How do some women cause their own miscarriages?

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If you cause it on your own it is an abortion unless it is an accident like being hit with a car etc. For abortion you need to see a doctor.
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What medication can cause a miscarriage?

Certain prescription and/or over­the­counter drugs are associated with fetal abnormalities and miscarriages. Consult your doctor before taking any medication when you are pregnant or trying to conceive. Some drugs can damage the fetus and cause miscarriage before you even know you are pregnant.

Why do a lot of women have miscarriages?

Answer . Unfortunately there is no clear answer to this. Some Women are unable to carry children full term & this can cause miscarriage but in the maority of cases, the Embryo usually wasn't developing properly or something was wrong with it & this is usually the reason for early miscarriages. Also trauma to the stomach can sometimes cause miscarriage. Only in-depth testing would be able to tell the woman why she miscarried.

What causes miscarriages?

Although many women experience at least one interruption of pregnancy, often the specific cause is never known . Some of the conditions that can cause, or increase the risks of, miscarriages are: . Miscarriages are very commonly caused by defects in the fetus' genetic code. Sometimes the defects are bad enough to make life and further development impossible. This is what usually causes the very early term miscarriages. . The hormone levels that are necessary for pregnancy can be imbalanced. Sometimes it is because the fetus is not producing enough of his or her own hormone, or it can be that the mother's hormone levels are off. At around 10-12 weeks the placenta takes over from the ovary in producing the hormone to maintain the pregnancy and sometimes this changeover does not happen correctly or fully. . There may be physical problems with the mother's cervix, the most common is called "incompetent cervix". Incompetent cervix (in the late second trimester) may allow the cervix to dilate, causing a late miscarriage or a very premature labor. A small surgical procedure can sometimes be done to help fix this problem to allow the fetus time to develop appropriately. . Problems with the structure of the uterus (such as a T-shaped uterus), or fibroid cysts in the uterus can cause the pregnancy to fail. . Using cocaine, alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or other drug use can cause a higher chance of miscarrying a fetus. High caffeine intake may also contribute to miscarriages. . Exposure to dangerous toxic chemicals, such as benzene, arsenic, or formaldehyde, before or during pregnancy can be dangerous and cause abortion. High levels of mercury can contribute, however there is a myth that the mercury in your teeth fillings and chewing gum could cause loss of the pregnancy, which is incorrect. The mercury levels would need to be much greater than that amount to cause such an effect. . Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drug use (such as ibuprofen or naproxen) at the time of conception or during early pregnancy may have an effect. . A snakebite can cause a miscarriage. . There are medical conditions and disorders, such as poorly controlled chronic underlying diabetes; autoimmune diseases, like Lupus Erythematosus; and a blood-clotting disorder called antiphospholipid antibody syndrome as other examples of potential causes. . Or it can happen if there are certain bacterial or viral infections, sexually transmitted diseases, or other infections complicating the pregnancy. (see link below for a link to information about specific infections that seem associated with miscarriages) . There is a blood incompatibility problem that makes the mother's body have an "allergic response" to the fetus. When the Rh Factor of the mother's blood is different from the Rh Factor of the father, and if the fetus inherits the father's Rh positive condition, the mother's body doesn't recognize the fetal blood as something that belongs there and so it "attacks" like it is a foreign substance, this can cause damage to the fetus that causes a miscarriage. . Extreme trauma, such as from a violent auto accident, with direct and extremely hard blows to the mother's abdomen can cause damage to either the mother or the fetus and the pregnancy may abort as a result. The fetus is usually well protected from falls or other blows to the mother's abdomen, so it would normally only occur with extreme trauma. . When the mother's age is 35 and older, or the father's age is beyond age 35, there can be problems with genetics or other factors that contribute to higher risks of miscarriage. . A history of a pregnancy with a birth defect, or a history of recurrent miscarriages (three or more) makes one at much higher risk for additional losses. A history of miscarriages on the mother's side of the family can also be an indicator of potential problems. . Multiple birth pregnancies (i.e., twins, quads, etc. ) have a higher risk of miscarriages. F actors that do not contribute to miscarriages, contrary to myth and "wives' tales": No normal activities you do will cause a miscarriage, and when you have regular prenatal care and follow the Obstetrician's directions, you should not believe it is your fault if it happens. A miscarriage is nature's way of dealing with problems with the development of the fetus or with the mother's body's ability to support the pregnancy. When you think how complicated it all is, it is amazing that it goes right so often. . Miscarriages are not caused by the mother's emotional state, emotional distress, loss of a loved one, or sudden frightening experiences. . Sexual intercourse during pregnancy can not cause this type of problem. . Exercise, jogging, working, or moderately heavy lifting are not contributing factors. . A single diagnostic X-ray (or total radiation exposure of less than 5 rad) will not produce miscarriages (if you are worried about this or other diagnostic tests, discuss it with your radiologist or a health professional). . Falling or hitting the abdomen, unless very severe trauma as in auto accidents. . Dietary factors: there is no conclusive evidence that a diet moderately lacking in nutrients causes miscarriage. Also, the nausea and vomiting (morning sickness) of early pregnancy will not cause miscarriage. . There had been some concern that high folic acid (Vitamin B9) intake may have been a factor, but research has now shown that it may actually help prevent miscarriage. . Exposure to computer monitors, the use of electric blankets or heated water beds are not contributors to miscarriages. More information: Be aware that if it is going to happen, there is no real way to prevent a miscarriage from occurring without medical help. For this reason, it is very important to have prenatal care and regular check ups beginning as soon as you know you are pregnant. You can have a miscarriage and not even know it, because, according to how far along you are and especially in the early part of a pregnancy, the embryo or fetus can pass through in what seems like just a heavy menstrual flow, sometimes with perhaps some clots. If you have what seems like a miscarriage, even if in the earliest part of the pregnancy, it is important for you to see a medical professional right away due to the possibility of uncontrolled bleeding or fetal/placental tissue remains that need to be removed by a doctor. Causes of miscarriage: fall, trauma, accident, oblighted ovum,ectopic, spontaneous abortion and so forth.

