Do most people think people with autism are dumb?

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Sadly, it is commonly perceived that people with Autism are not intelligent. This is in fact, not the case and I believe it is our job as Autism advocates to raise awareness about the fact that individuals with Autism can be productive members of society.

At a recent conference I attended on work opportunities for adults on the Autism Spectrum, world renowned Autism expert, Susan Bryson, noted that only approximately 25% of people with Autism have an intellectual handicap. She then continued to point out that many people on the Autism Spectrum possess valuable cognitive strengths including

  • excellent attention to detail
  • excellent pattern-detection skills
  • superior visual search skills
  • persistance
  • highly reliable
  • highly accurate and often perfectionistic, possessing a desire for precision and being unwilling to sacrifice accuracy for speed.

All of these attributes can make people with Autism extremely valuable employees so we all as a society have to start rethinking what it means to have Autism!

For more information on Autism, check out autism, your one-stop-source for everything related to Autism.

Brenda Deskin

------------------------------- It depends on whether the individual person has been educated on what autism is. Sadly, much of society, and even some individuals who may work with autistics, still can't tell the difference between "Asperger's/HFA" vs. "Kanner's". Along with all of the other disabilities where autism can also be effected. It also depends on where people get their information on autism from, and based on how accurate it is, along with updated. I truly think that the media in all forms are causing many complications for all of us to be accepted into society.
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