How painful is a root canal on a scale of 1 to 10?

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Pain depends on the severity of the infection, the depth of the root canal, the "skill" of the dentist, and your pain threshold. There's lots of factors in a root canal which can increase/decrease pain.

I've personally had three root canals. At some points during, it is not comfortable at all. I've never felt pain during any of my root canals, probably because of the anasthetic which is used. In my last root canal I had a small ache afterwards for two days, which I'd pitch at around 2 out of 10.
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If you have a root canal what kind of pain medicine do you get?

When I got my bottom left wisdom tooth pulled, and a molar pulled I left the dentist office with a prescription for 25 5mg percocet which I took 1 every four hours. Usually, t

How painful is a root canal?

there are many clinics for root canal and its depends upon bestdoctors and best dental products which is used at the time ofoperation. so you will to choose trhe best dictors

Are root canals painful?

Pain is minimal and may be treated with over the counter painmedications. Most people after having root canal can return to workimmediately.

How painful are root canals?

They aren't that bad, get them to numb you first and you should be okay. I lost a tooth before and had to have one, then they whitened it and its been about 4 years, cant tell

Will Root canal treatment be painful?

answer from. . I can only speak from my experience but I had a root canal done on a molar 2 years ago and it was easier than

How painful is a root canal for a child?

i am 12 years old i just had my root canal today. It didn't hurt bad they just nummed the area around the tooth it was fine. For a child the biggest factor is fear.

Does root canal painful?

No, its not painful. Root canal will be performed only after proper anesthesia is administered.However one might experience tickling sensation.

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Does tooth pain require a root canal?

Not all tooth pain is treated with a root canal surgery, it depends on what is wrong with the tooth and how bad it is. Here are some causes of toothache and a possible treatm

How do you stop the pain of a root canal?

go to the dentist ;D ANSWER Apply an ice pack or a bag of frozen veggies to the outside of yourmouth, directly over the root canal sight. Hold the ice pack inplace for five