Can funeral services take place on a Saturday afternoon?

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Yes the funeral service can take place on Saturday afternoons.
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Are there funerals on a Saturday?

In my experience as a funeral officiant, I have found that most funerals are done Mon-Fri. I have only done weekend services for memorial services where there is no body prese

When did Michael Jackson's funeral take place?

His public memorial service was: Date: July 7, 2009 Time: 10:00 am Place: Staples Center His private funeral was: Date: September 3, 2009 Time: 7:00 p.m. Place: Forest Lawn C

Where does a Jehovah witness funeral take place?

In my experience a funeral service, as in a funeral talk, can usually take place at the local Kingdom Hall but can also take place in a rented hall. Burial or cremation takes

When did Florence Nightingale's Funeral take place?

She died in l9l0, sot it must have been in that year. She is considered the founder of the Royal Red Cross- which operates under the motto of Faith, Hope, and Charity. Do not

When and where will Andy Williams funeral take place?

Mr Williams' family has indicated that the funeral will be private and as such, unannounced. However, there are plans to hold a memorial service, most likely in Branson Missou
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When did Selena's funeral take place?

Selena died March thirty first in nineteen ninety-five when she was twenty-three, her funeral was held on April third in nineteen ninety-five, and at a concert that Selena was