How can a miscarriage be caused?

you can miss carry when you fall on the stomach.or when the unbelicord deatches from the the mother to the baby.sometime's they can't handle stuff like species or if the baby is sick and can't take it on what it has.that's how you can have a miscarriage Common Miscarriage Myths by Pattie Hughes "Sex causes miscarriage." Sex alone does not cause miscarriage. The baby is very well cushioned inside your body and will not be hurt by sex. In some cases, you may be told to avoid sex. This happens if there is already a problem with the pregnancy. Sex will not cause a problem, unless a complication already exists. "Too much exercise can cause miscarriage." Many women avoid exercise during pregnancy out of fear the baby may be harmed. Exercise is actually very good for you and the baby. You should always ask your doctor about your particular routine and follow some safety rules, such as staying hydrated and not overdoing it. Again, if there are complications, you may be told to take it easy. But unless the pregnancy is already threatened, there is no harm in exercise. "My negative thoughts caused the miscarriage." This is a very common misconception among women who have lost a baby. If the pregnancy was unplanned or you didn't feel ready for a baby, you may blame yourself if something goes wrong. Not being happy about finding out you were pregnant will not cause a miscarriage. Guilt feelings later are not productive and only cause needless suffering. " Stress will cause a miscarriage." Stress doesn't cause miscarriages. Women often deal with stress during pregnancy. Even major stress, such as a death in the family or unemployment will not cause a miscarriage. Major trauma may contribute to preterm labor later in the pregnancy, but will not cause an early miscarriage. Typical stress or even major stress will not cause you to lose the baby. "I didn't get enough nutrition." Poor nutrition in early pregnancy will not cause a miscarriage. Before you know you are pregnant, the baby has very little nutritional needs. If your diet isn't the best, it will not cause a miscarriage. The baby takes what it needs from your body. Your nutrition will suffer, not the baby's. "I picked up my toddler too much." Lifting your children won't cause a miscarriage. Use care when lifting your other little ones to save your own back, not out of fear of harming the baby. Squat and use your leg muscles to lift. Even improper lifting won't hurt the baby.

