How long before a cheating spouse's emotional affair becomes a sexual affair?

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Depends on the situation. If the affair is happening where both parties are within physical proximity, not long at all. If there is distance (like far away places or within hundreds of miles) it may take longer, but, will become more of a "phone sex" scenario. If phone sex occurs, it is the same as physical sex because they are talking and fantasizing about (usually self stimulating as well) what they would be doing if they were together. So basically it is just used to close the distance, but the outcome is the same. Given time, as tension increases and phone sex becomes not enough anymore, both parties will figure out ways to make the physical contact happen regardless of distance.
When you are in an emotional affair, the next step is a ticking time bomb that is going to go off. It is never a question of if, but when, where and how.
Does it matter?An Affair is An Affair. Hard to accept but it is what it is, and you need to find a way to move forward with your life.  
There is obviously no one size fits all answer. I would like to comment on a lack of understanding of what an emotional affair is. An emotional affair is secretive. It is not a friendship shared with both husband and wife but a relationship where only one person in the marriage is involved. It consists of conversation and possibly other activities that would not take place in the presence of the spouse.  
I'm awake, I realize it's an affair. But my spouse claims that her year long affair never became physical. I have my doubts, she met him on more than one occasion and I don't understand how they just sat around a talked. Especially since they were talking daily at work and on the phone.  
Emotional, sexual, it's an affair! Your spouse is cheating! Wake Up!  
They are talking at work and on the phone? Boy oh boy, You've got to nip this in the bud. It's obvious by your message that they work together, and you know the co-worker. Do you realize that you are in a sense allowing this to happen. First off you should give her the alternative that it is you or the co-worker. If you have any chance of saving what you have with your spouse, she is going to have to look for another JOB. Most companies do not allow this type of activity to happen in the work place. Surprising she and he are still working at the same place. Your spouse is having an affair whether it be emotional or physical. Once the trust is gone, there is no marriage. Things will never be the same between the two of you, even if you reconcile. It will most likely take years for you to fully TRUST your spouse again. If you and your spouse want to save your marriage, it is suggested that the both of you seek some professional marriage counseling immediately.  
TALK WITH YOUR WIFE, and tell her how you feel. Tell her how you are having a hard time dealing with this. Ask her if she would be receptive to some canceling, because the BOTH of you need to do this together. Seek out a GOOD MARRIAGE CONCELLOR. Maybe you will find all your answers there.
Your hurting to much.
Good Luck!  
Not long if they have the opportunity to be sexual. If they let themselves be have an emotional affair, the sex is not much different, nor is it not far behind it.  
I don't think it is long either. If it is an emotional affair this can and will most of the time lead to a sexual affair.  
Fifty percent of emotional affairs turn sexual. Your spouse is getting something from the other person that he/she isn't getting from you.  
An emotional affair isn't always an affair. Two people of the opposite sex can be very close friends without it being any more than that. I go to movies with my male and female friends both, i don't think of either as a date and neither do they, only my spouse does! My partner believes that anyone i talk to that isn't built the same as me sexually is trouble and is wanting nothing more than to break up our ten year marriage. Give your spouse some room, ultimately this shows that you aren't trusting them and that is one of the big things in a relationship. If they are really in cheating mode you can't stop them anyway now can you? Constantly badgering your spouse about who they talk to, where they were, what they did will destroy the marriage faster than anything else.  
What the heck is an emotional affair? I've had physical affairs...those are pretty simple. There's a line (whatever you and your spouse agree on), and once you cross it you're cheating. But speaking as someone who's always easily and naturally formed close friendship bonds with men, the concept of an emotional affair is hard to fathom. Is it cheating just because I go out with my male friends? What about if I hang out alone with my best friend? Where's the line?
Honestly, I think the whole concept is ridiculous. Your spouse or partner is not only allowed but *entitled* to social interaction with people other than you and the kids. You cannot and will never satisfy all of his or her needs for social and intellectual companionship. And if she's not attracted to her friends, their gender is totally irrelevant. There is no reason you should be okay with a close same-sex friendship (which nearly everyone is) but call it cheating if the friend is of the opposite sex.  
Usually pretty soon. Think about it, If the two of them are attach to each other on the emotional level, then why not jump into the next level (become physical) while the chance is given.  Friend or Lover? I do agree with the one poster that it's possible to have a male friend because I have several (my husband has female friends) we have them for dinner, or one of us may have a drink or coffee with our friend.
To explain what an "emotional affair" is .... it's two people of the opposite sex who continually titillate each other by constantly flirting. Some people feel flirting is OK, but sooner or later one or the other is going to begin to take it the wrong way, or perhaps it's simply playing with fire. It happens! I have five words "One doth protest too much!" When this happens one or both people start to tell others "we're just friends" every chance they get and it gets rather tiring. People of the opposite sex that are really friends don't have to keep reminding everyone they are just friends.
Right now I have a girlfriend that is going through this. She has her marriage problems, but nothing communication wouldn't resolve. She has since met a married man whose wife lives in the States and isn't here in Canada. They started by bike riding together and going for coffee. That's fine and no one cared one way or the other. Suddenly she was protesting a little too much and seeing this fellow too much. Going over to his apartment or having him to her place on occasion when her husband was out of town. Sometimes her so-called male friend would come over while her husband was there. Still no one has said a word and it's no one's business, but now the two of them are protesting yet once again. This is usually an indication of guilt whether it's the thought pattern of an possible affair. It happens a lot! My friend has lost weight, is argumentative with friends, moody and a plain pain in the butt. It's that old guilt hitting her!
If you have nothing to hide then there is no reason the friend who is of the opposite sex can't come over for dinner and sit with you and your husband and enjoy the evening. Meeting in out of the way places creates suspicion by not only the spouse, but friends. Going to a movie or an occasional drink or a cup of coffee is fine, but when you're spending more time with your so-called friend then your mate there IS something wrong and it's called AN EMOTIONAL AFFAIR!  
Usually after an emotional affair begins, the affair may last up to several weeks or months before sexual contact begins. The emotional part of it almost seems like the first time a husband and wife met. In other words, if it is done in the fashion a marriage begins, then the people committing the affair will "Get to know" each other, spend time with each other, and then eventually fall in love. The conclusion of this is usually some sort of sexual contact. It may begin with kissing, and then gradually lead up to more intimate contact. Emotional affairs are extremely dangerous! This is why if one believes their spouse may be "Drifting away" please seek professional help immediately! this is usually what destroys a marriage!  
Recent statistics state that emotional affairs are more difficult for the "cheatiavang" spouse to leave, even if not physical contact has yet taken place, than the "classical" sexual affair.  
I am dating a women that is married to a verbally abusive and controlling man I can tell you that we began an emotional affair and we fell in love soon after it became physical.

