Does hair turn gray or grow out gray from the roots?

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It grows out gray from the roots.
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Why does your hair turn gray?

As people get older the pigment cells in hair follicles dies. Whenthere is less pigment cells in a hair follicle that strand of hairhas a more transparent color like gray or w

Why is your hair turning gray?

As we get older, the pigment cells in our hair follicles graduallydie. When there are fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle, thatstrand of hair will no longer contain as much

Does everyone's hair turn gray?

yes, it all depend on your age the older you grow the more! Heredity is the number one factor as to whether or not a person's hair will turn gray as they age.

Do rabbits grow gray hair?

If the fur goes gray it dosent mean its getting old rabbits fur can change color and sometimes even patterns. they shed fur as the warmer months arrive, can change when the se

Does hair turn gray or grow in gray?

Great question! The hair you see on your head cannotturn gray, it grows in that way. The hair above the scalp is dead and no longerattached to the source that gives it its st
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Why black hair turn to gray?

Y our hair turn gray is when you lose pigment. Pigment is the colour inside our hair. When people get older, there bodies don't produce as much pigment as when they are young.