How can one cause a miscarriage?

your baby and you when you are pregnant is connected through a chord which anything that you decide to have or take could and is most likely to have an effect on your baby. one can cause a miscarriage by having an accident for example falling down the stairs or falling over as this could potentially damage or in a worse case cause death to your baby. eating under cooked foods such as meat or cheeses as this could have bacteria within this and can cause your baby to have an infection and as they have not got a fully developed immune system this could cause you a miscarriage. taking alcohol could also put you at risk of having a miscarriage even if this is not the case it could still cause your baby to have developmental issues, low birth weight or even a premature birth. taking of drugs could cause the same sort of effects as alcohol such as low birth weight and a premature birth and can also cause a miscarriage. I think smoking can also but I am not to sure... I would love to tell you I know more but i simply don't but I hope this helps :D

What medicines can cause miscarriage?

Answer . They are too numerous to mention. NEVER take a medication without first consulting your doctor. If your doctor has prescribed a medication and you are having problems with it and can't reach your doctor then please phone a pharmacist.

Can Vicodin cause Miscarriage?

If you feel you need something as strong as Vicodin you have to tell your doctor. The information I got is that sometimes the benefits are greater then the risks but always in agreement with your doctor. Nowhere do I find that it causes miscarriage but strong painkillers always affect the fetus so there might be damages and addiction. Everything you eat so does the fetus. See more in link below.

Can ginger tea cause miscarriage?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, Ginger root, which is used in the tea, is p ossibly safe and helps relieve nausea and vomiting. More to read here:

Can douching cause miscarriages?

No. But douching should never be done whether you are pregnant or not. You make it easier to get infections by disrupting the natural bacteria flora in the vagina. And then you might have a miscarriage. Douching is not needed. The vagina is self cleaning.

What can you do to purposely cause a miscarriage?

Answer . It is very dangerous to try anything to induce a miscarriage, and could even endanger your life. Get help from someone. If you are a minor, talk to your parents or another adult that you trust. If you want to talk to someone that is trained to help you follow this link: .

Can the norovirus cause a miscarriage?

No it doesn't cause a miscarriage. But it does make you hypertensive I believe the long phrase is. You will need to be put on drip in a and e to keep fluid wise down. I'm a nurse and at risk of getting norovirus and I know for a fact it doesn't cause a miscarriage. Miscarriages occure when the fetus has chromosone abnormalities really early on in pregnancy.

Can heavy exercise cause miscarriage?

Depends on what you mean by heavy. Exercise is very good when you are pregnant and as along as you feel good there should be no problem. To terminate a healthy pregnancy is not easy, the fetus is very protected.

Can Mirena cause miscarriage?

yes...happened to me...inform yourself and do not have it pulled justn because doc says so... While I'm sorry for the loss of the person who answered earlier, it's important to understand the significant risks to the life and health of a woman who chooses to continue a pregnancy with the IUD in place. Informing yourself is key, as she wrote.

Is there a type of tea that can cause a miscarriage?

I only know of one tea known to cause miscarriage, it's called pennyworth. Its a tea that is used to relax but is also known to bring on the menstrual cycle. I would also avoid large amounts of lavender tea since it's known to cause contractions. Most are fine, just watch the amount because they do contain caffeine.

Miscarriage can cause infertility?

Only very occasionally, if there is a long infection which blocks the fallopian tubes. This is very rare, and would be so painful that you would know about it. The vast majority of women who miscarry go on to have a successful pregnancy the next time. Even after two or three miscarriages, the chances of a healthy pregnancy are still very high. i had a miscarridge at around 4 weeks, i didnt go back to be scanned as i knew what had happened, could this cause me to be infertile

Can skiing cause a miscarriage?

If you fall really bad I guess you could have a miscarriage and the doctors tell you to avoid all sports where you can fall on your belly when pregnant but in the beginning of the pregnancy there should be no danger and especially if you don't go down the slopes. Exercise is good for you.