I'm amazed with all of the answer here, even it's different the meaning are all the same. Emotional affair is the most dangerous affair a person can have and it does ruin the bond of marriage. When I caught my husband, first thing he told me was "were just friends." Friends who talk on the phone every single day until early morning for over two months.Just friends who never cared if he only sleep 2-3 hours every night. And they are only friends who spent time with her at her home, visiting her at work during night time, going out on a date, and if my husband can't be with her, his Friend will drive more than 100 miles so she can see him while he was working at night.
It took my husband at least 2 weeks before the emotional affair turned to more than a friend. When I got all the evidence, that's when I found out how quick my husband become addicted to this woman. He admit that they are not doing anything wrong because they haven't slept together only making out at the beach, her home, and inside the car. That is why we have separated life.
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How would you describe an emotional affair?

Needy! People that have affairs either usually have one or more of thefollowing problems (there are many others): They feel lonely in their present relationship. The person you are married to or going with does not fill the needsyou must have to feel whole. If the person you are with is a good person, and you are too lazyor egotistical to bother to work on that relationship. Is it reallyeasier to have an affair? No! You are in an abusive relationship and afraid to leave, so you seeklove and attention from another. You are bored in your present relationship and seek praise fromanother. You can be egotistical and full of yourself, thus, need "stroking"constantly from others to keep your ego pumped. Both parties in the affair are needy. Many people who feel alonefrom depression, not a high feeling of worth in themselves, orsimply looking for a good old time, usually choose another mate ofthe same caliber to fulfill their needs. Since this is a very complicated situation and each individual hastheir reasons, there is no real answer. It's best, if you can, to be honest with the partner you are withand take "time out" from the relationship and see others of theopposite sex. This is much fairer (considerate of the partner youare with) than sneaking around and ending up hurting more than justoneself. The main reason people have affairs is because they are eitherself-centered or just plain selfish because they fear if they telltheir boyfriend or husband, they may lose them. Somethings got togive and it will be the cheaters that pay the high price. I was married for 8 1/2 years when I met a temp at work that had asimple question. I was the first friend that she made there. almosttwo years later I am deeply in love with her and my marriage is atotal mess. I know that she is the sole cause of the problems but Ichoose to interact with her daily. We don't have sex or kiss oranything like that. My wife knows who she is and we have all wentplaces together, weird as it was for all three. More than friends,less than lovers. We would both like it to escalate to more but areunwilling to because we know it is wrong. She offers all the traitsthat my wife doesn't. All relationships need WORK. Sexual & emotional closeness arebasic. If somebody is being intimate in a emotional way with afriend...I.E. Talking openly about his views on birth control. Howhe makes funny noises during sex. Maybe the relationship hasreached the 'delusional' stage. Thinking all is well even thoughthe couple has not talked about emotional needs or wants (shouldoccur on a weekly basis). He/she may find it easier in thinkingthat ignoring feelings or asking friends on topic instead ofpartner will be benefiting by avoiding arguing. That toughquestions need to be answered honestly. If ya got to hide somethingfrom your mate chances are it ain't helping the long term goals forthe relationship. Needing an emotional friend/partner outside therelationship is unbalanced. Person may have abandonment issues fromchildhood. ANSWER: A words that breaks marriages and family. You want to know whatemotional affair? It generally starts innocently enough as afriendship. When a man or a woman invest in emotional energy andtime with one another outside the marriage relationship, thefriendship can begin to form a strong emotional bond which hurtsthe intimacy of the marriage relationship. For those who believes that emotional affair is harmless, becausethere's no sexual relationship, are very wrong. Emotional affairare often gateway affairs leading to full blown sexual infidelity.A person feels closer to the other person and may experienceincreasing sexual tension. It also received emotional support andcompanionship from new relationship.

