How can damage to the vagus nerve cause immediate death?

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Nervus vagus belongs to parasympathetic nervous system which inhibits the contraction of heart, decreases its excitability and frequency of generated nerve impulses in heart. By overstimulating n.vagus these effects on heart are more intense - it could lead to total inhibiton of heart contractions, which would eventually lead to death within a little while.
Very intense slap behind ear or intensive pressure on neck area could lead to death as n.vagus is overstimulated. It is very rare though.
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What are the symptoms of vagus nerve damage?

The vagus nerve runs throughout the body and is responsible for thefunctioning of various bodily systems including the heart anddigestive tract. Symptoms of vagus nerve damage
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What causes autonomic nerve damage?

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Can a compression fracture cause vagus nerve damage?

No. The left and right vagus nerves are located in the lateral portions of the neck, and run from superior (top) to inferior (bottom), proximal (close to) to the carotid arter