How do you deal with ex-husband and step mother whom have custody who continue to emotionally abuse your child and make you as the mom look bad to the point that your child hates you?

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you can file for custody with the court citing parental alienation, alienation of affection, and/or a significant change in home life circumstances.
You can also place the child into therapy during your visitation times or send a letter (return receipt) to their school requesting they undergo an "IEP/504 plan evaluation" for psychological reasons. (IEP stands for individualized education plan) they will have a meeting which they must invite the requesting parent and you can discuss what is going on directly with the school. You can also ask the school to have the meeting first with your husband and interested parties and secondly with you so that you and interested parties so that you may defend yourself.

You can call Child Protective Services and report anonymously that they are emotionally abusing the children (parental alienation IS abuse!) CPS cannot BY LAW report to the parent with custody who has turned them in.

No matter what you do you need to document, document, document! I always advise my clients to get one of those black/white composition notebooks (with the pages sewn in) and document every phone call, comment, visitation interference, etc in it date and time and to use that notebook ONLY for documentation. The reason I advise this kind of notebook is that you can tell if any pages have been removed. If they call from a different number put that number in the book. Whether you go to CPS, an IEP meeting, or a custody trial your documentation is what will save you and help you to prove your case.

If possible you can record conversations with your ex and/or your children HOWEVER please look at your states laws before you turn them over to the court system. In some states it only requires that one party have knowledge of the recording for it to be legal (that one person would be you). Some states say that as long as "a parent" (not which one) is aware of the recording you can submit it to court. Any messages left on a voice mail or answering machine are completely admissable in court. It was ruled that while leaving a message on an electronic device (including email) you have no reasonable expectation to privacy as anyone may intercept that phone message or email.

Try and do as much written documentation as possible, ie email, text, or leave messages (you are recording) for the other parent instead of calling so that their response is documented in writing. If you have left a message or question you know is going to set them off consider sending them to voicemail instead of answering so that the message is admissable in court. Some cell phones have a download option whereas you can send any/all/specific texts directly to your email account and then print them out.

It is also VERY important that you remember to NEVER bash the other parent. As hard as this may be hold your tongue. I promise you that as your children grow they will learn for themselves that they were being poisioned against you; it may be years but it is critical that they learn/realize for themselves that you aren't who they say you are or they will end up resenting you. You should also keep copies of the documentation you are making so that when they are adults, IF they ask (and only if they ask or accuse you of not trying) you can pull it out and show them that they are wrong.
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Can a child still get emancipated from her birth mother and step father if her father is fighting for custody?

Answer . \nNo, if there is a custody dispute being heard by the court, that needs to be settled before any early emancipation petition would be accepted (if at all). There is a great misconception as to a minor receiving an early emancipation decree. It is not simply a matter of signing a paper a (MORE)

Is it common for a verbally emotionally abusive parent to continue to abuse after the child becomes an adult?

yes it is they dont know how to break the cycle. Answer . That's very true. At times, they may not even recognize their actions for what they really are. Other times, the parents may continually need that power over the child - they need the assumed importance or replacement for something they f (MORE)

What are the next steps a mother should take if she found out that the school counselor called CPS on her ex-husband for child abuse?

She COULD contact the local prosecutor, but CPS will take care of that. Coordinate your efforts with CPS. They'll have good information for you. New Answer People who deal with children (teachers, counselors, nurses, cops, doctors, daycare, MANY others) are MANDATORY REPORTERS who by law MUST re (MORE)

Does a teenage mother have custody of her child?

Yes. The child is your baby. As long as your a fit mother the child cannot be taken away from you. If you are a minor, your parents still have custody of you, but you have custody of your child.

Could the father obtain full custody of his child if the mother is exposing the child to drug and alcohol abuse?

Answer . \nLogic would dictate that the answer would be, absolutely.\n. \nUnfortunately, the reality is, maybe.\n. \nIn circumstances such as described the judge will often deny full permanent custodial rights and allow an unfit parent the opportunity to take parenting classes and a rehabilita (MORE)

What will make a child hate his mother?

Some mothers may hurt there children by mean comments and punishing there children unfairly. They may not let the child have something special to them or let siblings hurt them. Mental and/or physical child abuse is almost always the cause. I cannot think of any other reason than this.

Does the mother have legal custody of the child?

In general, yes, if they are not married. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody and control in most states until the father can establish his paternity. Since the father didn't give birth and he was not legally married at the time of the birth he must establish his p (MORE)

What can be done if dad has custody and stepmom is emotionally and physically abusing your child?