Is it possible for a man to go back to being 'just friends' with a woman after a long-term emotional and sexual affair?

Although many people feel they can be friends I don't believe you can. There was simply too much water under the bridge. I would just look forward to your future and not even go there. Good luck Marcy passion still exists sexual chemistry still exists this is a recipe for disaster of one more night of unbridled goodbye sex.(impossible. NO NO NO No it is best to just let this one go. It will just prolong the hurt.

Do emotional affairs last?

Answer All relationships are emotional (whether having an affair or not) or we wouldn't get physical. Affairs with a married man or a married woman seldom work out and think of this why have an affair if the man/woman is so unhappy in their marriage, why not simply start divorce proceedings! ANSWER Emotional affair will last between a married man and the other woman until it become sexual. Emotional feelings is the start of relationship of a married man with the other woman, and it will stay because this is the bridge of their relationship. From my past experience, this was the start of the relationship from the man I married to the woman he met on a dating site. Yes he was on a dating site like her and yes both of them are still married to 2 different people. But this are, emotional affair is the most dangerous feelings a person can share with another person, that is why my life now is a bit different. Emotional affairs can and will ruin the marriage of a couple. It did mind, and one thing I found out was I never knew that this man I married has ability to be emotional with someone, but not to me.

How do you end an emotional love affair that has never become sexual without hurting the people involved?

Unfortunately, there is no way out of this without hurting the person you are involved with. The key is ... it's about you and the other person in your life and no one else should even enter into it. One thing us humans should always learn is we can't live a lie. As much as we are chameleons in life, we can only be this way so long and if we aren't true to ourselves our lives will simply become chaotic and full of heartbreak not to mention causing hurt in those people around us that we love. We can be talked into love, we can be lonely and not paying attention to whether we love a person or not and actually talk ourselves into feeling we love that person. Most humans want to be nurtured and cared for and sometimes love can get a little mixed up in all of this. We can love a person with a passion, but, for some reason that feeling may wane. Life is complicated and humans drift in and out of love through their lifetime. Everyone is different, so a person that has met and married someone and known them for over 40 years or more can't sit in judgment of a person that has known someone 1 year to 10 years and simply falls out of love. Honestly is always the best policy. People are hurt every day in the romance department and yes it hurts, but most individuals get over it and move on and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A person could cause more hurt by giving up their own life for the sake of not hurting someone in their relationship. Although your decision will cause pain to a degree be rest assured this person will get over it and move on. Good luckMarcy

Is an emotional affair considered cheating?

Not if you have gone to far with that person, then i believe that it's not considered to be cheating. (Firebrands) Answer Yes! Because it's entertaining the idea and flirting with the idea of cheating! You play with fire you get burned! ANSWER; Is it, gosh yes. Do you know the damage of emotional affair can do in your marriage, big time disaster. It doesn't matter if your husband said they haven't slept together yet, his emotional affair with this woman will be the start of their relationship. Pretty soon he will be talking to her about how bad you are in bed, even your not. He will tell her those little secret you told your husband. And with his action, this other woman will feel bad and sad towards your husband, and phase 2 will start naturally. Everything I said here is true because it happened to me. My husband was dying to meet women that can be his close friends. He met one special one from the dating site and they become very close as soon as they met face to face. From there, the calling started and never stop for 2 months. When they see each others, they go on a date. During her days off he made sure that he can be with her till he comes home to us. They went to church together like man and wife. No secret between each others. And because of this the man I married fell in love with her, and that's when they start sleeping together. It was emotional and physical affairs that happened to both of them. I said this because since they met, my husband can't never start his day without talking to her first. He will not go to bed without talking to her first. And this are what broke my marriage to this man.

How do you survive an emotional affair?

You don't, no one can. Emotional affair is the hardest and very painful that any of us can experience. The feel of betrayal, trust will be the main key of this annoying words, "emotional." You never thought that your spouse can be so intimate with the other man or woman. You will feel lost, uncertain of why your spouse can be so honest, emotionally connected with her or him. The only way that I know that help me survive my husband's emotional affair with his woman, is to let him go, and maybe times will help me to ease the pain he gave me. A different Answer: You can survive an emotional affair as others of us have survived: one day at a time. Sometimes you might get through one hour at a time, or one cup of coffee at a time. Although it may not seem possible, it is absolutely true that the pain will grow less over time, although it may not entirely go away. But healing is possible. In the meantime, two important tips: 1. let yourself weep and grieve. You can even set aside a specific time to cry, and a specific time to stop crying. 2. Stay away from alcohol and drugs. They do not help, but will make things worse. And please remember: others have been down this road before you. It does get better from here.

