Does shaving speed up hair growth?

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Shaving has no affect on hair growing faster. The only thing that shaving does with hair is makes it so that when it grows, it looks thicker, due to the angle of the cut that occurs when using a shaver or a razor.
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Speed up hair growth?

Only time or hormone injections will increase facial hair growth. Hormone injections have a serious down-side...things like testicular cancer and premature fusion of your bone

Does shaving increase hair growth?

Yes. After shaving hair will grow longer, thicker and darker. Sobetter to avoid shaving. Consider Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Itis safe and painless.

Can you speed up armpit hair growth?

I am wondering the same thing. I myself am 16 and like all boy am going through puberty. I have hair all over my body appart from my armpits and is embarressing when my girlfr

Is there a natural way to speed up hair growth?

There are natural ways to speed up hair growth. By Applying any Ayurveda Hair oil and making the hair folicles stronger, you can get your hair live for a longer period of time

Is there a shampoo for speeding up hair growth that actually works?

Not that I know of, but try daily scalp massages, maybe 5 minutes twice a day. Use firm circular motions over entire scalp. This increases blood flow to scalp and helps hair g

Can you speed up your facial hair growth?

No, much of it depends on your genes. For example, people of Pakistani descent- with dark hair & skin- often grow beards faster (maybe as early as age 12) than people of Polis
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What speeds up the growth of eyelashes?

Put vaseline on the ends of your eyelashes before you go to sleep. You may get sticky eyes but its worth a try!
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What can you do to increase hair growth speed?

There are a number of things you can do to increase hair growth but hair grows on it's on terms, you can perform scalp massages while your hair is wet or dry. You can add some