Can you survive by eating just metal and glass?

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no that'll hurt all your gums and by the way you cant swallow it or you'll die
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When you are on a starvation diet what can you eat that won't cause you to gain weight but will be just enough to survive?

Unless you're writing this from a deserted island, don't even consider something like a starvation diet. If you're looking to lose weight, keep it off and stay healthy, outline a sensible eating plan that includes low-fat, low-calorie foods and exercise. You can eat a surprising amount of good food (MORE)

Is glass a metal?

No. It is an insulator. It does not conduct electricity or have other metallic properties. Glass is a mixture of compounds: mainly sand (quartz, or silicon dioxide, SiO 2 ) and trace amounts of carbonates, though sometimes tiny amounts of metal flakes are added for color (e.g. "gold" for "red" (MORE)

What is metallic glass?

Metallic glasses are new type of materials which possess both the properties of metals and glasses .. OR Metallic glasses are the amorphous metallic solids which have high strength, good magnetic properties and better corrosion resistance and will possess both the properties of metals and glasses (MORE)

What do glass snakes eat?

Glass snakes, also known as jointed snakes eat anything frominsects, small reptiles, or any type of small rodent. Most glasslizards come from Asia, North America and Africa.

Is glass metal?

No glass is not a metal. But it is a mixture of many compounds derived from Silicon, Calcium, Sodium, Boron, etc.

Can you eat metal?

yes you can eat anything if it is in bite sized pieces but you might become ill or die

Can you do it until you just need glasses?

read you mean? Or job related work? You should get your eyes checked about every other year to make sure you do not need glasses, but i do believe you eyes do adjust until you can't see anything or things are to blurry

What do glass minnows eat?

Glass minnows like to eat plants and algae. Glass minnows will alsoeat an occasional insect and should only be givenÊsmall amounts offood at feeding time.

Who can eat metal?

a WHO cannot eat through metal but a WHAT can and that WHAT isHydroflouric acid. Hydrofluoric acid (HF) is a solution of hydrogenfluoride in water.

Can you survive with one glass of water a week?

You probably would survive, since you take in water on normal food, but it's always advisable to drink water-based liquids also. I read recently that it is a myth that you need to take in as much as 2.5 litres of water a day, since you do get a lot of water in your food.

Glass when heated cracks while metal does not?

The reason is because glass is heated up sand, wheras metal is an ore, so when u heat u glass, it attempts to become its origonal state :) answer 2 Glass is a poor conductor of heat, but will expand upon heating. The combination of these two things means that if glass is heated quickly, it will (MORE)

What happens if a dog eats glass?

The glass may cut the dogs intestine and cause internal bleeding or leakage of stomach contents into the body cavity. If your dog has eaten glass you should take it to a vet as soon as possible.

Can plants survive with just soil?

no it would also need water if you live in an area with alot of rain then you should be good but to help grow your plant give it fertalizer

Is carnival glass safe to eat from?

Because the actual metallic salts added to the glass are unknown, the addition of some fluids (acids, or very hot liquids) could create a reaction. But most of the material is fused into the glass itself. Some types of iridescent glass cannot be used in microwaves for the same reason.. Actual antiq (MORE)

Can you wear glasses just for looks?

Absolutely you can wear glasses just for cosmetic reasons. You can get non-prescription lenses made. These are called plano lenses when no Rx is in lenses. It's not much different that having sunglasses without a prescription-- you just don't have the tinted lenses. Many people like to change the (MORE)

What if you eat broken glass?

I wouldn't recommend eating broken glass, apart from cutting your mouth when chewing, you would run the risk of internal bleeding; and I hate to think what would happen to your rear end.

Is Glass a combustible metal?

No, glass is not a combustible metal. In fact, it is neither combustible nor a metal. In material science, the world of different materials is usually broken up into four categories: metals, ceramics, polymers and composites. Glass is considered to be a subcategory of ceramic. One simple way to tel (MORE)

What is colder glass or metal?

Your question is rather vague but to attempt an answer. So far nobody could tell you as both glass and metals have been cooled to within a miniscule fraction of absolute 0 (O degrees Kelvin). At this temperature liquid helium can penetrate solid glass and matter can take interesting new forms (yes t (MORE)

Why do you get bullied just because you have glasses?

You have glasses because you might have a problem with them so It must be hard when someone teases you about them. They might call you a geek because normally there are films or TV programmes that have nerds what wear glasses. Don't let it stand in your way and just ignore them. :)

Will you die if you eat glass?

yes. it could cut your insides and do some damage. It could make you bleed loads and you will lose a lot of blood and Die.

What does it mean when you eat glass in your dream?

To dream that you are eating glass highlights your vulnerability, confusion and frailty. You may have difficulties in communicating your thoughts across and getting the right words out. Alternatively, it may symbolize your hurtful and cutting comments. Perhaps you have been hurt or disappointed by s (MORE)

What do glass fish eat?

They eaat tropical fish flakes (some will or not) Bloodworms (Mostly would eat) or any live things that will fit in the glass fish mouth

What do you do if a dog eats glass?

You should contact your veterinarian immediately , or as soon as possible. Depending on the form and quantity of the ingested glass, the dog could experience severe or even fatal internal bleeding. Rounded glass beads might pose little risk, whereas a broken light bulb or similar sharp pieces might (MORE)

Can the body survive on just water?

When faced with a survival situation, clean drinking water is often the most important consideration. People have survived for weeks or even months, but go without water for even just one day and the survivor will be in desperate help. Kieran Doherty accomplished his 73-day plan in 1981 to go (MORE)

Is glass denser than metal?

As a general rule, metal is denser. However, note that lithium has a very low density - probably less than most glasses.

Can metal freeze on glass?

I had a 1975 Chevy pickup truck that I was welding on the door. The molten steel fell on the window and fused itself to it. I ruined the glass and learned that you can indeed have metal freeze on glass.

Can you use a metal rack in a glass dish?

I would never recommend metal racks in glass pans . Both conduct heat at different levels and can cause the glass to brake. Please use metal racks in your metal pans .

Can you eat a glass?

While there are a few performers that used to do this as a dare devil stunt, no you should not. The glass will shred your tongue, throat, and stomach and you can bleed to death.

Are antiques just glass?

Antiques can be viewed as ANY items of any manufacture and materials as long as they are at least a hundred years old. Glass, metals, porcelains, plastics, woods, gems, stones, and every other imaginable material has been used for hundreds, and many for thousands of years.

Why vibrations in metal rod breaks glass?

i think that when we touch a vibrating metal rod with a glass the sound energy gets converted to mechanical energy which the particles of glass can't manage and thus glass breaks.

Are chocolate diamonds just beach glass?

Chocolate diamond is a trade name for a specific shade of browndiamonds, the most common gem-quality diamond color found. Thecolour is caused by inclusion of nitrogen within the carbonstructure of the stone. Beach glass is formed by broken glass -- silicate -- being tumbledagainst rocks and sand. In (MORE)

How long can germs survive on metal?

How long germs can survive on metal can vary greatly. It would depend on the type of metal, the type of germ, and if the metal is wet or dry. On average, germs can last years in many cases.