What are the signs of a gay emotional affair?

Answer . I dont think there is much difference as with a heterosexual affair. You feel something is amiss. Your partner becomes distant, your relationship changes, they dont pay as much attention to you as in the past, they are staying at work later, going to places they never went before, you arent included in things that they do as much, they may change their appearance, they get testy when questioned, if you have that nagging feeling that crawls up your back when they leave or come home, it could be happening. You just have to stop torturing yourself and ask your partner what the deal is. Tell them about your feelings, not suspicions, and see how they react.

Why are you sexually aroused by your wife's affair?

Answer Go ask your wife and her lover if they are ok with a threesome. ANSWER: Could it be that you know how your wife is in bed when the two of you is having intimacy, and now she is doing it with another man, and to you, that will be a turn on. Don't understand how but when it happens to me, it was hard to have intimacy with the man I married..

Is a strictly emotional relationship no sex still cheating as I can't stop thinking about a man I had an affair with 8 years ago before I was married he is I want to contact him to see how he is?

Answer . Obviously you are missing something in your marriage that you seem to still long for from this previous fling. Yes this is still a form of cheating and if you want to stay with your husband the best thing to do is let it go and do not contact this person - it was a very long time ago. If your not happy in your marriage then get out there is no since staying somewhere you are not happy. You cannot have your cake and eat it too so to speak.

What is an emotional affair?

An emotional affair is the same as what most people think of when they think of an affair except less the intimate parts. An emotional affair is an affair that allows its participants think that they are not doing anything wrong because of no intimacy. Anytime you are spending private moments with someone of the opposite sex at private times you are having an emotional affair. If you are close in anyway to someone of the opposite sex and you can't reveal everything that is said, you might be in an emotional affair. If you're emails are all that private you might be having an emotional affair. It's cheating plain and simple DON'T BE FOOLED! ANSWER: Emotional affair generally starts innocently enough as a friendship. Emotional affairs is type of cheating without having a sexual relationship. It's also a gateway affairs leading to a full blown sexual infidelity. This happened to me from the man I married. He met a woman on a dating site because he was hungry to find someone who will listen to him talk. Unfortunately this man is not a talkative person with me from the start of our relationship. and he proven me wrong. Only with me his having a problem communicating. So overall, our life will never be the same anymore.

How long does an emotional and physical affair continue after the wife discovers this?

That really depends on the outcome of it being discovered. If the marriage fails and they part it could either be the beginning of something for you as a couple or it could be the end of the affair being that the excitement of it being taboo for an affair isn't there anymore and he may lose interest. Or on the other hand it may be the end anyway because they may try to work it out somehow. You should really keep your distance at this time and give them their space after all they are married and your the other woman. ANSWER: His right, you need to leave this couple alone so they can work on their problem. I do not know about others when spouse affair is been discovered, but I can tell you my personal experience. Even it's been 3 years now, I can never forget the misery of what he put me through. Over all I do know that I didn't do anything wrong to our marriage, so when I discovered his love affairs with the married woman, he stopped seeing her but still called her on the phone for a few days, and that helped me realized that he will have a hard time letting her go. So I made a decision that month of my discovery that divorce is my only way out. No regret being divorce but this man I used to be married still trying to come back in my life.

How do you stop an emotional affair?

If it is you that is having an emotional affair then all youhave to do is stop contacting the person you are having theemotional affair with by keeping busy; not texting or answering thephone and moving forward in your life. If it's a boyfriend;husband; girlfriend or wife then you need to confront them and letthem know you are not putting up with their emotional affair andthe only way they can prove to you they are not continuing to do sois asking them to bar themselves from either the forum they may beon where they met the other person or, ceasing to accept textmessages, etc., from this person. If they continue to have theemotional affair then you need to walk away from this person andfind a new love in your life. Answer2: Sadly you cannot stop an emotional affair. All you can dois remind your mate of what marriage really should be and hopehe/she comes to their senses. Our Creator intended that marriageshould be the closest relationship between two humans. He said thathusband and wife must become one flesh. This one-flesh bondinvolves mere than sexual intimacy. It includes an emotional bond,which is strengthened by unselfishness, trust and mutual respect.Applying these principles will protect your marriage from damagecaused by mental and emotional unfaithfulness. Remind your mate that an improper relationship can lead to maritaldisaster, since emotional closeness paves the way for eventualsexual intimacy. Even if adultery does not result, the damagecaused by loss of trust can be extremely difficult to repair. (4/09Awake article Marital Fidelity What Does It Really Mean? Jehovah'sWitnesses official website)

Do Emotional affairs go from this to physical?

I am assuming you are talking about your marriage..or someone's. The answer depends on you or the other party. In a strained marriage...if nothing changes on the homefront to improve the relationship, yes, it usually does. I think you have to define in your mind the definition of "emotional affair". Is this just a good friend, or was it a good friend that now has become a flirtatious relationship? Or is it just an emotional support friend without flirtation? Flirtation is the first sign of a potential physical affair. I'm not talking about someone saying you look good today, or you always look good...these are probably innocent supportive statements from a friend who knows you/them are emotionally depressed. I'm talking about very direct statements like "Just once I'd like to see you without your bikini on" or something like that. My wife had an affair, a physical one, because she was emotionally disattached from me. I did nothing to improve the situation for a long time, so it went to a physical affair. If I had opened the path of communication it might have not happened. I hope I helped if your question was about emotional and physical affair as it pertains to marriage.

