How many calories are burned by doing push ups?

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The answer is 638 calories per hour. So measure how many minutes you are doing them and divide accordingly. Every minute you burn about 10.63 calories. I figure for every 100 pushups you would burn about 100 calories.
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actually it depends on the person's weight, obviously but that is all i know right now.
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How many calories does one push-up burn?

Depends on the weight and metabolism of the individual. A 150 lbs man can burn 3-5 calories and a 250 lbs man burns 4-7 calories. As the workout continues the rate of calor

How many calories are burned by doing 100 push ups?

by doing 10 push ups you burn 21 calories so by doing 1 its 2.1 and by doing a 100 you would burn a estimate of 210 calories. so doing 500 you would burn 1050, e.t.c.. by doi

How many calories do you burn doing ten sit ups?

Ok, that stuff was junk. You burn about .2 calories per sit-up for the average person. So in other words, 10 sit-ups burns 2 calories. If you're looking to lose weight, I sugg

How many calories are burned by doing 1 push-up?

Insignificant. The point of exercise isn't the number of calories burned, but about toning muscle and getting EVERYTHING to work at a higher level. If you look at the calor

How many calories do you burn doing pull ups?

The answer is surprisingly low. Pullups are difficult becausethey're engaging relatively small muscles, but in terms of energyexpended, it's roughly equivalent to walking up a