How many pounds of food does the average person eat each day?

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  • The US Dept. Of Agriculture estimates that the average person in the United States eats .5 lbs of meat, 1.6 lbs of dairy products, .2 lbs of fats and oils, .8 lbs of fruits, .7 lbs. Of vegetables, .5 lbs of grains, and .4 lbs of sugars per day for a total of 4.7 lbs. of food per day. To see the USDA study, follow this link:

No wonder americans are so fat!
I eat an average of 2LBS of food per day, and drink ~2LBS worth of drink (which is about a quarter of a gallon).

edit: actually, in a sense, the more pounds of food, the better. a watermelon weighs more than a donut.
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How many pounds of food does an average person eat a year?

2,500 lbs. ****** Using the Recommended Daily Intake(RDI) and the Daily Value(DV) of foods for people 4 years or older eating 2,000 calories per day, as recommended by