Can the vagina become too loose and big?

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Never completely. Sometimes after birth it can feel that way but it can happen but all you have to do is exercise those muscles. Normally the body compensates after birth and the vagina gets tighter then before birth.

Will it hurt if your penis is too big for your wife's vagina?

You said "wife" so I assume you have had sex more than once with her and if she complained, then you should know. The best way to find out is to ask her. KY jelly would be rec

How does a vagina become loose?

I am the one that posted this question and I put the reason for it in the discussion board. I have spent hours looking into this and finally came up with a WEIGHT HAS BEEN LIF

Does a big dick make a girls vagina loose?

It can be a cause, but other causes can be genetics and physical shape. It can also be random, But a large penis will stretch the muscles around it, and they will eventually c

How do you know if your vagina is too big?

design a plan. Select a good sample: different types of women, invite them for a drink and get laid with them and compare yours to theirs, take notes afterwards... A good samp
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