I am 36 weeks with a baby that's already 6.5 lbs i am miserable. my doctor sucks and the past 3 days ive been having contractions nothing real is it safe for the baby to take castor oil?

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It's not uncommon for some women to feel pretty uncomfortable when this far along in pregnancy and just want it over with. Most doctors will give up to 2 weeks past the due date to be on the safe side, so try to hang on for that extra 2 weeks. If nothing happens after that then talk to your doctor and I'm sure he'll induce labor. Take care of yourself and nix the castor oil! As miserable as you feel you want a healthy baby. There is an old way of bringing on labor and it's safe and it's lightly scrubbing the kitchen floor! No kidding! Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. DON'T ingest anything to bring on your baby. An early Congratulations! Answer the baby will come when it's ready to come all caster oil will do is give you a bad case of diarreha
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If you're 36 weeks pregnant and you took castor oil and now your contractions are 5 minutes apart when should you go to the doctor?

Answer . Call the hospital now! If they are constantly 5 minutes apart you need to get there ASAP! Even if it's false labor it's still hard false labor--and they will either want to go ahead and let you have the baby or they will try stopping your contrations. It's not a good idea to drink castor (MORE)

At 34 weeks pregnant can you take castor oil to help have the baby now?

Need to correct the above answer. At 37weeks your baby is not considered premature. At 37 weeks you are considered full-term! Answer At 34 weeks pregnant, Your baby has not fully developed his/her lungs. That will not be developed til 37 weeks and will still be considered premature at that age. If (MORE)

Is it safe to drink castor oil at 35 weeks?

Answer . \nIt is an old wives tale that it is a labor inducer. I however can assure you from personal experience that it is only a laxative. I tried it with my first son and I got so scared in the middle of the runs tha I called my OBGYN and he just "hee hawed" on the phone! He said it was wha (MORE)

Will drinking castor oil help bring on labor if you will be 37 weeks in 3 days?

Answer . Caster oil may help bring on labour for some women - not everyone though. A normal pregnancy length is considered to be 38-40 weeks. Therefore if you are only 36.4 weeks, I would suggest you wait just a little bit longer. Wait until you are 38 weeks.. It is more likely to give you colic (MORE)

Will a doctor know if you take castor oil to induce labor?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nSince castor oil doesn't pass through the bloodstream, there is no way for the doctor to tell if you've taken it or not. But I would tell him just to be on the safe side. Hopes this helps!\n. \nShe may wonder why you have diarrhoea (yeuch) but it's not illegal (just usele (MORE)

You are 36 weeks and been contracting now since 31 weekswas in labor at 31 do you think castor oil will work for me doc says its safe to have baby now i am tired of hurting what would you do?

Answer . I tried that with my first child. I don't suggest it. I didn't go into labor, but I crapped myself silly!\nTry pinching your nipples, or getting your man to do it. That releases hormones into your system that will trigger labor. I'm not saying it will work every time, but that's how I i (MORE)

How much castor oil is safe to take to induce labor when you are 38 weeks pregnant?

Castor oil was used to induce labour for many years by UK midwives. However, results were pretty varied. The castor oil method works by stimulating your bowel, which, in theory, should stimulate your cervix due to it's close proximity. The castor oil WILL cause diahorrea and possibly abdominal c (MORE)

Is castor oil safe for the baby if taken to induce labor?

Castor oil is really not recommended to try and induce labour. It often causes vomiting and diarrhea, which isn't something you want during labour. It is also proven not to be effective at inducing labour. Really, the best thing to do is wait for your body to go into labour naturally. If your body i (MORE)

When is it safe to take castor oil?

It is generally safe to take Castor oil for constipation, except during pregnancy. It is contraindicated in pregnancy, specially in late pregnancy, as it can precipitate the labour pains. It is given some times by your Gynaecologist to induce the labour pains.

You are 39 weeks pregnant 1cm dialated and 50 effaced you are so tired and ready to have this baby already the doctor said his head is down in the right position and you would like to try castor oil?

Caster oil can be a VERY uncomfortable way to begin labor. It is a laxative with powerful capabilities. I myself have used it 2x (have 4 children) and it honestly never worked to get the babies out- just gave me the runs and major cramping. personally I would rather wait to birth, than wait to birth (MORE)

Measuring 36 weeks and baby weighs over 8 lbs is that true?

You are 36 weeks pregnant. (fetal age 34 weeks). The baby is about 19 inches (48 cm) long. . Weight is around 6 and a half pounds (3 kg). . The baby's body is becoming chubby as fat layers build. . Between now and birth they may gain about an ounce (30g) a day . While it says that your baby we (MORE)

Can the baby take more than 36 week in the womb?

