How long after alcohol poisoning can you drink?

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Right away! Alcoholics need to die. They are weak people and are a burden on our already troubled society
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What are the long term risks from drinking alcohol?

There are no long term risks from drinking alcohol in moderation. Indeed, doing so is associated with better health and greater longevity than is abstaining from alcohol. Howe

How long do symptoms of alcohol poisoning last?

Really depends on how quickly the liver and the rest of the body breaks down the alcohol. On a personal level I have has this once many moons ago and I was very ill for about

How long after a miscarriage can you drink alcohol?

As long as you're not taking any medication you can drink, but please be careful. The blood loss could have made you slightly anaemic and the alcohol will affect you quicker.

How long after drinking alcohol to get a tattoo?

The states that have such requirements (many -- Florida, for example -- do not) usually state that it cannot be done while a person is "under the influence." Tattoo law varies

Is Alcohol poisoning is caused by drinking quickly?

Alcohol is a neurotoxin, and at elevated levels it suppresses the central nervous system and causes vital functions to shut down. Alcohol poisoning is caused by drinking alcoh

Is it ok to drink alcohol with a poison ivy shot?

As with any medical treatment, you should ask your doctor how long you should wait before drinking alcohol. Common sense would tell you that at least 24 hours would be a minim

How long after surgery can you drink alcohol?

It is best to refrain from all alcoholic beverages at for at least30 days after a surgery or when pain medication is out of thesystem. Post surgery pain medication is usually

How many drinks may cause alcohol poisoning?

It depends on the strength of the drinks, the experience, size, weight and sex of the drinker, and how rapidly they are consumed. The LD50 for alcohol (the blood alcohol leve

How much alcohol can a 120 pound person drink before getting alcohol poisoning?

That would depend on how rapidly you drank it, your gender, and whether you are an experienced drinker with tolerance to alcohol (on the way to becoming an alcoholic, in other

How much alcohol do you need to drink to have alcohol poisoning?

I think it would vary on the individual and the amount of alcohol consumed versus food intake as well. Alot of factors are important. Is the person a social drinker, or drinks

How long do you have to stop drinking alcohol to get pregnant?

Unfortunately, it is easy to get pregnant while you are still drinking. That can lead to fetal damage that causes all sorts of problems after birth and throughout the child's