Can Ritalin levels be detected with a urine test?

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It depends on what urine is being tested for. Ritalin is detected in a intense Urine testing stage. For example The military does a full urine test of all drugs including Ritalin and Adderall to see if you are using it illegally or you are currently taking it just in case you did not reveal to your military personnel that you are taking it.

So overall yes it can be detected in urine but depends on how far the person conducting the test will detect the Ritalin at. This will cost more to perform since an overdose of Ritalin will not be detected still since it will be below the 450 count limit because Ritalin is not a strong control subsistance to detect compare to crack or cocaine. But don't get my wrong. I've passed just fine on most jobs. Also it depends how fast your body gets rid of it during the day so that's another reason why it can't be detected in the common urine tests today.

Some jobs do use new technology to detect Ritalin without going further into testing but this is not used much due to being a controversial issue of violating your medical rights to use it since it is against the Equal Rights act of your ADD Disability to use Ritalin if your prescribed to use it and they determine that you are using it or abusing it. So this is why it hasn't been showing up on your urine test radar levels.

So overall the answer is yes it can be detected but not in most common urine testing except for military drug testing and mostly intense testing for people who are on probation, which I was told that it doesnt get detected on that either.

This is probably the best answer because its actually a 75/25 chance to detect it depending on what your getting tested for. Mostly for most common things, I say no but with military testing and others I have to say yes since I've seen people get discharged due to abusing Ritalin while not be on it.

Overall Conclusion:

Military it will be detected at 100% and most job places are actually not be able to detect it unless they perform further testing or have new urine testing technology to detect it.

So In technical terms yes it can be detected. Common terms No. So 75% no 25% yes
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