Could you be pregnant if you stopped taking the pill a month ago and had a strange 4-day period last month and you are 6 days late for your period this month but a pregnancy test was negative?

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Unlikely. Its most likely a effect from stopping the pill.
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Could you be pregnant if you stopped taking the pill at the beginning of the month and had unprotected sex at the end of the month and now your period is late?

Answer . This is exactly what I need to know. At the beginning of the month, I stopped taking ortho lo and on Christmas (the 25th) my fiance and I had unprotected sex and he nutted in me. I should be starting my period anytime now. I took a first response last week but it was negative so I really (MORE)

Could you be pregnant if you went off the pill 2 months ago and got your first period but didn't get the next month's period and 2 home pregnancy tests were negative?

Answer . Hello.\n. \nIf the test was negative then its unlikely your pregnant. But see your doctor for a blood test as this is 100% accurate. \n. \nWhen you stp taking the pill, it takes three months for the pill to be completely out of your system and it takes just as long or sometimes even l (MORE)

Could you be pregnant if you just had a baby 4 months ago and your periods were regular for three months but last month you missed your period but a pregnancy test was negative?

I would go get a blood test done if I were you. Don't stress yourself out or you will be even later if you are not pregnant. answer hi I'm in the same kinda situation I got implantation bleeding on the 2nd may ever since that my periods have got in a pattern which is regular for 2 months now (MORE)

Could you be pregnant if you stopped the pill a month ago and are having several pregnancy signs 5 days after unprotected sex even though a test was negative?

Answer . Yes! Lets say that you got pregnant on the day of sex. That was 5 days ago. When conception takes place, it takes 6-12 days for the embryo to travel down and implant into your uterus. During this process, no HCG is being excreted into your blood or your urine. After the baby fully implan (MORE)

Could you be pregnant if you have not had a period in 2 months but 6 pregnancy tests have been negative?

Answer . Yes pregnancy is a very strong possibility unlessyou have been extremely stressed or have recently gained or lost a significant amount of weight if these are not options get to your docotor IMMEDIATELY for a blood test and or an ultrasound to see what is really going on that way you can (MORE)

If I had a tubal ligation 9 months ago and now my period is 9 days late pregnancy test is negative Is this normal?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nWhen I got my tubes tied my doc warned me about getting tubal pregnancies. You might want to check it out. It could just be the fact that you got your tubes tied. My periods haven't been the same since I got mine tied.\n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \nyes, i had my tuba (MORE)

You stopped the pill about 2 months ago and since then your first period was very light and colored dark brown then took a test but was negative then another period was also light and lasted 4 days?


Could you be pregnant if you quit the pill two months ago and have not had your period since but have taken a home pregnancy test and it came back negative?

Answer . Interesting. I don't know definitively, but I would think that after coming off the pill it would take a while for your body to adjust from thinking it was pregnant all the time to thinking, hey maybe it's time to get pregnant again! Normally I would say you can get pregnant everytime (MORE)

Could you be pregnant if your period was late then only lasted two days and was light and brown. Aslo only came off the pill over a month ago.?

Answer . \nIt is possible. Most of the time it takes over a month for the pill to exit your system all together, but that usually depends on the amount of time you've been on the pill.\nIt is common for some woman to become pregnant very soon after stoping the pill. It is also normal to have a (MORE)

If you had a period last month and 4 days late this month can you be pregnant and at home test results show negative?

htere is a possibility, but it could be just that your period is coming later than usual this month. usually females cycles don't become consistent until at least late teens to twnetys depending on how long you have had it for, i wouldn't worry about only four days. but if you don't get it for a whi (MORE)

You had a misariage 2 months ago and you had one regular period then this month ur period is 4 days late and u have a pregnancy signs but ur hpt gave u negative but no period and u feel pregnant?

More than likely you are not pregnant. Since you recently lost a baby your hormones are just trying to go back to their regular state. Because your body is healing from the lost, you could be experincing changes that are giving you the wrong signal. However if you are pregnant be careful, because af (MORE)

If i had uprotected sex all last month and once this month and my period is 6 days late could i be pregnant?

Obviously, unprotected sex greatly increases your risks of pregnancy and getting any STIs your partner(s) has. If you're concerned, you should take a pregnancy test, or have one given to you by your doctor. Untreated STIs (many people do not develop symptoms sometimes for years and don't even kno (MORE)

Miss pills this month so i stopped taking them on the third week. My period is over a week late but I had a negative pregnancy test.?

I am not a doctor so this by no means replaces what a medical professional would say, but I wouldn't be too concerned just yet. I took Yasmin for a few years and there were times that due to crazy schedules or just plain forgetting I would forget some pills and my entire cycle would be out of whack. (MORE)

Last month you got your periods after 49 days This month you are on the thirty seventh day and no sign of a period Pregnancy test is negative What could be the reason?

The best thing would be to make an appoint with a GYN. Just maybe your not taking the pregnancy test at the correct time of day to get a accurate read, the best time to take a pregnancy test is with the first morning urine it believe to be the strongest to read the HGC levels in the urine to get a p (MORE)

Could you be 2 months pregnant still get a period that lasts 3 days and the pregnancy test come back negative just because i have a period?

You cannot have a period and be pregnant at the same time. Some women confuse 'implantation' bleeding with their 'period'. Implantation occurs two weeks after you conceive and is very light spotting that should only occur for a short period of time. Implantation is when the uterus gets rid of all th (MORE)

You are 7 days late have hypothyroidism and have had your period the fourth of every month for the past 6 months you took a preg test and it was negative cld you be pregnant and get a false negative i?

i would recommend waiting about a week after you were suppose to start. then to take another test. Apregnancy test can come back a false negative but if you did something very strenuous or active or were under a lot of stress this week it could alter your menstrual cycle cause it changes your hormon (MORE)

Stopped taking the pill about a month ago 4 days late for period now are you pregnant?

its very likely you are pregnant. but dont jump the gun. you have two options: . 1. contact your doctor asap and get a pregnancy test. at this early stage you may want to take a blood test to be most accurate. . 2. wait until you are atleast 10-14 days late. the reason: it takes that long for Hcg (MORE)

Are you pregnant I had spotting for my period which was about a month ago i took a pregnancy test 2 days afterward but it was a negative Should I test again my next period is due today but nothing?

Not all home pregnancy tests are 100% accurate. They CAN give false negatives AND false positives. Wait a day or so before taking another test--your period just may be irregular due to health or stress reasons. If you are on birth control, the hormones may be causing irregularity. Whether or not you (MORE)

Could you be pregnant if you had protected sex last month took i-pill to be safe got your period 4 days early but haven't got it this month as it is 3 days late?

It often takes a couple months for your body to become regular after using E mergency C ontraceptives. The first month (immediately following the I-Pill) menstruation is sometimes early - the following month it may be late. As long as you are having protected sex you are probably not pregnant. I (MORE)