Can a cheater regain sexual desire for the person they cheated on after an affair?

ANSWER: It depends on the circumstances, but likely it will be difficult for the person that was betrayed. For the person who cheated it might be a bit easier, especially if this person is a man. Most married man who cheated is all about sex and sometimes emotional connection. From my own personal experience, when the man I married and myself went back on having sex I felt so cheap and bothered. All I can think about is how he is making love to this woman that he hardly knows but at the same time already loving her emotionally. What made it so bad was he was making love to me the way he was making love to the woman his was involved with. That moment I was humiliated and I got turn off like I was making love to a stranger who I didn't know. It was really hard.

Do all emotional affairs have to become sexual?

Not really. Emotional affairs are a situation where one person out of a romantic couple seeks emotional support from a person who is not their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend. For it to count as an emotional affair, the person supplying the emotional support would have to be someone who would be eligible as a companion had the person seeking emotional support not been romantically involved already. Sex does not really supply emotional support, so it does not fit into a specifically emotional affair.

Why do men have emotional affairs?

The need to be loved is a fundamental basic need in all human beings. It is such a powerful need that, as shown by vile Nazi experiments that hopefully will never be repeated, unloved babies didn't thrive and eventually died. Biologically, the human race is built to survive and reproduce. As part of that, people have powerful sex drives, and on a purely biological level a man has a drive to inseminate as many women as possible. (Women have similar drives, but the question was specifically about men). When something has what I call 'survival value' it is difficult to go against 'nature' and behave differently. As these drives are so strong, almost every society has rules, mores, customs, laws and practices that try to regulate them in order to limit the damage caused when their use is used in an antisocial way. In unmarried men or those not in a committed relationship, a certain amount of 'sowing wild oats' is accepted. Emotional affairs are closely related to physical affairs. All humans need to feel loved, feel admired, interesting, believed in, respected, understood and honoured. These feelings are usually satisfied in the early stages of a relationship, and both people love and feel loved. As time passes the couple tend to be busy coping with the daily demands of work, housework, childcare and other ordinary things. Very often evenings are busy with meal preparation, bathing kids, seeing to homework etc that the couple end up watching TV or doing something on a computer. They are physically in the same room but not communicating. Soon they may feel unappreciated and resentments start to creep in. It is at this time that the man may feel that his wife does not understand him. Then another woman may start listening to him, appreciating him and communicating that she finds him interesting and attractive, and an emotional affair may well start then. That may then lead to a physical affair as the drive to reproduce for the human race to survive kicks in. To prevent this, I believe that it is healthier for a relationship to discover the OFF button on the television and computer and to spend time every day listening to each other, talking to each other and being supportive of each other. This keeps the bond alive and the temptation to give in to very natural drives is reduced. Humans have the ability to allow their heads to rule their hearts, and the strength to resist temptation is based in a warm, satisfying and loving relationship. I apologise for the exclusively heterosexual tone of this answer, but I can't speak with much insight on alternative lifestyles, and I hope that no one is offended. Someone else with better understanding will hopefully add to this and improve it.

How long before affair ends?

as long as you want them to, in other words until you've had your fill !

How can I determine if this is an emotional affair?

I asked the same question to someone a while back. They gave me some really good advice. Imagine them walking down the hall hand in hand. Now imagine them caressing their face and kissing them with a lot of passion.... If you don't care, then it's probably not emotional, but if you got upset and didn't like what you saw then your hearts involved.

Can I stop an emotional affair?

Certainly by trying to not have any contact with the object of your emotional affair and realizing it is all in your head. . If this is you having an emotional affair, yes you can but it will be a bit harder for you. First thing is you need to stop thinking about this person. You can't call, email, or contact this person. Yes you will miss the person, because the two of you always talk about everything. If you can do this, you will be on the way. But if this is your spouse, you can help by doing the same thing. Make sure that you will be there for your spouse when he is needing someone to talk to. . Emotional affair is very hard to deal with when it happens to your spouse or you. Emotional affair are dangerous and powerful things. Let alone, they will become full blown romantic, and it will turn to sexual affairs. I can't really tell you all the right answer when it comes to being emotional with someone. But for you to stop the emotional affair, you need to work a little harder. Your question sounds like it was your husband, by him it will feel like addiction to drugs or alcohol. If your husband didn't know that you knew his emotional affair, you will have a handful on making decision. The only good thing you can do is let him solve his problem, so that way he will realize his already deep involve with the other woman. If one day you decided to talk to him and ask him about his emotional affair with this woman, don't be surprise if he tells you that, " they are only friends." He might also tell you that nothing is going on with the other woman, and this are the classic excuse most married man wil tell to their wife. Let's focus on you, your husband emotional affair will hit you like a brick wall and it will make your life on a roller coaster. From my own personal experience, the man that I married also had an emotional affair with the woman he met on dating site. I'm saying this now because I had seen the change of my husband because of this woman. From the time they met face to face, the relationship started to calling or talking on the phone 24/7 for 2 months. The man that I married usually a man that when it comes to sleeping, he will make sure that he can get at least 7-8 hours sleep before he goes to work each day. But because of this woman, 2-3 hours was enough for him as long as he can talk to her on the phone. He can't start his day without calling her first, and it doesn't matter if she's at work or driving her car. He can't never go to bed without talking to her first, not just 5 minutes conversation but I'm talking about 3-4 o'clock in the morning. Just like drugs he become addicted to this woman, he made sure that his schedule was planned so they can be together. If this is not emotional affair, I don't know what is. I hope that your husband didn't fell in love with the other woman, the man that I married did, so now our life is not the same anymore and will never be..

