How serious is an abscessed tooth that affects the sinuses causing your face along the side of your nose to swell?

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How SERIOUS is it? Come on, now. If someone tells you here that its not serious, what will that do for you? You have an absessed tooth. And it sounds like the infection is spreading to your sinuses. Don't screw around with this. Make a dental appointment. Or if money is an issue, contact a dental school to see if you can get low-cost or no-cost treatment. ~ T
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Can an abscessed tooth cause numbness in the face and a watery eye?

It is possible. It does depend on the location of the absess. Fluid building up can pinch or compress nerves. The watery eye can be caused by a pinched nerve as well. See a

Does an abscessed tooth affect your breathing at all or cause back pains of any kind?

Answer . \nAbscesses of the teeth occur because the tooth has become non vital, ie it has died from either a traumatic accident or decay or a leaky filling with decay under

What unusual side effects are caused by an abscessed tooth?

Answer . Some of the possibilities are: sinus infection, blood poisioning, low grade fever, general aches and pains, gum destruction resulting in loss of the tooth and dim

Can an abscessed tooth cause diarrhea?

Yes it can, the infection in the mouth from an abscess can cause vomiting, nausea, sweats, lightheadedness and diarrhea. It is important to seek the help of a Dr if you are ha

What causes one side of the face to swell?

\nGenerally, you are talking about inflammation. This can be caused by an external injurious force (e.g. getting hit in the face), by an infection, or an allergic reaction. Mo
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What will take the swelling down from an abscess tooth?

You can take Nurofen to help reduce the swelling from a toothabscess. You will also need to get an antibiotic from your dentistwhich will not only help bring the swelling down
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Can your sinuses cause you to feel head swelling?

if you get a real bad sinus infection it can make your face have swelling both sides of your face can be involved i have seen it in one side and i seen it in both sides and it