A typical pregnancy is 40 weeks, so a baby can expect to be in the womb for 40 weeks. However, some babies are born sooner and some are born later, so it depends on the mom and baby just how much the baby 'can take.'. If you are pregnant and have concerns it would be a good idea to check with your (MORE)

You are 34weeks and 2 days and you really want this baby out what can you. do Will castor oil work for you?

Castor oil will have no effect in reasonable quantities and, like anything else you overdo, can be dangerous in very high quantities. Have a chat with your OB/GYN and see what she says about this. They tend not to like inducing labor unless there's a medically needful reason for it, as it does incre (MORE)

Will castor oil hurt your unborn baby at 38 weeks?

Yes, castor oil is dangerous as it can 1. trigger labour 2. cause the baby to have a bowel movement before birth which can be potential fatal. I was super overdue and looked into castor oil as a way to help things along the doctor said absolutely not.

Will castor oil induce labor at 36 weeks?

It most likely will not. You do not need to induce labor before 40 weeks without a sound, medical reason. If the baby were to arrive early on its own, that is a different matter, but trying to induce labor before the baby is ready or "fully cooked" could have dire consequences on the baby and possib (MORE)

Will taking castor harm an unborn baby?

If you are planning on taking Castor Oil to induce labour it's method of working is to upset the mothers stomach causing diarrhea. This in turn stimulates the uterus to contract and begin labour. However, the castor oil absorbed by the mother and be passed on to the baby causing the baby to release (MORE)

You are 15 weeks pregnant and have been having a constant pain in your lower right abdomen for the past 3 days is it normal?

It can be normal for you to have pains in your abdomen ecspecially the lower one because you could be experiencing cramps which is a normal symptom of pregnancy as your baby grows and your body adjusts you may experience cramping and mild spotting during a few stages of your pregancy.Each woman vari (MORE)

Is it safe to tan after having a baby 3 weeks ago?

Purposely tanning is never a good idea--it increases the risk of skin cancer, prematurely ages skin, and can cause painful burns. Sunblock should be worn whenever your skin is exposed to the sun for long periods of time. If you insist on tanning, it's probably better to wait until 6 weeks, when y (MORE)

What week of pregnancy is safe to have the baby?

A baby is counted as 'viable' (able to survive) from 24 weeks of pregnancy but I would not call that safe. 33% of babies born at 24 weeks, 19.9% at 23 weeks, and 9.1% at 22 weeks live long enough to be discharged from hospital. Not surviving but being discharged. So only a third survives from 24 wee (MORE)

39 wks with baby at plus 3 station 90 percent thinned out and 4 centimeters no real contractions will labor start soon if not what should I try castor oil I tried with another birth nada happened?

Why would you try to speed up a birth that isn't even past the due date yet?. Let nature take it's course...you will go into labor when the baby and your body are ready. Trying to speed things up is unnecessary and, depending on what you try, can be dangerous.. And for God's sake, don't drink cast (MORE)

What are the risks on having a baby born at 36 to 37 weeks?

In the UK - which currently has the highest incidence of pre-term births in Europe - around 7% of births occur before 37 weeks, with 98% of these being after the 32nd week. But for a mother who has experienced a previous pre-term birth the likelihood of early delivery rises to 21.3% Statistics (MORE)

Is it safe to take castor oil at 27 weeks pregnant?

No, because if you drink Castor Oil during an early development stage you may harm the baby .The harm happens because drinking Castor Oil causes diarrhea Which may cause your baby to have a bowl movement in the womb.

Can castor oil and vinegar hurt your baby?

If you as an expecting mother take this, the chances are that it might induce labor. castor oil doesn't cause contractions, it casues diareah. all the tummy churning, cramping and dehydration equals enough stress to bring on labor. it's REALLY not safe. The baby is fairly well protected in the wo (MORE)

Can drinking Castor oil harm your unborn baby?

A lot of women have used castor oil to induce labor (including me). What it does is cause your bowels to cramp witch in turn can irritate the uterus and cause contractions that may or may not lead to labor. Some people say that taking castor oil can cause the baby to have a bowl movement witch is ha (MORE)

How do doctors take a dead six week baby out of you?

I'm sorry you had a miscarriage. The method used is a method called Dilation and Curettage where they numb the cervix and then crape the uterus using a tool called a curette and then suck out the content's.

Is it safe to have a baby at 28 weeks?

No. The baby and especially the lungs are not fully developed yet but if there is nothing else to do they have to be born. This is something you need to discuss with your doctor.