How do you no he loves you?

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You know when he loves u when he drop what he is doing to call u or text u when u blows off his friends bc hed rather hang
Out with u when he cant stand to be away from u when he just randomly calls u to
Say i love u baby or even when he jut texts u out of the blue or when u fight he makes shore hes the frist one to apoligze. I
Hope i helpedd honey!:)
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What if she does not love you?

she is probably into someone else or she just not ready for a relationship. there are some girls who say that to see what you would still go after her to see if your the one f

Why do i love?

Answer . It's a natural human function to love, fall in love, and be in love. Everyone loves somebody. I mean I don't know anyone that doesn't , do you?its easy to love you

How you get your love?

You know you love someone because when you look at him or her you feel shy and very weird. . I Hope this helped!

Can you get to your love?

yes your destiny takes you to your love u just have to follow it and dnt worry it will give you signs of it

Why does he not love you?

Usually guys stop liking girls because they are fat, annoying, stupid, and snotty. be nice to your lover. FEED HIM FRIES! hahahaha just kidding, but seriously you gotta be nic

How do you love her?

tO dO,, Be Nice tO Her,, Treat Her like shes the best persOn in the wOrld,, When yOu dO sOmethink wrOng, Say sOrry, lOOk intO her eyes,, kiss her,, make her feel happy,, buy h

Why are you in love?

Well when you is a male/female that is attractive or has a nice personality then your brain tells you that he/she I the one for you.

Love in what?

love is like a rossary that bloom 4 ever
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You in love with me?

well if you don't want to go to emotions on club penguin as well as giving someone your heart press h+e at the same time so a heart comes up

Can you get love?

If you find the right guy, be urself, don't overdo makeup (for girls), keep the conservation and going and you just gotta love the guy or girl