Can dental work be done with a tongue piercing?

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How does it work with eating with a tongue piercing?

For the first week your tongue will be very tender and sore. It will be especially hard to eat for the first 48-36 hours. Only drink liquids and eat foods like soup (not too h

How is tongue piercing done?

A small clamp is put onto your tongue to get it in the right place, then, a needle is pushed through your tongue, followed by the bar.

How does a vibrating tongue piercing work?

Do you mean before or after the mercury battery explodes in your mouth? Listen those barbells are dangerous, they were supposed to be removed from the market due to the risk f

Why is your tongue still numb after dental work?

The medication that was placed to numb your nerves ( so the dental work can be done ) takes time for your body to absorb, metabolize and excrete. The numbness means that there
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How can one get free dental work done?

Free dental work can be found for individuals who are on a limited income. Many county or city agencies will have a list of local dentists who have low income clinics. Another
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What kinds of work is done in dental laboratories?

Dental labs help produce full dentures, removable part dentures, fixed bridges, crowns, veneers, orthodontic appliances and splints. Labs work closely with dentists following

Can you take a pain pill after your tongue piercing is done?

No I had my tongue pierced in November (9 month ago on the 15th) ive had it done, and when I got back home well I as living with my gran at that moment of time as my parents w