Can depression cause a miscarriage?

No, it is commonly said, but it isn't true that emotional disturbances, depression, frights or stress can cause miscarriages. They are not a factor.

Why do women miscarriage?

In the first trimester when most women miscarry it s because the fetus is not correct developed to make it further.

What pills cause miscarriage?

The pills used in a induced miscarriage, aka abortion, are Mifepristone (also known as RU-486) and Misoprostol. They can only be used up to the 9th week.

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Why is it risky to attempt to cause your own miscarriage?

Miscarriages occur naturally (in about 30% of all conceptions) if there is something wrong with the foetus or embryo (for some reason it cannot continue to live) or the woman (for some reason her body cannot support the foetus). . Because the body will naturally try to support the foetus if at all possible, to instigate a miscarriage when there is no naturally occurring fault with either the woman or the foetus, requires a threat to physical health of the foetus. This could be a toxin or bacteria that will affect the foetus more than the woman, but it will have some effect on the woman, as both are human organisms and have closely linked blood supplies. . Some types of toxin or bacteria will affect a growing organism more, (this is the same basic principle used in cancer chemotherapy), but are still not healthy for a fully grown person, and have associated risks of severe bleeding, permanent damage, illness, or death.. Physical methods of attempting to cause a miscarriage, where there is an attempt to injure the foetus, are likely to cause an injury to the woman, because her body is surrounding and protecting the foetus. One common effect is severe bleeding which can be fatal. . Medical abortions are carefully set up to minimise the risk to the woman and are therefore the only truly safe option for the woman.

If a women has miscarriage can she still be pregnant?

Having a miscarriage means that you lost a fetus. Since a women can have a miscarriage and become pregnant again, which many have done the literal answer would be yes. I don't know if the term miscarriage is medically correct if you lost one fetus in a multiple birth pregnancy, but that would also be another way you could still be pregnant

What can cause miscarriage at 14 weeks?

Technically, a second-trimester miscarriage is a loss that happens between 12 and 20 weeks. A pregnancy loss after 20 weeks would be classified as a stillbirth or a neonatal death. A number of factors can lead to second-trimester miscarriage. Some miscarriages diagnosed in early in the second trimester might have actually occurred in the first trimester but were not detected immediately (these would be called missed miscarriages). Losses that occur after 12 weeks can be due to chromosomal abnormalities, which are a major culprit in almost all forms of pregnancy loss. But second-trimester miscarriages have a much greater likelihood than first-trimester miscarriages to be caused by other factors. Some of these are: . Cervical insufficiency or very early preterm labor . Infections . Abdominal trauma . Congenital birth defects, such as heart malformations in the baby . Thrombophilia disorders . Problems with the placenta (such as placental abruption) . Unknown causes Women who have had second-trimester pregnancy losses should consult with a doctor early in their next pregnancies in case extra monitoring is needed.

Can Ibuprofen 600mg cause a miscarriage?

It increases the risk but there is no sure way it will. When pregnant they suggest Tylenol if you are in pain. If you need it often you need to speak to your doctor.

What medication causes miscarriages?

So many drugs are blamed as abortion causing agents. But they do not cause abortion without seriously doing harm to the mother. Only abortion pills which contain mifepristone and misoprostol are used to cause abortion in early pregnancy.

Does Ibuprofen cause miscarriages?

During pregnancy , the best students to not use . Ibuprofen is a strong anti-fever medicine . Have a significant impact on the fetus ..

Does the drug lisinopril cause miscarriages?

Lisinopril may pose a risk to the fetus in all three trimesters. Complications seen in fetuses or newborns exposed to Lisinopril during pregnancy incl kidney failure, developmental problems, and loss of life. If you're taking Lisinopril and pregnancy occurs, your healthcare provider will weigh the benefits and risks before making a recommendation.

Can alaxan can cause miscarriage?

No pain killers generally don't cause miscarriages but they can cause fetal damage. If you look for an abortion this is not the way.

