Fix cigarette lighter on ford 350?

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try replacing the fuse. i had the same problem after trying to use a phone charger. you have to put it in perfectly or the negative and positive contacts touch and blow the fuse. it wasn't designed for power on the old ones. i have a 93. it does work but you have to put it in directly with out twisting. kind of a pain. try it
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How do you fix the cigarette lighter on a 1998 Ford Focus?

if you mean that there is no power.. look in the fuse block there is one fuse labeled lighter is most likely burned out

How do you fix a cigarette lighter that doesn't work in a 1993 Ford Aerostar van?

1. Check the fuse. 2. Check the wire behind the lighter plug, in case it has fallen off. Disnonnect the negative battery cable if you have to fuss with the wiring at all. Also, if the lighter has been heavily used, the element may simply be burned out or broken--get a new one from your parts store.

How do you fix the cigarette lighter in a 1997 Saturn SW?

I own a 95 saturn, which I'm pretty sure has the same dash as a 96. Start by disconnecting the negative battery cable. Next you will need to take the center console cover off. There are two plastic rivets holding it on. Take off the cover underneath the console. It should be velcroed and snapped in. Once the lower cover is off reach up behind the center console on the side and push the center of the plastic rivet out. Repeat on the other side, and the console should be loose now. Pull it slightly up and out, until you can see the wiring harness at the top of the console. Pull the plug out of the console, and the console should come away free. Now you should have access to the back of the cigarette lighter plug. The socket for the cigarette lighter screws in like a lightbulb. Hold the part that the socket screws into, and using needlenose or other pliers, screw the front portion back in all the way. Reinstall the center console, reconnect your battery, and your cigarette lighter should work now. Now that your Saturn is complete, sell it as soon as possible before it breaks again. :) The instructions provided sound a little daunting if you have no clue about cars. However, the fix was very easy. It is important to note that there are four parts to the assempbly. The outer rim which fits in the outside of the lighter hole, a barrel separator which fits behind the console into the outer rim, the power receptacle which fits behind the barrel assembly, and the lighter receptacle which is put through the outer ring, the barrel, and then screwed into the "light bulb" like power receptacle. In order to completely screw in the lighter receptacle, you will stick your finger in the receptacle and continue screwing it in. Make sure it is tight. Thanks!

How do you fix a cigarette lighter in a Daewoo Leganza?

Answer . \nyou have to replace the appropiate fuse labeled "cigarette lighter" in the fuse box inside your car around the driver dash side.

How do you remove and fix a cigarette lighter in a 1986 Honda Accord?

Answer . Disconnect the battery cable ground. Reach behind the lighter and unplug the one wire going to the lighter(two wires if it is in a plastic surrounding cause one is a ground). All lighters have a removeable well or element so to remove yours, twistoff the back of the lighter and it will come apart in two pieces then the insides can be replaced. It is hard to picture so go to a automotive store and ask them to open the appropriate package and you will see how they come apart.Once you see it, it is easy. Your element is burned out..1930fcoupe

How to fix the cigarette lighter in a Chevy Beretta?

Answer . \nIf the fuse is good, take the lighter out and check it in another car to see if it is good. If it is, then replace the recepticle. If it is bad, replace the lighter.

How do you change the fuse to fix the cigarette lighter on a 2000 grand am?

Answer . \nIf i rember correctly it is on the end of the dash on the drivers side. you must open the drivers door and look near the dash cluster. Should be labled.

How do fix cigarette lighter maxima 2000?

Answer . plug something into it like a radar detector...iff it works your lighter is screwed...if no power check the fuse

How to fix Chevy impala cigarette lighter housing?

Answer . \nYou will need to remove the ashtray, dash plastic, etc., to get at the back of it. Disconnect your battery ground to be safe. There will be one or two wires on it; remember where they were attached. Unscrew the back of the housing; it threads into itself and may be tight. Putting it together is much easier. Good luck.

How do you fix a 2003 Ford F-150 if the cigarette lighter works but the auxiliary PowerPoint is not?

