Drinking the first 4 weeks of pregnancy but did not know im pregnant will it harm the baby?

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Yes it could. Anything you take into your body affects the baby.
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How harmful is drinking alcohol a week into pregnancy?

\n. \nUsually nothing to worry about, but once you find out stop.\n. \nIf you mean The week after your period, you are not yet pregnant so no problem, and even if you mean t

Drinking the first week of pregnancy?

If you are thinking about drinking, then just DON'T but if you have already drank, you and your baby should be fine. I have heard stories of people being 6 and 7 weeks pregnan

Can stress harm baby im 19 weeks pregnant?

Stress can increase blood pressure which can harm the baby as it can introduce Pre-Eclampsia which can be bad for you and the baby.. It is best to take things easy and relax,

Can stress harm baby im 7 weeks pregnant?

no it can but its not good bec you can go into premiter labor and then the baby will not have a chance to finsh growing just don't stress to much i am 4 months and just 2 week

If you are pregnant can you lose your baby during the first 4 weeks?

Certainly. You barely know you are pregnant at four weeks. Four weeks is the week that you would miss your expected period. Women can lose their baby even at four months. It i