What are signs that you are having an emotional affair?

An " emotional affair " is an affair , which excludes physical intimacy but includes emotional intimacy . It may also be called an affair of the heart. Where one partner is in a committed monogamous relationship, an emotional affair is a type of chaste nonmonogamy without consummation . When the affair breaches an agreement in the monogamous relationship of one of the partners to the affair, the term infidelity may be more apt. source: wikipedia

How do you know when an emotional affair is over?

Answer If you are one in the emotional affair I guess you could know it's over if you no longer have the emotional feelings towards the other person or they no longer have them towards you. If you are not one of the parties in the emotional affair there is really no way to know for sure if it's over or not. Unlike sexual affairs, emotional affairs can be very strong and deep rooted, and can sometimes be real love. In this case the emotional affair may never be over. It just depends on the bond between the two people.

How dangerous is an emotional affair?

Affair are dangeous because once he/she get wants ,they gonna remember that anytime they want some they can come for you.The person your havinq a affair with has a BF/GF so why stay with them move on to the next one but make sure he/she is SINGLE.

Can husband love you after his long sexual affair does he love the OW he still says he loves you?

Many men differentiate between love and sex. Your husband may have never loved ANYONE but you. Nevertheless, I think some counseling would be in order , if for no other reason than to facilitate communication .

How do men have emotional affairs?

The same reason women have emotional affairs. ANSWER: How, quite easy. When married men meet a new woman they will become friends first, away from the wife. They will have this relationship that friends do shares. It doesn't matter what it is, his day at work, what he saw on tv, who he talk from work. This are some examples that married man talk to his new friend. With this connection, they will start calling each others, talk on the phone, and before the married man knows what's going on with him and his friend, the special feelings is already develop. Before the married man realize, his already talking about what if, could it be, stuff to his new best friend. When a married man have an emotional affair to another woman its just like taking drugs or being an alcoholic, that he can't do without. And that is what I called, " poor wife."

What is it to not have an affair?

I have been seeing another woman just for friendship, i dont call it an affair,, an affair is kissing, going to bed with her, having a relationship with her, but coffee, no, my wife and i have had some strong problems with our marriage, but i have also been getting help with this and stress wich has been pretty sever , my woman friend is just a friend. So once again, if you are not having sex with her,,,,,dont consider it another relationship. hope this helps

Is an emotional affair something to worry about?

To have an emotional affair is a serious problem that needs to be concern about. It's not like buying a furniture and if we don't like it, we can return it. Emotional affair is and can ruin marriages and family. Most married men will say they are not doing anything wrong, "only friendship" or they are not having an affair because there's no sex involve. The reality is man or woman who have this connection to another person other than their spouse are already having deep feelings to this person and it will not stop. So if this is where you are now, its time for you to really think whether your family in not important anymore to your heart. Good luck! ADDITION: From my own personal experience the man I married had emotional affair with the woman he met on a dating site. He never cared because all he wanted was to find a friends,( women's friend). The result of his emotional affair was having a second life without his family knowing. No matter how or why if we can rebuild our marriage, it will not be the same anymore, finding out that he can fall in love with this married woman, ( now divorce) within 3 weeks, that is all I need to know to let him go and have my life on my own with my children.

How bad is an emotional affair and why?

Emotional affair is really bad and it will destroy the marriage. It can damage a relationship more than one night stand. The betrayal will be painful that saving the marriage will be hard. Emotional affair is about sharing deep thoughts and feelings with someone other than your partner and about keeping emotional secrets. It's easier to get over a one night stand than emotional affair. Because a one night stand is meaningless and doesn't involve true feelings or personal thoughts. To have emotional affair can occurs when deep connection are forged. It's more loving and connected than physical sex. If you or your spouse are having this feelings, think carefully if it's worth loosing the people that we love just because there's someone new that's listening to what ever we want to talk. It's not worth it, from my experience it was the end of our marriage.

What do you do if your spouse's family tells you they can't blame him for having an affair?

No matter what the relationship is between you and your husband his family has no right to poke their nose into your private affairs (unless you brought it up to them.) They do not have the whole story and the next time they say such a thing say, 'There is not one good reason for having an affair and if he is so unhappy instead of sneaking around behind my back he could ask for a separation or divorce!' It's true, there are no excuses for cheating on your partner.

