How do you know if you have a kidney infection?

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I think burning sensation after urination, some itchy sensation, foul-smelling or cloudy urine; these are some kidney infection indication, but these symptoms are also related to other diseases so contact your doctor. Paraphrased from Wikipedia.org1:

Pyelonephritis (also referred to as "urosepsis" interchangeably) results when a urinary tract infection travels through the ureters to the kidneys.

Symptoms include:
High spiking fever, backache, vomiting, dysuria (painful voiding), rigors (shaking or trembling, hematuria (blood in the urine) that may or may not be visible, and possible confusion (occurs more often in elderly). You also may have lower back pain on the flank area, including the area being tender to the touch upon examination.

As mentioned earlier, this is a serious medical condition and requires antibiotic treatment. If you are experiencing these symptoms, please visit your physician for proper treatment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most of the time when you have a kidney infection, you pee blood. But if you want to know more, read above.
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see your general doctor they should perscribe you an antibiotic and some sort of pain reliever. I also am taking baths in epsom salt, and laying down on a heating pad on high

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