Does HIPAA protect the right to access medical records even if the medical bill has not been paid In other words can a medical provider deny access to your own medical records if you owe money?

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HIPAA allows patient access to their own medical record, with very few exceptions. Failure to pay the bill is NOT one of those exceptions.

Added: HIPAA restricts and prevents the dissemination of your medical records without your knowledge and approval. There is no provision within it which allows a medical provider to hold your records "hostage" until you pay their bill.
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Can your husband access your medical records under the HIPAA law?

Answer . Yes, but only limited information which is absolutely necessary and in under specific circumstances.. One instance is if the person/spouse has a communicable dise

Does HIPAA affect access to an individuals medical records?

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To obtain access to your medical records from a "covered entity" that maintains your protected health information, there are certain procedures to be followed under the privac

Does HIPAA affect the patients access to his or her medical record?

NO, it does not affect the patient's right to access their OWN medical records. It prevents OTHER person's unauthorized access (in many cases, even one's spouse) and protects

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I assume we are talking about YOUR patient records. HIPAA only requires that you ask them. However, HIPAA also allows the to require that request in writing, they are allowed

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Yes, even the patient must sign a release to obtain their own records. Another answer, and a little more info: Among lots of other things, HIPAA assures the patient's acce
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In the United States (as of August 2009) there are privacy laws to protect medical records. However, in the event of a legal investigation, doctors and pharmacists must comply

Can you access your electronic medical record on your own?

There are types of I.D cards available so that you can access your own medical records. This can be helpful in the event of an emergency so that doctors and hospital personnel