How can you 'regrow' the root nerve and pulp of a tooth after a reckless dentist has removed them in preparation for an unnecessary root canal?

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The nerve can not regenerate in a tooth, instead what is left of it will eventually die. You would be better off having the root canal treatment completed and if it is a back tooth you NEED a crown on the tooth to prevent breaking the tooth in the future. The tissue inside a tooth cannot be regrown after root canal therapy. But you can keep your tooth all your life if the root canal is well done and well restaured, and if you brush your teeth well.
In the future, they may be able to harvest your own stem cells and implant the cells into your jawbone. This would heal or possibly regrow dead or missing teeth.
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Is a root canal necessary if a dentist takes an x-rays discovers a swollen nerve and spot but the patient has absolutely no pain?

Find you another dentist; have that one transfer your records over to him/her from your old dentist. Then have the new dentist check your mouth out. This would be a second opinion. If it turns out the same way, then go back to your old dentist, or if not, then keep the new one. Some of these, just l (MORE)

Is a dentist as qualified to do a root canal as an endodontist?

Yes, legally all general dentists are qualified to do root canals. But, IMO not as qualified as an endodontist who has gone through 2-3 years of additional training in the specialty and does ONLY root canals all day rather than once/week. I would only let an endodontist do my root canal and simil (MORE)

If your tooth is broken will the dentist pull it fill it or do a root canal?

Possibly a root canal. Or he could put a false half on it. Dentists NEVER "glue back on" the other half. If it is a small"chip" most likely a filling will do it. A larger break willrequire a filling to make the tooth "tooth shaped" again and then acrown. A root canal is only needed if the tooth had (MORE)

What can you do if your dentist didn't finish your root canal?

Have it done as soon as possible. Any leftover nerve tissue may become calcified over time and cause future complications with the treatment. Any leftover bacteria will cause infection in the tooth and jaw. . Answer . i had a partial root canal and had a temporary filling put in it. i waited t (MORE)

Why does a molar tooth still hurt two months after a root canal and could the nerve still be in the tooth?

Weird, I had this same problem recently. I had a root canal down and a few months later my tooth started hurting again. I was now going to a different dentist and he took out the filling and the previous dentist didn't fill my tooth right and my nerves were swollen so they had to cut the nerves and (MORE)

Could a shadowy area below a tooth root on an xray be a large abcsess if you have no pain or swelling and should you let the dentist do a root canal with no anesthetic to see if you feel pain?

Root canals can and are done without anesthetic if a tooth is known to be dead. This can usually be determined *before* the root canal is started. To answer your question, if a tooth is dead and asymptomatic, you may be able to have the procedure without anesthetic but the main reason would be to av (MORE)

Can the root of a tooth grow back after a root canal?

Roots do not grow back once a dentist drills into the tooth andremoves the pulp (the roots and tissue inside the tooth). Afterthat, it is dead and it cannot grow back. Make sure that thedentist (after he fits the crown but before it is permanentlysealed) does an X-ray of the tooth to make sure the c (MORE)

What can you do if you have a tooth ake and its the tooth that had a root canal?

If you have had a root canal and the tooth that was removed still hurts, it is probably because the entire root wasn't removed or the drilling was not packed tightly enough. If that happens, another root canal must be performed and the tooth re-packed to prevent infection. A tooth infection left un (MORE)

Why does my tooth still hurt after a root canal?

Answer 1 . If this was your first visit you might just be sore from the visit itself. However, if more than 24 hrs have passed you should contact your dentist immediately as you might have more than one root that needs to come out or it might be getting infected. Your dentist might prescribe anti (MORE)

Can antibiotics hear the abscess enough that root canal is unnecessary?

Hey there buddy,Ive been doing some research on this matter due to the fact that Ive had 3 due to bad molars that should have been pulled years ago. First, Ive read that sometimes the doctor will take a knife and cut you like they did to "rocky" for his eye. It basically lets the blood that's causin (MORE)

Can antibiotics heal an abscessed tooth enough that a root canal is unnecessary?

Most likely not, as the problem with abscessed teeth is that the tooth is damaged and allowing bacteria into the pulp and root cavity. While antibiotics may clear up the infection for now, they will not prevent another infection after you are off of the antibiotics. Nor will they prevent the tooth f (MORE)

Does tooth die after root canal?

Answer 1 . Yes, generally when you remove the nerve root you then have a dead tooth. the dentist must fill the canal and either cap it or discuss other options with you, as it will turn gray because it has no nerve.

How do you determine that a tooth needs a root canal?

Answer 1 . After examination and x-ray films, your dentist will let you know if you are a good candidate for a root canal. Depending on your age, health status, etc. Most likely happens when the nerve of the tooth is decaying or becomes infected. you will be on antibiotics for a while until the i (MORE)

After root canal can a tooth be infected?

