First aid Do's and don'ts of cuts?

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Well, first off, clean the cut with a mild soap. Don't just leave it dirty and cover it up with a bandage. After that put an antibiotic on it, like Neosporin, and then you can cover it up with a bandage until the bleeding stops and a scab grows in. After the scab grows in, let it air out so it can heal faster. Well, this might be obvious, but you're not supposed to scratch it or rip the scab off, you'll make it worse and end up with a scar.
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Do's and dont's of first aid?

DO: Protect yourself from bloodborne pathogens Remember ABC's Airway - head tilt/chin lift, jaw thrust/modified jaw thrust if it's a traumatic injury Breathing - Breathing?

First aid for cuts?

Clean it (water is fine) apply a topical antibiotic, cover it (a band-aid is fine).

What are the Do's and dont's of first aid?

To quote Hippoctates, "First, do no harm." ( Primum non nocere) This means that, whatever you do, you should leave the patient in the same or better shape than when you arriv

What is the First aid for cuts?

Depending on the size of the cut you may have to apply pressure while you get a wet cloth or towel. Wipe the cut clean and apply disinfectant. Last, apply a bandaid.

Do's of first aid?

DO treat the silent people first instead of the screaming DO remember if you are not qualified to help on a persific injury, don't try. DO contact 999/911 DO keeps pressure

What is First aid for a cut?

first aid is needed for a cut because HIV can spread from person to person through cuts. If you don't seek medical advice once you hav HIV, it can turn into AIDS and there has

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What first aid for minor cuts?

There is controversy over the use of topical antiseptics in the treatment of minor cuts. It is known that common antiseptics (hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol) cause additio

What is the first aid for minor cuts and wounds?

Wash it out with an appropiate antiseptic wipe, then place a plaster or other dressing upon it. If no wipes are available, wash out with water. If no plasters are available, b