How damaging are emotional affairs?

huge i am leaving her after 2 years i saw a text about i love you miss you she says it was a game now its reality they can have each other you don't do that to someone if you r in a committed relationship

What can you do if your spouse does not want to end his emotional affair?

If you did everything you know and tried to make some sense towards your husbands problem, I think it's time for you to let him go. Even if he change and God knows it might take a long time, how can you live with a man that you called husband if all he wants is to be with this woman. You are the wife but it looks like you are the mistress with his attitude. Let him go and get a divorce and move on. . Humans are not perfect and when two people get married they should love and honor each other and try to communicate between each other to resolve any problems in the marriage. Marriage does not come with a book of instructions so there will be some bumpy patches in everyone's marriage. If your husband's affair was not a common practice by him and he slipped up once then you both should seek marriage counseling and try to save the marriage. Too many married couples hit a bumpy patch and want to bail out of their marriage far too quickly. When a spouse loses interest in their spouse often it is because there is no communications (able to discuss problems; how each of the partners feel about certain issues) and try to resolve the problems. Those who walk away from a marriage without trying to a point have no staying power. Start talking to your husband and if he is not willing to seek marriage counseling then separate from him first so he will know what it is like not having you around and perhaps he will realize how much he loves you. All humans do not know themselves 100% and therefore make mistakes, but hopefully learn from them.

How do you move past your spouses emotional affair?

When your spouse has an emotional affair, it takes on a different meaning than a physical affair. Emotional affairs mean that your spouse has given part of their love and devotion to someone else. When it is about sex, you can find ways to move past it easier. When it involves emotion, well that is a whole different animal.

How friendship differ to emotional affair?

A friendship is not necessarily emotional while the latter has to be. ANSWER: How? every relationship starts from being friends, friends who can be that person to listen, or just talking about the weather or even what to get while inside grocery. No such relationship can start on emotional connection without getting to know one another. My personal experience, the man I married was getting to know the woman he met on a dating site before he slept with her. So with this example you can justify the difference of friendship to emotional affair. The man I married was really deep in a hole being emotional with his ex mistress then which I never knew he have this passion.

How do you prevent an emotional affair?

don't do it. ANSWER: Like the person said, don't do it. Or how about talk to your spouse, instead of the other person. Please don't say that your spouse doesn't know how to listen, that is why you are focusing to be with the other person. You already forgotten that when the two of you was only starting this so called new life, your spouse is there for you, listening to you, and now its not happening. I think you need to really look at the big picture here. Don't do what the man I married did, he said and I quote never listen to him talk, which is a lie. It was him who don't know what to say, even though his acting like listening to me. It is what it is so if I were you, before you decide to have this emotional affair, ask your self if you are being a good spouse.

How do you avoid falling into an emotional affair?

Decide whats best for you. Whatever you do, don't have an affiar.It just makes everything equally as bad! If you want to avoid itthen stay away from the person your thinking about having an affairwith. Try and forget about them as much you can and if you cantstop and get to the point where it is ruining whatver you have withthe other person then you know that that's the person you should bewith. Think seriously about your marriage if married, look down the roadat the consequences of your action before you become emotionallyattached. Are you willing to risk it all. An emotional attachmentis just like committing adultery, you just have not acted on it.Matthew 5:28 " I say that everyone who keeps looking at a woman soas to have a passion for her has already committed adultery withher in his heart." This same principle would apply if a woman looksat a man this way. Answer2: By refusing to dwell on adulterous fantasies, yousafeguard your heart and protect your marriage. A successfulmarriage requires giving exclusive devotion to your mate. Yourmarriage mate has first claim on your time, attention and emotionalenergy. Any relationship that takes what rightly belongs to yourmate and gives it to someone else is a form of infidelity, even ifno sexual activity is involved. Communication with someone otherthan your mate in person, by telephone, by text or online chatcould become a betrayal of trust. Beware of rationalizing that noromantic feelings exist when in fact they may. The heart istreacherous says Jeremiah 17:9 "The heart is more treacherous thananything else and is desperate. Who can know it? If you have aclose friendship with someone of the opposite sex as yourself: Am Idefensive or secretive about the relationship? Would I becomfortable if my mate overheard our conversations? How would Ifeel if my mate cultivated a similar friendship. An improperrelationship can lead to marital disaster since emotional closenesspaves the way for eventual sexual intimacy. (see 4/09 Awake MaritalFidelity-What Does It Really Mean - article on Jehovah's Witnessofficial website)

Is an emotional affair worst than a sexual affair?

Definitely, emotional affair is all about betraying your love. This affair is all about connection between a married man or married woman to their opposite sex. Heart is already involve with this affair. With sexual affair is all about lust and fun with another person who is not their spouse..

Is having an emotional affair worst than having sexual affair?

Like what I wrote in my first one, yes it is. emotional affair is worst than anything else when our spouse have the affair. Emotional affair does not contain sex between the married man and the other person but you can be sure that they do fantasize it and talk to each others how it will feel if they can kiss or touch one another...