Sometimes it not common but hardly it can be infected there's a 2/100 chances of it getting infected It is more likely to be infected if the tooth wasn't properly packed.

Do you have to have a root canal if the tooth dies?

Yes. If the nerve inside of a tooth dies, it is prone to infection (if not infected already). Root canal treatment should prevent or resolve this infection. A tooth may die for various reasons such as: decay, trauma, extensive wear/grinding/abrasion.

4 year old has decay in upper front tooth should tooth be removed or root canal?

If the tooth can be saved with a root canal (pulpotomy) or other treatment, it should be done. The adult tooth that will replace this baby tooth may not erupt until the child is six or seven years old, and the dental arch may shrink if the baby tooth is lost too soon. This will lead to problems when (MORE)

Are all dentist trained to do root canals?

Of course!!! They won't work on root canal if they're are not trained for it. Some dentist have assistance from a person that doesn't know much about root canal, but only to help the actual peraon doing the root canal.

Why would pain be in tooth after root canal?

Hyperocculsion or biting on the tooth that went through therapy, Possible missed canal with live tissue still remaining, severe inflammation of 1 or both of the ligaments below the tooth, bone infection if absessed before treatment as sometimes it can be very hard to get rid of these infections espe (MORE)

Why would a tooth that has had a root canal be hurting?

It is possible that the root canal is failing. If the root canal was completed very recently, it is possible that there is an accessory canal that was missed during the initial treatment. Remember, a root canal procedure is a last ditch effort to save a tooth that would otherwise be lost. Sometim (MORE)

Can you become deaf from a root canal is there a nerve from your ear to you teeth?

The answer is yes. There are two very important neves that run alongside the "Venus Mask" --- the parietal nerve and the oral-maxillofacial neve. That is why, before you have a wisdom tooth pulled, you're required to sign papers that warn you of the possibilities of damage to (either) nerve, includi (MORE)

Why has the tooth turned pink after root canal?

Your tooth should not be a color pink after a root canal! If the center of the tooth is a slight pink that could just be the (gutta percha) which is a rubber base material the dentist fills in the canal with, this take the space where the nerves use to be.. Gutta Percha color is pink... After a root (MORE)

Should you get a root canal on a baby tooth?

No. That would just be a waste of time and money. In many cases, you wouldn't even get a root canal on a permanent tooth. You would most likely have it pulled depending on what tooth it is. Just have the baby-tooth pulled since it is going to be pulled someday, regardless.

Why the dentist can't deaden the gum for root canal?

All dentists do, if in fact after injection of lidocaine is injected area should become numb. If infection is present lidocaine may not penetrate. At this point antibiotics should be prescribed to the patient, and then return to clinic to begin treatment again.

Does tooth pain require a root canal?

Not all tooth pain is treated with a root canal surgery, it depends on what is wrong with the tooth and how bad it is. Here are some causes of toothache and a possible treatment: 1) sensitive teeth. Not much can be done about this except for using special toothpaste. 2) Tooth decay. Treated by do (MORE)

What is the preparation of a root canal?

the dentist may prescribe an antibiotic, then the patient should take the full prescribed course. With the infection under control, local anesthetic is more effective, so that the root canal procedure may be performed without discomfort.

Should a tooth crack after a root canal?

No. A properly completed root canal should look exactly like a normal tooth from the outside (except where the drilling was filled), but should not crack. As to sensation, the nerve has been removed and you should no longer have feeling in the tooth if everything was completed as it should be. If y (MORE)

What do you do if your tooth is gray after a root canal?

You dont have to do anything. That is perfectly normal. My sister had one and hers is the same way. The dentist said it will be like that. So sometimes if you go to the dentist they can give you a cap for it, but i dont think it's recommended.

Can the dentist reuse your old gold crown on the same tooth after a root canal?

depends on the reason the crown had to be taken off if it was for caries the crown should be replaced if it happened just because the pulp started hurting but with no caries involved he might be able to glue the crown with temporary glue preform the root canal and then glue it again permanently -tho (MORE)

Should you have your tooth pulled or do a root canal?

It really depends on the situation and preference. Both of these options are not a 100% fix. Pulling the tooth can cause complications where there is no supporting bone structure for the teeth beside the one being pulled. This can cause the teeth to shift and it also has a chance of changing your bi (MORE)

How do you know if dentist is right you need root canal?

You can get a second opinion, you can ask the dentist for the factsincluding any x-ray evidence. The first time I got a root canalover 40 years ago I am certain beyond doubt that I needed it. Thedentist began drilling and I pointed out that he did not administernovacane. He said "Don't worry; you do (MORE)