the best color of eyeshadow for blue eyes?

First, never use a blue shadow. Stick with coffee colors and browns, but don't go chocolate. Answer Your hair color also makes a difference. See below for best. Brown hair- Use a gentle pink, but do NOT go red or heavy, you will seem tired. Do a silver for night Blond hair- Light cocoa (MORE)

What is the best color of eyeshadow for brown eyes?

Since brown eyes are, well, brown, they would stand out best in semi-dark to dark colors like black, dark gray, or brown. On sunny days, pick a dark yellow shadow to make your eyes shine (glitter eyeshadows rock!). For an added effect, pair it with eyeliner or mascara. - - - - - The nice thing (MORE)

What is the best eyeshadow color for a girl with brown-blonde hair and hazel eyes?

With your eye color there are quite a few colors that will look good. I have hazel eyes as well, and I find that purple...or lilac is very pretty. It really makes your eyes pop! It also brings out the viriety of colors in your iris. Green: Green will bring out the green colors. use a sparkly dark (MORE)

I have brown curly hair bluegreen eyes what colour dress should I wear to my prom?

You could wear something that maches with your eyes, or if all else fails go for simple and sexy in black. Try somthing like this, for a little edge, to really stand out. Black will bring out the colour in your eyes: Zara makes some nice thing (MORE)

What colour eyeshadow should you wear with a red dress you have green eyes and brown hair?

Never match your makeup to your clothes!!! Use colours that complement your eyes. Green's complementary colour is red, but you shouldn't wear red eyeshadow. You should wear gold that is a little bit coppery, because it has some red to it, or a red toned purple. Purple is a surprisingly easy colour t (MORE)

What color eyeshadow looks best with amber eyes and dark brown hair?

I think a soft creamy coral color all over the lid with a dark brown in the crease and a vanilla color as a highlight on the brow bone looks great with amber eyes and especially brown hair. You can buy the Almay eyeshadow sets for specific eye colors at any drugstore and they all look very nice. :) (MORE)

What eyeshadow colors make amber eyes pop?

I have hazely amber eyes, and I've learned the hard way what to put on them. Steer away from greens! They dull the gold of your eyes. Reach instead for champagne and gold on pale skin, or purple for darker complexions. For evening, try a smokey eye. Traditional grays look lovely, but you can also do (MORE)

What does eyeshadow do for your eyes?

It can sometimes bring out your natural color, but I'd suggest using a different color to compliment your eyes. It basically makes you look pretty!

What is the best way to apply eyeshadow?

If you have green eyes use coppers, browns, purpls. If you have blue eyes use tan, silvers blacks whites and brown. If your eyes are brown you can use almost anything! I find gold stunning for browns and blues. Don't be afraid of color. You do not have to use electric blue. Try a navy. Instea (MORE)

What can make green eyes stand out?

black is a colour that makes any eye stand out, but using different greens works, and makeup artist suggest that purple really make green eyes pop

Which eyeshadow colors go with which color eyes?

Whatever Makes You Happy Is Best But In General....-For Blue: Any Neutral, Browns, Golds, Silvers, and Bronze-For Green: Purples and Plums are the Best, Neutrals are good also, -For Brown: Brown Eyes can wear practically any color but Blues and Light Pinks Work Best -For Hazel: Greens!!!!!

What color eyeshadow looks best with green eyes?

try varying shades of green, gold, brown, and gray. use at least 2 shadows to make the look more interesting. ex: try a mossy green on the outer half of eye, and a shimmery gold on the inner half of eye. purples will work nicely with green eyes too.

How do you make brown eyes stand out?

Use the eyeshadow that makes brown eyes pop. Greens and golds will emphasize your eyes. Blues and grays do nothing for the richness of your eyes, so stay with the warm tones to make your eyes stand out. If you use eye liner, try brown-black rather than midnight black. The softer brown will highli (MORE)

Best shades of eyeshadow to wear?

I can't really say without knowing your skin color, eye color, hair color. Brown eyes: Anything Blue eyes: Brown if you want your eyes to look darker, copper, violet, melons Gray: Anything. If your gray eyes are more on the blue side, then do makeup for blue eyes. Green: Pinks, plums, and bl (MORE)

What is the best color for eyeshadow for brown eyes?