You can call Children`s services and file an abuse report. Keep in mind that both parents will be contacted about the alleged abuse. Pictures may be taken and the child may be questioned. You will need to give them your name with your report. This should not be done lightly. A child`s welfare should (MORE)

How do you deal with emotionally abusive husband?

The short answer is that you don't--you leave because his treatment of you is so contrary to the relationship you deserve. You find people who will advise and support you as you make an exit plan to leave. It can take you a couple of years to come to terms with leaving the house and the lifestyle, b (MORE)

If grandparents have custody and they are abusing the child what should the child do?

The child can get some help and good advice by calling the CHILDHELP National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD . Another way to get help is to try to explain what has been going on to an unrelated adult who they trust such as a teacher, doctor, neighbor or a friend's parent. If there is (MORE)

How does a non abusive parent deal with an abused child once they are rewarded full custody?

depends on the age of the child....if they are old enough to talk and listen then let them talk to you and let them know you are always there for them....ask them if theres anything they need to get off their chest, or whatever....just take it day by day. You must seek professional help. Child ab (MORE)

Why is child abuse bad?

Child abuse is bad because the parents or guardians are physically, emotionally, sexually abusing the child/children. No child should be suffering any abuse in any way! No child deserves it, no matter what the reason or excuse it. IT'S WRONG! Any person that carries out any abuse should be locked aw (MORE)

What is so bad about child abuse?

The fact the child may grow up thinking it is ok to hit,call people names or lock them in a room.A lot of kids and teens have died from child abuse.And a lot of kids are now hadicapped who was not before because they may of had to many blows to the head.It is iilegal to abuse a child you have to kno (MORE)

Does dad get custody of child if moms in jail?

Well when my mom went to jail my dad and mom had joint custody but when my mom went away my dad got full because he asked for it but if your dad doesnt say anything then nothing will probably change... Carolyn

Consequence to the mother if abuse a child?

There are some serious Legal issues here worthy of the sagacity of a Solomon. First of all, much child abuse is perpetrated by WOMEN. Often Mothers and Foster Moms. It is one of the few violent crimes that women dominate the charts ( this was confirmed in a chat with a former Prison security guard w (MORE)

Is it the mother or the father abusing the child?

You have not given enough information about your situation foranyone to be able to even provide their opinion. Abusiverelationships are not identical, and the abuse can be done by themother, the father, or both, or brothers, sisters, other relatives,even unrelated individuals in the household. Do no (MORE)

Your mother has custody of your child how do you get him back?

You need to petition the court with jurisdiction and convince the judge that the child would be better off with you. Since you lost custody in the past you will need to provide proof the problems that caused you to lose custody have been addressed and you can provide a safe, stable home.

Child abuse is good or bad?

BAD, OBVIOUSLY. Child abuse is a serious matter. Children have emotions, and their minds are still forming. If they are abused at such a young age, they could potentially start seeing the depravity as normal. Frequently, this leads to sociopathy and chronic mental illnesses.

How do you deal with an emotionally abusive mother?

I have an emotionally abusive mother and it's not healthy to be around her. You should try and move out, tell family and very close family friends how your mother is treating you. You can get emancipated from your mother. If you are over 18, you could try and convince your mother to get help, beca (MORE)

How can the father of a child get custody from an abusive mother?

Yes. The court can order it. Or child services can take the child from the abusive parent (by court order) and the other parent can file for custody. But it won't happen "out of the blue" without evidence. If there is gross abuse and it can be seen by any "casual observer" here, then social services (MORE)

Can a mom file for sole custody of a child when father is in jail for drug dealing?

Only if the sentence is for a long,long time,if he can not be rehabilitated or refuses treatment.Just because he is incarcerated he still has parental rights and Due Process Law protects his right to parent.Now, if this charge was a AGGRAVATED SITUATION like situation, then go for relinquishment of (MORE)

What is a bad child abuse slogan?

while not originally applied to child abuse, or even punishment, the slogan- You Only Hurt, the one you love- is horribly off-base.

How do you deal with child abuse?

If you know about a kid who is abused you need to tell somebody. Child abuse is a terrible thing and doing nothing about it will lead to more serious problems

How bad can these child abuses be?

They can escalate into tragic death, murder- suicide and all sorts of combinations thereof. Look at the Newburgh incident. It is utterly revolting. then the Uncle Floyd- who lured his victim with promises of a free live-in job with Amusements of America ( in his case it was Abusements of America) Ch (MORE)

Does a teens mom have custody of her and her child?