Is an emotional affair worse than a sexual one?

no it is not because their is no intimacy/intercourse involved but it is also not good either I think it would hurt more because there is no emotional connection if they just have a sexual fling, but the connection between them, even without physical contact would hurt a lot ANSWER: I disagree from the first one answer, emotional affairs are more dangerous to a marriage than having sex, even a one night stand. Emotional affair is all about being connected with the other person. Emotional affairs is sharing intimate emotion, sharing intimate problems, an so on. Without warning they will start having feelings to each others. And this will start the relationship an about his family but with the other person.

Can you prevent or recover from your husband's emotional affairs?

nope there is nothing u can do but if u guys are having that problem its probably faith telling u to move on

How do you end your husband's emotional affair?

Ending an emotional affair is difficult because there is no physical contact between your husband and the other woman and the mind is free to think as that individual allows it. If your husband is willing you should seek marriage counseling so you can learn the tools to communicate with your spouse and they you and if your husband will have nothing to do with counseling then be blunt in saying you are not wasting your life on him if he continues to have this emotional affair and will at least get a separation from him in hopes he will see how hurtful he is being to you and if he does not snap out of it divorce will be your next step. By allowing him to do as he pleases and staying with you then you are enabling this emotional affair. Often humans want what they cannot have and this may well be where your husbands thoughts are now.

How do you protect your marriage from emotional affair?

Often an emotional affair can begin very innocently with a friendship from work, church or the neighborhood. A flirtatious online relationship can also develop into an emotional affair. Couples who're not emotionally connecting are in greatest risk of falling into a difficult affair with someone else. This new connection brings about a fresh excitement, a spark, particularly when someone you find attractive shows a sincere interest in you as a person and "gets" you a lot more than you feel your partner does.

When it comes to emotional affairs what is the difference between an emotional and physical affairs?

I don't really see a difference. If you mean physical affairs as in making love, the intensity and passion of emotion is involved. You can be emotional without sex, of coarse, by sharing feelings, passions and goals.

What do you do when friendship becomes an emotional affair?

you try to fight it but if it gets out of hand u must stop being friends to keep ur relationship going

How can couples rebound from an emotional affair?

From personal experience I can say...working together is the best way for the couple to get through it. That is, if they want to still be together. Me and my boyfriend both cheated and it gave us a new understanding to our relationship. We love each other dearly, it just made us realize that our problems run deeper than cheating itself. We began to open up to each other a lot more and about a lot. We looked at is as if we'd done the ultimate No-No in our relationship so nothing else we do can top it. Its basically all about turning a bad situation into something good and better.

How can you handle your husband's emotional affair?

Well even though you know everything and your husband thinks that you don't know anything the best thing to do is the confront him and tell him that he needs to be 100% honest with you and that most of the time relationships break because someone was not honest to his/her partner. That's all i gotta say and for you ladies i suggest you stay single until you know that the guy you have met is going to be there for you and will always love and cherrish you and most importantly he will never cheat on you. Dr.Drew

How do you survive a nasty emotional affair?

Emotional affairs are the ones where girl and guy both love each other, take oaths of love, cannot live without talking or meeting each other, but some unfortunate events separate them. I personally feel that one must never leave a person whom you truly love, so one must try solve the problems that led to the rift. Always value one and last love in your life because soulmate is one.

Why do women have emotional affairs?

For the emotional attachment to another human being. A woman who feels ignored; alone and not valued will sometimes looks to another man to get what she is missing in her current relationship. Is is right for a woman to have an emotional affair? It isnt an easy answer. Women dont have affairs lightly. I was very alone and lonely even with being married. I attempted to get help my husband refused. He would come home eat the dinner I made and then get up leaving me to clean it up and he sat and watched TV till it was time to go to bed. I would be in another room reading. We had not couple friends nor did we do anything as a couple. I just couldnt do it anymore. He was shocked I backed up and moved to an apartment. I meet someone and started dating. My marriage was over long before I moved out. I really dont care what some thinks it right or wrong. I takes 2 to make a marriage work. I couldnt fix a marriage when the other half saw not problem. Leaving my marriage after 25 years was the best thing I ever did for myself. I think alot of women probably would agree.

Is it normal to fall out of love because of your spouse's affair?

It happens often, so yes, it's normal for someone to feel that way after an affair is found out.

How easy it is to fall into an emotional affair?

If your emotional needs are being met, then you can easily catch yourself if you feel you are falling into an emotional affair or that someone is trying to pull you into one. However, if they are not be met, then it is very easy and will feel natural and probably harmless.

How long before a cheating spouse's emotional affair becomes affair?

An emotional affair IS an affair. Just because one hasn't had sex with said mistress/ lover doesn't mean it isn't one. Depending on someone/ slash yearning for them emotionally (besides one's spouse) is exactly that- an affair.

Can you have sexual affairs with your teacher?

This is against the law for most student and teacher couples. When it is not against the law it is against school policy and will get teacher fired and student expelled.