How much sex do you need to have?

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Unless you're trying for a baby, you don't really need to have sex at all. And even that can be sorted out with a donor and a syringe. It can be nice, relaxing and all that, but plenty of people survive just fine without it.

How much is too much sex?

If it is becoming painful, it's too much. well its not something u can really answer.i guess its 2 much when u feel like stopping but i think 2 much sex is about 1 hour & 30

Can you have to much sex?

If it hurts, then you should probably lay off the sex for awhile and indulge in other activities. Otherwise no, sex is good for you and it should be done as often as possible.

How much sex is too much?

If you and your partner are otherwise healthy and willing, and so long as having sex doesn't prevent you from holding down a job, getting to appointments on time, and having r

Do you need sex?

No, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. Boys love to use that line as if they will die without it! Trust me, they will say anything! Physically, yeah it's fun. Prac

About how much sex you have?

As much as you can handle until you actually become bored, tired, completely drained or your testicles or vagina starts to ache and maybe even your penis is sore. There are li

Why sex is a need?

Because it is a deep most sensual and transcendent feeling shared and expressed between 2 human beings and /or lovers. a bridal expressions of love , for 1 another.
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What is need of sex?

It's for you and your partner to get satisfaction or if you wanna have a baby. (:
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What do you need to do in sex?

You first need to be married to the opposite sex and love each other enough to respect each others differences and want to create and nourish a new person or baby in 9 months