In the power distribution box in the engine compartment , fuse # 1 is a 20 amp. mini-fuse for the power point on a 2003 F-150 ( # 4 on Harley Davidson console ). Ford states to disconnect your battery before servicing anything in the PD BOX , which. means your vehicle would have to relearn its idle , the clock and radio stations would. have to be reset etc

How do you change a cigarette lighter on a Ford Fiesta?

Answer . On a mk3 you will have to remove the whole centre pannel. On the heater controls you can use a screwdriver to pop of all the knobs and the heat fan level will just pull off, then use a screwdriver again to pull off the whole heat control and unscrew the bulb. now take off the ash tray as if u were cleaning it and look around the bottom area, there will be a total of 3 screws that must be removed. once it has come off you must be careful not to damage any wires, u can then get to the cigerette lighter, two connectors plug in the back of it must be removed and the cigerette lighter shud just pull out, unless there is some sort of clip. put the new cigerette lighter in its place and plug it in with the same connectors and put the centre pannel back in using the reverse process as to how it was removed.

How do you replace a cigarette lighter on a Ford Windstar?

Answer . to replace lighter take it out and go to parts store and buy a new replacement part comes with directions and installation instructions.

How do you fix a broken cigarette lighter in a ford fiesta mk5 Is is simply a matter of changing a fuse?

Answer . \nMake sure the wires are connected to the cigar lighter. If they are, is there any power to them? If not, check the fuse. If there is power and it still won't work, then the lighter itself may be burned out. Try a different lighter in your socket to see if it works, or buy a replacement lighter/socket assembly and install it.

Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter and power plug located on a Ford F-350?

its called the cigar lighter under the fuse diagram. for a 2005 super duty its F2.12 and its a 20A fuse

How do you fix cigarette lighter on 1995 F150?

Answer . Generally speaking there is a hot wire that plugs onto the back middle and a ground wire to the body. If those are both connected try the fuse, it may be marked as cig lighter. If all are good you would need to replace it.\nYou can also test it with a power tester that lights simply remove the heating coil that lights your cig and try touching the tester to the very back of the hole making sure the clip on the tester is well grounded to a bolt or something.\n. \nGood Luck and Remember. \nChange Your Mind, Not Your Oil. \nUse the First In Synthetic Motor Oil's. \n See My Bio For more information.

How do you fix a cigarette lighter on a 1998 VW Golf?

another thought!! do u mean replace or fix?? i will give u the quick fix. you'r cig lighter is powerd by your radio. in the back of your radio there is a fuse u can check that to see it there is power by replaceing the fuse if bad. without taking your stero out u can tell by the door buzzer. it is connected to the same circuit also.if u have power there i would look at the heating element itself if it looks old,rusty,or out of shape it might not be gitting a good connection in which case u will need to buy a new element.. CHEERS AND GOODLUCK!!. First pull out the ash tray,then unscrew the star nut,pull out all the bits and pull off the electrical connector.the order new parts from vw.i recently replaced the bulb, glowing bits,lighter and lighter holder,it doesnt come out without breaking but the new parts all click in like new and costs about 17squid.

How do you fix a car cigarette lighter in a 2002 alero?

Answer . \ncheck for the fuse in the fuse box located in the engine compartement

How do you fix a broken cigarette lighter on a 1998 Saturn SC2?

Answer . \nyou dont fix the lighter. you fix your smoking problem. get those patches or the gum

How do you fix the cigarette lighter if the fuse is not blown?

Answer . \nIf you are getting power in the socket--replace heating element\n. \nIf you are getting power to the socket, but not through it--replace socket and element

Which fuse controls cigarette lighter on 2003 Ford E-350?

Answer . First, go here . ( ) . You'll find your answer (Number 23 for cig lighter or 28 for the power plug) on pages 139-141.. When all else fails, RTFM...

How do you fix a cigarette lighter on a Chevy Cavalier?

To fix the cigarette lighter on a Chevy Cavalier, check the fusefirst. Next check the wiring and the cigarette lighter itself for aproblem.

How do you fix your cigarette lighter on a Mitsubishi Galant?

check the fuse box which is located under the hood on the left side. make sure all the fuse good If you find that all the fuse are good, the next item is to get into the lighter housing itself. There may be a fuse in there as well. This is a common enough fuse that you will be able to find at walmart.

