How did HIV come in to existence?

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the most common and the most believed theory of how HIV came into existence is the " Hunter" theory. in this theory, SIV was given or transferred to humans from chimps when the chimps blood got in a hunters cut or wound or raw chimp meat was consumed by hunters. during those processes, SIV was transferred to a hunter. usually the human body would fight off the disease very easily, but in some cases(depending on the person and the immune system) the SIV would have spread in the body causing strains at first and then leading to HIV then later into AIDS. there has been many bans on the butchering and consumption of ape and chimpanzee meat to stop any diseases like HIV to happen again.
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Where did HIV come from?

many people said it came from Africa but it really came from a monkey but the question is how did that monkey get it Hiv was invented by white people

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A virus similar to HIV seems to have developed in monkeys in Africa more than 50 years ago. The virus spread to humans who were using the monkeys for food. The virus developed

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the existence and spread of hiv/aids is due to the African green monkey cercopitucus aethiops..this was first recognized during the year 1981 and has been known to medicine an

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What disease did HIV come from?

Scientists believe that HIV Came from monkey blood in Brazil or Africa when people were eating a monkey and didnt cook it or clean it all the way. HIV is thearied to be dorm

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Anyone can contract HIV. Having oral sex is one of the ways you can contract HIV, especially if your partner already has HIV. Oral sores, cuts, and lesions contribute to contr