Can smoking marijuana hurt a fetus?

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yes it is terrible for a god
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What does smoking do to the fetus?

A.) All the things about smoking that hurt you (the mother) hurt the baby. The babies heart and lungs will be affected greatly. If you are a heavy smoker and the baby actu

How does smoking marijuana during pregnancy affect the fetus?

It doesn't. No medical professional will ever tell you it's ok to smoke marijuana, pregnant or not. There have been no controlled studies in the US because the government won'

Can smoking while pregnant hurt a fetus?

YES YES YES... can cause neural defects, low birth weight, miscarriage... Some people smoked during their pregnancies and had healthy babies.. a lot didnt... but either way...
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Why does your head hurt after smoking marijuana?

im not exactly certain of why exactly, but i know from hear say and experience that you get migranes after smoking if there was too many sticks and twigs in it. that's one of