Does Pantene shampoo and conditioner interfere with perming solutions?

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Any conditoner will coat the hair. It is the reason that conditioners work; they make hair soft and silky by coating the hair, smoothing the cuticle and making it less apt to tangle. Modern hair preparations will "build up" meaning that incorrect usage(improper rinsing, too frequent and too long use) and the product must be removed prior to permanent wave application. The permanent wave will eventually break through the residue of the shampoo/conditioner buildup, but it does take longer and the results might be uneven. A simple solution is to wash the hair, then after thorough rinsing, use an acid rinse on the hair. Common rinses are vinegar and lemon juice. After applying the rinse, rinse again with plain water. This should remove most of the built up residue in the hair. Residue build up is not peculiar to one particular brand, but is common in all hair care products.
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if u die your hair with kool aid it won't come out until u wash it *edit* That is totally unrelated to the topic. Basically most shampoo formula's are the same, whether

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yes it really works,i had too much of hair fall before,,now it is completly stoped , thanks for pantene pink shampo o.