Does weed really hurt an unborn child?

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Smoking marijuana while pregnant can cause your child to have a low birth weight, and that can affect its growth rate and ability to thrive. Many low birth weight babies never make it home from the hospital but die of complications such as poorly developed lungs.
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Can you get child support for an unborn child?

No. Once the child is born to an unmarried couple, paternity needsto be established before a child support petition can be filed. Itcan be the voluntary acceptance of the male

Can getting a Steroid injection hurt an unborn child?

It can indeed hurt the unborn child. Most pregnant women do not smoke nor do they drink much alcholol during pregnancy. This enables the unborn child to get healthy and strong

Will a tooth infection hurt your unborn child i am 1 month along?

The unborn child is protected from a lot of thing by the placenta, however if you have an infection in any part of your body you should get it seen to,especially if you are pr

If you smoke weed while trying for a baby will it affect the unborn child in any way?

depends. are you male or female? I was recently reading an article online about the chemical that "activates" sperm inside a woman's body, and it said that marijuana contains

Can you hurt your unborn child if you did Radiography since you are a Vet tech?

Employers of radiographers may let employees decide if they want to declare pregnancies. Overexposure may lead to: • malformation of the fetus • leukemia and ot

Will taking morphine hurt a unborn child?

Morphine is not safe for use during pregnancy as . the medication increased the risk of various birth defects, such as cranial defects and skeletal problems. If you take th

Does weed harm the unborn child?

While there are no conclusive studies done on the subject, it is conjectured that marijuana used during pregnancy may cause chemical addiction, low birth weight, neurological
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Can medroxypr hurt your unborn child?

hi i just found out im having a baby an i was prego when i was takeing medroxypr can it hurt my baby and i did not know i was prego at the time i was takeing it