Can an abscess in the roof of your mouth due to a toothache cause more serious problems from the pus spreading into your sinuses?

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This is nothing to fool around with. This infection could actually spread through to your blood stream, and then you will be in worse trouble. Call your Doctor and get this treated.
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Could abscessed teeth be the problem if a 9-year-old dog has a lump of pus on the side of its mouth and discharge in one eye and he will not let anyone touch it?

Answer . Sounds like your dog has an abscessed tooth, and the infection is spreading. An abscess in a human can be as deadly as appendicitis left untreated. Of course he wo

Can sinusitis cause serious damage if it goes untreated?

Yes, but rarely . A viral infection of the sinuses will usually clear up on its own. But bacterial infections frequently do not and may spread to other tissue, including th

What should you do if an abscess has broken open and is bleeding and draining pus into your mouth?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nGo to the emergency room! You have an abscessed tooth, it sounds like, and this can be very dangerous, as the nerve channels can conduct the i

Can an abscessed tooth cause sinus problems?

Answer . Definitely - specifically and upper wisdom tooth. Often the roots of wisdom teeth run into the sinus cavity and even some of the upper molars. If the tooth is a

Can an infection on the roof of your mouth spread to your brain?

Answer . Yes, an untreated infection can spread out beyond your mouth. It can not only reach your brain, but other parts of your body as well.. An infection spreads throug