How do you know your are in love?

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Love is not something you can really explain. I suppose that you feel happy when you are around the person and don't care what they do because no matter what they are perfect. Truly, when you are in love, you just know. When you are attracted to somebody
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How do you know if you are in love?

If you believe you are No-one can tell you when you're in love. Only you will know- you just feel it. That person is in your heart and on your mind always. You have no

How do you know that you are in love?

Answer . You will know that you are in love when you feel as if you are you and not the person that the man wants you to be when you are around him. Or if you go without hi

How can you know if she does not love you?

some things that may tell you she doesnt love you: . she doesnt call/text you a lot . when you ask her if she wants to go somewhere she never can or doesnt want to . she m

How do you know if she loves you?

Easy just ask her if she loves you and if she say's no ask her friends because there bound to know the real anser.If the friends say she does ask her to be your girlfriend!!

How do you know if you love her?

Answer: you just realise that u love her and u want to be with her all the time Answer You just know. If you love being with her, can't get your mind off her, and do not want

How do you know you love?

When you ARE in love..... you will know it and not have to ask this question.. But really it is different for everyone, you will sacrifice yourself for them without giving it

How do you know if she is in love?

first, you have to know the personality of that girl. for you to know if she's really inlove. or you could simply ask her. ;). -samishiyoru

How do you know if they love you?

Always go by what they do, not by what they say. If his actions say "I love you", then you can be sure that he loves you.

How do you know he does not love you?

If you are in a relationship with him and he doesnt love you anymore than he will forget dates with you, he wont call you, text or facebook you. He will constantly makes excus

How do I know if I love her?

Love can be very fickle but you know you love her when: All you can think about is her. When you wake up, when you eat, when you drink even when you sleep. You start to see