I have brown eyes and I've discovered a number of different colors that compliment brown eyes and make them pop. I've found that a light pink (of course blended with other shades of pink and a little brown) looks really pretty and compliments the brown eyes. Also, the Naked Smoky palette by Urban De (MORE)

Pink eyeshadow on hazel eyes make them blue?

Hum okey i have hazel/green eyes and i want them to look more green or blue also and i heard that pink eyeshadow make them look more green is that true?! and can anyone give me a tip to let them look blue? thank you :)

How do you make cream eyeshadow?

Okay the first step is to get these following items: A container Something to mix with Eyeshadow pigment Cream (face and body is available) 1 scrape your pigment into the container 2 evenly break it 3 apply the cream 4 mix And there you have it! Your cream eyeshadow is ready!!

What is the best eyeshadow color for a girl with brown-blonde hair and brown eyes?

Lucky for you, brown eyes look best in the most eyeshadow colours. But specifically, what looks the best on brown eyes is gold, green, and purple. On an everyday basis, I would recommend the gold. The best gold to wear is an antique gold, meaning one that has a green tone to it. I have one and I get (MORE)

How do apply your eyeshadows to get a sultry eyes?

to make sultry eyes you want to go for a sexy smoky look. if you use deep browns an lots of eyeliner inside your waterline, you can make your eyes look very exotic. sometimes black eyeshadow can look very sultry but its a little too harsh for some people

What is the best type of eyeshadow?

There are many different kinds of eye shadows and it all depends on what look a person is aiming for. One brand that I found to be the best is MAC Cosmetics because of the variety of colors that they have. For example, the color called "Carbon" will provide a dramatic look where as the color like "y (MORE)

What Is the Best Eyeshadow colors for Greyish-Blue eyes?

Since blue's complementary colour is orange (not that you really want to wear orange) the best neutral colour to wear is a coppery/orangy gold. Not really super intense, though, because your eyes aren't very intense, since they're greyish. Also, berry toned purples, meaning a redish purple. Purple i (MORE)

What eyeshadows in a smokey eye will best compliment a smokey eye look?

Use a darker variation of the colors that you normally like and use mostly, such as a dark brown, charcoal or plum on the bottom lid, a slightly lighter shade in the center of the eyelid and a light highlighter at the brow area of the lid. Use dark eyeliner and blend with a blending brush and two co (MORE)

How do you make your own eyeshadow at home?

Alrright here's how to,look like a piece of s@#$ Step 1: add the dookie that came out of the,crack of yo a$$. Step 2:put it on a plate then pour water over it Step 3:then pour milk on the crap Step 4: but not to much milk or its would,be souply and it be drippin all over u nose and mouth (MORE)

What is the best eyeshadow color for hazel eyes?

I have hazel-ish eyes (mostly greenish gray) and I think I'm pretty good at applying makeup. Even if you are intimidated by the boldness of the color green, go for it! It perfectly flatters greenish-brown eyes! A sparkly, exotic green looks great, especially if you are brunette. Also, varying shade (MORE)

Where can i buy eyeshadow to make rainbow eyes?

well u cant really if u find some its rare rainbow eyeshadow used to be used by theatre stars on broadway in the 1980's but u can take a very thin brush of some sort and take alot of different colors of eyeshadow and do line by line of the colors, tht would work better anyway.

Where can you buy eyeshadow to make rainbow eyes?

You could probably buy it from any drugstore/shop or counter that sells makeup. You could get a full palette, with all the colours on it. Some of which you can personalise to suit the colours you want - which could be a good idea for 'rainbow eyes', or you might have to get numerous pots with a vari (MORE)

What colour eyeshadows is best with pail skin?

Depending on the color of your hair and eyes, there is actually a wide variety of colors that will look good with pale skin. My eyes are blue and my hair is brown so I tend to go with greens,blues,dark purple and browns/naturals. Experimenting with colors is usually essential...stay away from pinks (MORE)

How can one offset the color of eyes with eyeshadow?

To offset the color of eyes with eyeshadow depends on ones eye color. With blue eyes warm darker colors work best such as brown or peach to make the eye color stand out. With brown eyes more neutral colors work better.

How can you make your eyes stand out with makeup?

There are different ways to enhance the look of your eyes. The keyis to enhance the shape of your eyes in a flattering ways that willlook good on you. What looks good on some people may not look goodon everybody else. When you think of eyes always make sure youreyebrows are cleaned up and shaped wel (MORE)