Can a pregnant woman use enemas?

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Yes they can use plain enemas but be gentle.
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What can you use an enema for?

Enemas are usually used for cleaning out of the colon. Some common benefits which enema provides are the removal of any content present in our colon which causes illness. T

Can you use enemas in early pregnancy?

enemas should be used in any stage of pregnancy. Ask your OBGYN to prescribe a gentle laxative or ask how to improve your diet in fibre. Its perfectly natural for this to happ

Can you use a weekly enema?

Weekly is right on the border of a little too often. If you always use an enema to achieve a movement, you'll come to rely on them.

Can AED be used on a pregnant woman?

Yes. Failing to do so may cause the loss of her life and the baby's life and the American Heart Association says, "There is no evidence that shocks from a direct current defib

Is an enema safe at 32 weeks pregnant?

i am and always have been that why they want you to take prenatel pill to boost your levels you should be ok just intake this with iron after i had my son the came taking

Who uses enemas?

Lot's of people use them either b4 major surgery, for daily health reasons, before anal play, some use it for sexual as well,

Can Enemas use tap water?

Tap water is commonly used for adults but should not be used for infants because of the danger of electrolyte imbalance
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Why is an enema used to prepare for a colonoscopy?

The patient will be given specific instructions on how to use the enema and how many such enemas are necessary. Generally, the procedure has to be repeated until the return fr
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How much lost when using a enema?

You may lose a small amount of weight from an enema, but it is insignificant in most cases. You are not losing weight, you are just eliminating feces that is in your intestina
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Can a pregnant woman use steroids?

There's steroids in lots of different medicine so it all depends but all things like this have to go through your doctor.