Does the heat you feel in your muscles during a workout burn fat?

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How do you burn fat and not gain muscle?

Do high-repitition exercises; like swimming, badminton, running, walking, or lift weigh with low weight. Muscle gain comes from heavy lifting (we're talking like lifting 12 re

Why do muscles burn during an intense workout?

When muscles are using energy faster than it can be produced by the normal aerobic route, there is also an emergency anaerobic energy procuction process, which yields lactic a

The burning feeling in muscles during a hard exercise is caused by?

Once a muscle has depleted all of it's energy reserves (sugars), it starts to burn itself to provide the necessary fuel. When a muscle gets into that mode it produces lactic a

Does running burn fat or muscle?

Fat if you have any, and it would build up muscle, however if there are no reserves of energy in the form of fat or food intake, the body will burn muscle to keep going.

What is the best workout to burn fat?

walking/running remember if your an adult you have to exercise at least an hour a day, if your a teen you have to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. \ But an hour is bett

Does muscle burn fat or sugar?

Muscles burn calories or sugar. When you workout the energy you ingested by means of meals are burnt to fuel the muscular movements part of the workout. When you continue to w

What causes your muscles to burn after a workout?

Build up of lactic acid in the muscle tissue. Lactic acid builds up when the muscles are being worked at such an intensity that the demand for oxygen eventually cannot be m

Why do muscles burn after a workout?

Well your muscles don't burn, they ache usually. They do this because you work you muscles and they are not used to the training or whatever you're doing. But the ache is good

How long does it take for workouts to burn fat?

One pound of fat equals 3500 calories. Depending on their intensity, different workouts will burn calories at different rates. The more intense the workout, the faster you wil
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Do muscle burns fat?

The more muscle you build, the more your metabolism speeds up.Therefore, if you have more muscle, you burn more fat.