How do you fix cigarette lighter 2001 Volkswagen beetle?

Look at the maual for fuses look at which one is for the lighter and see if the fuse is burnt out. If not bring to a shop.

How do you fix a 1995 Jeep Wrangler Cigarette Lighter?

on my 95 wrangler i checked the fuse box under the dash and hood, and no luck, all the fuses were fine... so i followed the wires through the body and under the hood. i found that the hot wire went behind the battery and had a fuse spliced into it before going to the fuse box this fuse was fried. i replaced it with a 15 and my cigarette lighter now works

2005 f-350 cigarette lighter fuse?

Located in the Central Junction Box(under dashboard on driver side) fuse #12 should be a yellow 20 amp fuse.

Where is 1997 ford thunderbird cigarette lighter fuse?

The fusebox in the drivers side under the dash, near the door. The cigarette lighter fuse is the yellow (20 amp) fuse in the far corner of the fuse box (towards the front of the car and the passenger side)

How do you fix the cigarette lighter in a Lincoln Town Car?

If the lighter worked in the first place, check the fuses in your fuse panel. In some model vehicles, the lighter was never connected in the first place. In this case, it might be wise to have a mechanic check the wiring to see if everything is in place.

How can i fix my cigarette lighter on my 98 eclipse gst?

first check all your fuses and replace any blown fuses.. if that fails you'll have to check connections and troubleshoot. visit

How do you fix the cigarette lighter in a 1991 MR2?

one solution is to check the 2 prongs in the lighter unit..sometimes they get pushed apart and dont hold the lighter in place to heat up...push them back together and it should work fine, but dont push them in 2 far or they wont let go of the lighter once its heated up.

How do you fix a cigarette lighter that does not work on a 1997 Toyota Previa?

check the fuses,if it has currents,,and still don't work, then replace the cigarret coil lighter that you use to light up the cigarrete with

How do you fix your cigarette lighter in your 1992 Acura Vigor?

The cigarette lighter fuse is shared. Under the hood in the main fusebox, check all 15 amp fuses-it should be one of them that has blown.. The cigarette lighter fuse is shared. Under the hood in the main fusebox, check all 15 amp fuses-it should be one of them that has blown.. The cigarette lighter fuse is shared. Under the hood in the main fusebox, check all 15 amp fuses-it should be one of them that has blown.. The cigarette lighter fuse is shared. Under the hood in the main fusebox, check all 15 amp fuses-it should be one of them that has blown.

How do you fix your 2003 mini cooper cigarette lighter?

Depends what the problem is. If you've used a phone charger or something and now the "male" lighter doesn't stay in, you'll need to bend the "prongs" of the "female" part of the lighter so that they apply enough pressure to keep the "male" part in long enough to heat up. To do this, first make sure the ignition is off, just in case. Then get he lid of a Bic pen or similar, and wedge the pointed part in behind the cut-outs on the inside of the "female" part of the lighter unit. Now use your pen lid as a lever to bend the prong-like parts inwards; 1 or 2 mm should be enough. Then repeat for the other prong. Try it out, and lever the prongs in or out accordingly.

How do you fix the cigarette lighter on a 92 grand marquis?

Check fuses first then wiring. also check to see if anything (like a coin) is in it causing it not to have power. If it has power its probably just the element.

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse on the ford puma?

The fuse for the cigarette lighter is located behind the panel with the storage hole in it, the one by your right knee as you sit in the car. It's fuse number 1 on the bottom left I believe.

Cigarette lighter fuse ford e350?

It is in the 3rd row over &The 5th one down in the fuse box under the dashboard.

Your cigarette lighter in the car does not work How can you fix it?

check socket for power, if power perhaps lighter element is burned out, if no power check fuse. check to see if power getting to lighter receptacle if so, replace receptacle

How do you fix cigarette lighter in my vauxhall vectra 2000 it is not the fuse?

This recently happened to my 2004 vectra and it was the element in the lighter which cost £56 to have replaced at a garage

How do you fix the cigarette lighter in a ford escort?

Before you replace the whole lighter, check the fuse. If it is not located in the fuse box, it may be just outside the fuse box under the dash.

Ford Fiesta cigarette lighter fuse?

