Can you light a fart on fire?

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It is possible to light your fart on fire but it can be very dangerous and is very stupid. (not to mention gross)

I didn't think it's possible, so I tried it out and it worked. It is dangerous, so be careful if you are trying it yourself.
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What are farts?

Flatulence, or "farts", are expulsions of methane from the bowel,specifically, the large intestines and colon. The methane is abyproduct of the bacteria in the gut that breaks down food. The other type of bodily expulsion of air, known as burping, comesexclusively from the stomach, not the intestin (MORE)

What is in a fart?

Most farts are made up of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane. A person who swallows a lot of air might also have some oxygen in their farts. The stink in a fart comes from various sulfur chemicals made by bacteria living in your intestines - hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan are two of the (MORE)

If you light a fart it will catch on fire?

if you are ignorant enough to put a lighter to your butt when you fart, then the gas from the fart will cause a flame to appear. it amazes me that people do that. and no, it wasn't me that experimented this, if that's what you're thinking. my idiot friend tried it out and burnt himself. Idiot.

What would happen if you light your fart on fire?

You would burn to death, have you not watched South park?? The South Park scenario is probably a Little exaggerated however you could end up burning parts of your anatomy that you need to sit on. IMPROVED ANSWER South park?? well on youtube there were these guys that were lighting their farts and (MORE)

What is the liturgy of fire and light?

The liturgy of "fire and light" may refer to the first part of the ceremonies for Holy Saturday, also known as the Paschal Vigil. These ceremonies begin with a virgin fire that is enkindled to light the Paschal Candle. The Candle represents Christ, the Light of the World as well as symbolizing His R (MORE)

Lighting fart on fire?

I WOULDN'T DO IT BUT IF YOU WANT TO GO AHEAD NO ONE IS STOPPING YOU! . Here's a thought! While anal flatulation seems to be the grand entertainment for some immature people have you thought that yes, it's possible that gas from the human body can indeed blow a blast if fire if directed in the dir (MORE)

How can you do a fart fire?

Hold a match up to your rear end and then let loose.. Be careful though, some people have burnt themselves badly doing this...

What is a fire fart?

It is a slang term for pyroflatulence, the amusing but dangerous practice of igniting the gases produced by human flatulence. .

Can a fart catch on fire?

Yes the methane reacts with the flame causing a burst of fire but if done wrong the fire enters you butt and most likely burns it.

Can you catch a fart on fire?

Yes you can catch your farts on fire. It is no myth. Lie on your back with your legs rolled up in a squat and light a match or lighter an inch from your anus and let it rip. Please be sure to do this with flame retardant pants and do not be in close proximity to flammable objects.

Can fire come out your butt when you fart?

absolutely, but only if you hold a match near it, don't try it though because i heard that it can backfire and burn you. because you can get burned (plus idont need one losers)

What is a fart?

A "fart" is the release of gas (mostly methane) from the anal orifice.While a normal and sometimes unavoidable bodily function, the sound and smell associated with "passing gas" is a subject of low humor in many modern societies.There are several dietary suggestions that may reduce emissions. These (MORE)

What to do when you fart?

A "fart" is rotten food in the colon waiting to naturally pass out. also it is stinky air that passes through your body like a waste but comes out as a gas

Can dragons fart fire?

No, the ability to breath fire is produced via the lungs and throat. It might be possible to burp fire, though... Anyway, flatulance isn't flammable, even for a dragon.

How do you fart?

make sure no one is in the room, find a couch, then muffle in it.If you muffle in it no one will hear it. DO NOT DO THIS IN PUBLICOR WITH FRIENDS!!!

How do you FART-?

Flatulence is the production of a mixture of gases in the digestive tract of mammals or other animals that are byproducts of the digestion process. Such a mixture of gases is known as flatus, and is expelled from the rectum in a process colloquially referred to as "passing gas" or "farting". Flatus (MORE)

Can you light your fart?

Yes you probably can just don't try in in the locker room, ok? There'll probably be a big explosion.

Why do farts light on fire?

They don't, usually, as the major component of flatulence is usually carbon dioxide. But sometimes there is sufficient hydrogen, methane or other hydrocarbons to ignite if the flame is sufficiently close to the emission of gas before it disperses and dilutes.

Why do you fart?

Farts - also called flatus (say: flay -tus) or intestinal (say: in- tes -tuh-null) gas - are made of, well, gas! When you eat, you don't swallow just your food. You also swallow air, which contains gases like nitrogen (say: ny -truh-jen) and oxygen (say: ahk -sih-jen). Small amounts of these ga (MORE)

How does a fire get light?

we say marshall but no one noes shut it and marshall made the first light and it was orange so he called it light

How can dragons fart fire?

the fire in dragons belly's that they breathe out of their mouth they can use it as a fire fart and it is powerful than the fire that they breathe out of their mouth ------- Being a figure of the collective human imagination, theoretically dragons could do anything. All it would take would be (MORE)

How do you not fart?

eat alot of beans,drink sodas, because your a dumb retard for looking up how not to fart! lol hehee!(: LoL.. Buh Bye Now(: Sincerly, Courtney(: "TheBestPersonEver" LoL Sorry(: Im Ran:DoM. (: This is completely wrong. You have to stick needles in your eyeballs.

Will dragons fart fire?

No. They have fire running in their body like blood, but they cannot, I repeat, CANNOT fart fire.

Why you have farts?

People fart to release gas building up inside the body. Similar to burping, although since the gas is near the lower area, it exits the rear.

Can you light your farts?

Depends on the intensity of the fart. Methane is technically a flammable gas, but a little bit of beany afterburner isn't going to do much.

Can a light bulb cause fire?

Yes it can. If a light bulb breaks, the exposed filament will burn out within a couple of seconds and can ignite something with the spark when the filament breaks. Special bulbs can be made for explosive environments to minimize the risk of ignition, such as lighting at a refueling station. A lig (MORE)

Is fire light?

it is and it is not . It produces light but yet is not a light

What happens if you fart next to fire?

It depends on how close you are and how much gas you produce. If you have a good amount of gas and the fire is close enough then your fart might actually ignite.

Can you die from a fart lit on fire?

yes because there would be a trail of gas or "fart fumes" up your anus and the fire would trail up and burn you on fire inside-out, so in other words "don't be stupid enough to fart on a match or lighter".

Where not to light fires?

Well, obviously not anywhere that's indoors unless it's inside a fireplace! Most roofed places are dangerous to have a fire. Around children and things such as gasses or gas containing substances are dangerous. Getting your face near a fire can burn your eyes, but to vaguely answer your question OUT (MORE)

Can you can fart?

No. 'To fart', 'I farted' and 'farting' are all terms invented by the CIA to embarrass citizens into distraction when their covert operations released noxious gases. The commonly used term 'silent but deadly' was used to disguise a particularly sinister type of mission emission, in further efforts (MORE)

Can Godzilla fart fire?

Kind of. He can only fart fire after he eats. Though, his farts are flammable. And his fire farts stink as well as burn.

How can one make a proper fire fart?

You can make a proper fire fart by making sure the gas is expelled for as long as possible. Immediately after starting, you have to light it straight away.