How do you make a flu shot not hurt?

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Tell the patient to relax the arm as much as possible. The needle should be inserted quickly with the bevel up. Avoid touching the tip of the needle to the inside of the cap before the injection to assure starting with the sharpest point possible. Then the vaccine should be injected slowly so the least muscle fibers as possible are damaged by the vaccine being inserted into the tissue.

A trick that some nurses use is to touch the patient (or have someone else touch them or gently pinch them) in another location just as the needle is inserted. The brain has trouble receiving the message of pain from the nerves from two places at the same time, so the sensation of pain can be reduced using this method.

Other distractions also can help, especially children. Swab alcohol on an opposite site of the body and then have the child blow on that spot. It will feel cold and help keep them from focusing on the injection. See link to tips below in the related links section for more tips.

There is also a new form of vaccine that is administered intradermally and is very good for the needle-averse patient. It does not hurt as much when this tiny (90% smaller) needle is used. See more in the related question below.
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