Not in california. The teens mother only has custody of the teen. not the teens child. the teen has every right over her child that a regular parent has, regardless of age. any age mother, 10 or 60 has rights over her kids as long as they are under eighteen. (ew that would be gross is u were 60)

Why people hate child abuse?

Lot of people do becuz that's just wrong you should not hit a child or abuse them i know some one who was abused and that person did not like it wood u like it if some one hit u every day non stop??- . -

How is abuse affecting the child emotionally?

A child that is abused usually blames themselves for the abuse, which can lead to them having extremley low self-esteem and loathing themselves. What may occur then is suicide, a tragedy we can stop if people would just learn more about the subject and be more active.

Why do mothers physically abuse child?

All factors considered. Easy Target, UNWANTED CHILD. Woman is frustrated and Mad so takes out her violent anger on an innocent target. odd weapons systems come into play- electrical appliance cords as makeshift whips, for example. The popular idea of forgiving, soft as a kitten maternal love does no (MORE)

How do you get child custody of a child suspect abuse?

Well, I was once put in this situation and any person who wanted to adopt me, or somewhere in the category of adopting me, had to go through the foster care. They had to become a foster parent in order to take me out of the state's custody and into their home. This law was in Louisiana, I'm not sure (MORE)

How do you sign custody of your child to your mother?

You will have to have your mother file a petition to be appointed the child's legal guardian with your consent. You will need the consent of the other parent or they can file an objection with the court and there will be a hearing. The judge will hear testimony and render a decision. You should inqu (MORE)

What happens to a child when they get emotionally abused?

When I was younger my sister used to hit me everyday I came home from school. She would call me stupid fat and ugly and I did absolutely nothing to make her want to do this. All I wanted was for her to like me. Its been years since she abused me and we're best friends now. But though the bruises are (MORE)

In California if a non-custodial mother remarries and becomes a stay-at-home mom to a new baby and step children will the courts still make her responsible for full child support?

If the non-custodial mother was responsible for full child support before remarrying, that responsibility will continue until the court says otherwise. The court will consider the financial condition of both the non-custodial mother and of the custodial father in deciding whether to continue to requ (MORE)

How do you deal with your mother who is emotionally abusive and very controlling?

If you are no longer a minor and dealing with an emotionally abusive and very controlling mother first try to find out if your mother could possibly be going through perimenopause or menopause (hormones run wild during this change of life) or, if your mother is 60 years or older perhaps she may be s (MORE)

How is the child affected emotionally after child abuse?

well one of my best friends was abused so i know a little from experience a little from other stuff . my friend to this day can not have anything around her neck including necklaces because it scares the crap out of her . she hates hugs because (subconsciously sorta) it makes her feel trapped . (MORE)

What is mother and child abuse?

I suppose attacking a pregnant woman would fit this category- if things get out of hand and she ( and the child) die- it"s Two counts of murder.

Do you have the right to get the child from the custody of her mother?

You have the right to file for a change of custody with the court. You will have to present convincing evidence that the child's mother is unfit to retain custody of the child. Frankly: It is a stiff burden of proof to overcome to convince the court to remove a child from its mother's custody.

Can father with full custody lose child to step daughter if mother dies?

Can he? Yes. Will he? No one can predict. The courts always try to make an objective decision regarding custody based on the best interests of the child if a petition for modifications to custody is heard before them. If the court finds that the child's interests would be better served with you, (MORE)

Do the mother automatically have custody of the child?

The law may vary from state to state and country to country. Generally, in the United States, both parents, if another parent is listed on the birth certificate or otherwise legally indicated as the father, are endowed with joint rights and custody until an agreement is hammered out in court. If no (MORE)

Can a stepfather get custody of a step-child?

It depends on the circumstances. For example, if the mother has died or been deemed unfit, and the child has had a parental relationship with the stepfather or if there are half siblings the child has grown up with, the court may appoint the step parent as the child's legal guardian. There are diffe (MORE)

What can the police do to a 14year old teenager who refuses to go and be returned to a aunt of whom has had control and custody of that child for some time and feels that the aunt is emotionally andh?

If the child refuses to go to her custodial home, the police can charge her as a runaway and can put her in juvenile detention. The child would usually be returned to the custodial parent or guardian after a few days in custody or after a court appearance. If the child accused the guardian of phy (MORE)