How much protein should a 12 year old girl eat daily?

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11-13 year old's should times their current weight by 0.455
Ex: An 11 year old that weighs 85 lbs should eat 38.6 oz. of protein
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How many daily calories should a 12-year-old girl eat?

It depends on what type of exercise you're doing. But to answer your question, an average 12 year old girl should at least eat about 1,900 calories. . It depends on how ac

How much protein should a 14 year old girl eat a day?

That depends on her weight. It is said that people should consume 1 gram of protein per kilogram. So for example if the 14 year old girl weighs 45kg, she should have an intake

How much fat should a 12 year old girl eat?

They should eat at least 40% a day in a meal. To not get fat only really eat meals and a snack and once a week desert is ok if you get over 170 pounds when you are 12 that

How much protein should a 15 year old girl have daily?

The protein requirements of 15 year old girl can be aptly filled through the ingestion of a piece of meat anywhere from 6-10 inches long, with a cross-sectional radius of 5-6