Can an STD cause a miscarriage?

You can miss-carry from a STD, depending on which one it is. More than likely no; but it is possible. Yes STDs can cause miscarriage. Yes as an epidemiologist it is my job to watch STIs. I know that many of the STIs out there if they don't get cured can cause serious damage to a unborn infant but you can get treated to have the child resist the effects of the STI so they can be born normally or to avoid it they can do a Ceserian Section if necessary

Can Advil cause a miscarriage?

No but it can cause damage to the fetus so stick to Tylenol when pregnant. And always ask your doctor when adding new meds.

Does medicol cause of miscarriage?

Medicol is like Ibuprofen and no it does not unless you take a dangerous amount and risk dying yourself. It can cause damage to the fetus though and always when pregnant you have to tell your doctor what medicines you take.

Can anesthesia cause a miscarriage?

I had a tuble reversal in jun fell preg in July and misscarred at four weeks could this be cause of the surgery and residual gasses left over

Can antibotic cause miscarriage?

No but they have not tested it on pregnant women. That is why you have to ask a doctor before using it since the reason you need it can be more damaging than the pregnancy.

Can amoxicillin cause a miscarriage?

Actually, it is VERY UNLIKELY that it would cause a miscarriage. ------ There is always a risk with antibiotics and pregnancies but the doctor will prescribe it if the alternative (you not taking it and the illness progress) is worse. So yes it can.

Can herpes cause a miscarriage?

Lots of things can cause miscarriages. If herpes is contracted just before getting pregnant then it can cause miscarriages. The most common thing being a defect with the baby, or there could be a genetic reason for it too. If you have been having miscarriages, then you may want to see a fertility clinic and have some testing done.

Can drinking Drano cause a miscarriage?

It can KILL you, not abort! if you are looking to terminate the pregnancy oyu have to see a doctor and have an abortion. There is no other safe way to do so. If you have questions or need financial help or w/e the reason is you even think about trying something as dangerous as Drano call the National Abortion Federation hotline operators at 1-800-772-9100 or your local Planned Parenthood.

Is there any women that have had a miscarriage from methadone?

Yes, there have been woman who miscarried while on Methadone. But also woman who have no history of drug use, have miscarried as well. Methadone is an option for drug-addicted mother's who seek treatment too help with the withdrawl's (mainly so the fetus isn't put under any distress), and to help control their craving's too use the drug/drugs as well. Methadone is a treatment plan set up by a doctor to help the pregnant user keep the baby as healthy as possible. Methadone doesn't cause miscarriages, if anything, it prevents them from happening. But remember, this is just 1 option out there. It may or may not be for you. If you are addicted to drugs and pregnant, seek HELP as soon as able. The sooner, the better for you and your unborn child. I am currently on Methadone. I also have a methadone child who is almost 6 yrs old. ~THE 1st TIME I SAW MY DAUGHTER AFTER BEING BORN, was an experience that still haunts me too this DAY! Seeing her with drawl broke my heart. I wish I could take her pain because I know how she felt and she didn't deserve it at all! But, I had to be strong and I fed her through the tears. No one else was aloud, because she was mine & I was hers and she knew me. She was always fine in my arms. REMEMBER, ONLY YOU CAN AVOID YOUR FUTURE BABY'S PAIN BY TAKING IT UPON YOURSELF FIRST. ~ Oh my girl is fine now, actually she's amazing! She's beautiful, genius, and overall a sweet, good hearted young girl. ~ But if I could go back, I would have not went on Methadone after seeing what it did too my girl, when she 1st came into this world. No baby deserves that kinda pain, And too u the reader, u must know what I mean & how the with drawl feels...... are you ready too live with that for the rest of your life?

Can traveling with own car during pregnancy can cause miscarriage?

No, when pregnant you can live a perfectly normal life. Just avoid certain foods like raw meat, fish and eggs, alcohol and caffeine and too much sugar. Sex is safe unless a doctor say otherwise and exercise is something that is always good for you, especially swimming. Avoid really heavy lifting.