I am 30 weeks pregnant and I've been scared to go into preterm labor?

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I know that even the thought of going through preterm labor is a terrifying one, at 30 weeks of gestation, your baby has very good outcome ratio. The sickest and smallest preemies are born as early as 23 weeks of gestation and they are the ones exposed to many, many hurdles until they reach 40 weeks, or full term.

I do not know the reason behind your worries, if they have been confirmed by a medical professional or if they are worries associated with some symptoms you are currently experiencing. My baby was born at 24 weeks of gestation due to incompetent cervix and premature rupture of membranes also known as PROM, and delivered via Cesarean. After some respiratory complications and many months of ICN care, he is now 6 months old and does not have any complications from his prematurity.

If you do go into labor 30 weeks into your pregnancy, be prepared for some hospitalization time for your baby. Also remember that every week you are still pregnant counts.

In general, over 95% of babies born between week 30-33 of gestation grow to be perfectly healthy children. The ones that are at risk are babies born with certain abnormalities in the vital organs, kidneys, liver, etc. The hospital stay is typically between 6-8 weeks depending on how your baby is growing and developing. Although like with every baby born prematurely the risk of developing complications is higher than the percentage of the same risk in full term babies, at 30 weeks of gestation your baby has very good chances of overcoming his prematurity faster than younger preemies.
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