Has sugar ever been used to treat battlefield wounds?

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Sugar and honey were used to treat battlefield wounds in ancient Egypt 4000 years ago. It has been used since, and science shows that treating wounds with honey or sugar (sucrose) is beneficial.
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Can beach water be used for treating wounds?

In general,yes. It is very similar to sterile normal saline, widely used on wounds. The fact that it is not quite normal strength, or that it contains other salts than sodium

What is used to treat wounds?

Um......... bandages, I guess. But first you have to wash the wounds in cold water, then put a bandage or a cloth on the wound to cover it up and it won't get infected.

How are wounds treated?

Treatment of wounds involves stopping any bleeding, then cleaning and dressing the wound to prevent infection. Additional medical attention may be required if the effects of t
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How do you use horsetail for treating wounds?

You first take out a pot(doesn't have to be really big), then you put about 5 cups of water. Next, you boil the water for about 15 mins. Then, you put the horsetail in the wat
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What drugs are used to treat wounds and burns?

Asiaticoside, an active ingredient extracted from a plant called Centella asiatica, has been widely used to promote wound healing. In vitro evaluations it has been demonstrate
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What did the Good Samaritan use to treat the man's wound with?

The Samaritan "bound up his wounds, pouring oil and wine uponthem." (Luke 10:34) This was a customary way to care for injuries.Olive oil would soften and soothe the wounds. Bu