The fuse for the cigarette lighter on a Ford Fiesta is located inthe main fuse panel under the dash. It is positioned beside thehood release and is labelled for easy identification.

How do you get a penny stuck in the cigarette lighter of a Lexus 350 out?

Ive used multiple things in order to get a penny outta my car, paperclip, nail file, anything that will fit really, and 9 times out of 10 you ll blow a fuse, its 20A for my car i think >.>

What fuse is for the cigarette lighter on a 1998 e 350?

( # 23 ) is a 20 amp fuse for the cigarette lighter , data link connector

How do you fix cigarette lighter outlet?

Well it's very simple you take it in and get someone to fix it for you!

How do you fix a 1996 Honda Passport cigarette lighter?

you should check the fuse first. you can buy a replacement lighter and socket for about $10 at walmart or auto zone, try just swapping the element first, if that doesn't work you will have to replace the socket also

Were you the cigarettes lighter fuse in a 2006 Ford F-350 powerstroke?

In a 2006 Ford F-350 , the # 12 fuse is a yellow color 20 amp mini fuse for the cigarette lighter / OBD II

How do you fix cigarette lighter in 2002 Toyota Camry?

If you plug an electrical device in the 12 volt DC cigarette lighter of a 2002 Toyota Camry that draws more than 120 watts you may blow the fuse. The fuse block is behind a plastic cover below and to the left of the steering wheel. The back of the plastic cover shows the location of the 15 amp fuse. If you check the fuse and it's OK then the fusible link in the lighter plug is most likely blown. This happened to me. To remove the lighter plug you have to insert a small flat tip screw driver into a very small slot behind the black plastc mounting ring on the right side of the plug. The screw driver has to go in about 1/2" to depress a small plastic clip that is keeping the plug from coming out. There is another clip on the left side of the plug but there is no slot in the face plate on that side. You have to work it back and forth to get it to come out. It's not easy but it will come out. Once the plug is out you can diconnect the wiring plug and either replace the plug or if you can get the fusible link material replace that. The fusible link looks like a piece of solder wire with wire insulation on it. It is supported between four very small metal stand off brackets on the very back of the plug. The link will probably be melted if it blew the circuit. You can jumper these brackets together to check the operation of the plug.

How do you fix the cigarette lighter in a 2002 dodge stratus not work?

If it's the lighter itself, and not the circuit, any auto specialties store will sell "generic" replacement lighters (the part you grasp and pull out), and 90% of the time, the lighter itself is the problem - they "burn out". If the problem is the lighter socket or circuit, I'd just write it off and forget about it.

Which fuse is needed to fix the cigarette lighter in the 2001 Ford Focus?

Fuse ( # 46 ) is a 15 amp fuse for the cigarette lighter in a 2001 Ford Focus The anal-retentive non-smoking genre in Canada decided not to hook up your lighter, so a fuse change probably won't work. You'll need to get the wiring connected. These stupid liberals are trying to control other people but figure what they do is alright. DO NOT contact me, thought-police!

Which fuse controls cigarette lighter on 2006 ford 350 Econoline?

According to the 2006 Ford E-350 Owner Guide : ( fuse # 26 is a 20 amp fuse for the cigarette lighter and diagnostics ) In the fuse panel below and to the left of the steering wheel by the brake pedal ( it has a cover on it )

How do you fix a cigarette lighter on 1996 ford contour?

What's wrong with it? Well, I'll try... First, I'll assume you've checked the fuse (you have, haven't you?) Look into the socket of the lighter and make sure the center contact is clean. If not, use a rubber eraser and some electrical contact cleaner to clean it up. Use a meter to see if there is 12 volts to the center contact. If not, then gain access to the back of the lighter and make sure the wires (both the "hot" lead and the ground wire) are solidly attached. If they are, make sure the ground wire is going to a solid ground and is firmly attached. Then, check the wire coming from the fuse block. If either wire is burned or broken, repair or replace it. If you get a good 12 volts to the socket, and have a good ground connection, replace the socket.

How do i fix a short due to a cigarette lighter?

The only way is to follow the hot wire to the damaged area that isgrounding and cut out that section or tap another hot wire and useit instead