If both of your parents are overweight how likely is the child to be overweight?

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It is very likely that the child will be overweight if it has overweight parents. Obviously eating habits of overweight people are passed on to their children along with genes and the lack of motivation for physical activity.
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Why don't men like overweight girls?

Some men don't, some men do. It's often a matter of taste. However, it's worth pointing out that people can change over time. Someone who initially liked only fat girls may end up liking thin ones, and someone who initially liked only thin girls might later have heavier tastes. In addition, a gir (MORE)

Do girls like overweight guys?

Ah, how general a question! Naturally, there are women who like overweight guys just as there are guys who like overweight women. The real question is: will YOU accept the woman who accepts you? Advice to those who may be in high school: having a girl is not as important to your future now as concen (MORE)

How can you tell if a child is overweight?

First of all I think you would see it if a child is overweight, so use your eyes. Also look out for increased BMI, increased abdominal girth. To be sure check a doctor.

Do girls like guys who are a little overweight?

Indeed \n. \nI dislike skinny guys personally, I date men with a little weight on them, all women have different likes and dislikes but trust me many women like men that are far from skinny. \n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nEvery person is different. Every one has different ideas of "attractive". (MORE)

What is overweight?

Overweight is generally defined as having more body fat than isoptimally healthy. Being overweight is a common condition,especially where food supplies are plentiful and lifestyles aresedentary. Actually, being overweight is defined as a BMI over 25.0. It doesnot necessarily (it usually does, but n (MORE)

Why do men like overweight women?

Attractiveness is subjective and dependent on the perception of an individual. People of different ethnicity's, heights, weights and ages are found attractive. There's no such thing as universal beauty. And don't forget pheromone's!

Why do women not like overweight men?

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Being nice works sometimes. . Answer . If you think you are fat and ugly and trying to get a beautiful girls attetion somehow, think about it what do you really like about this girl if for some reason this girl makes fun of you or doesnt pay attention to you what so ever then she is probably no (MORE)

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Being fat is OK. I am a big beautiful woman and size to me is just a number! There are a lot of fat people in the world, especially in USA, CA&UK. And there are a lot of fat admirers. Like BBW admirers, BHM admirers. BBW means big beautiful woman, BHM means big handsome man. I meet a lot of good (MORE)

Why does a child look like both of its parent but not identical?

Answer . Because your child does not only have your DNA they have the DNA of both the father and the mother. In that case, they may pick up features of either, or other features from grandparents, etc, that is there in a parents DNA.. Answer . Firstly, that is not always the case. In the ca (MORE)

Why do most men not like overweight women?

There are many sources to blame for this perception: the media, culture, nurturing, and personal bias. The fact is that this is an attitude that changes at the whims of time. Many things affect how people view things and their personal tastes. The fact is that there is no reliable tracker of the per (MORE)

What is it like to be overweight?

I know from my experience, being overweight is not fun. For me, I was teased a lot in school and even now because of it. I had people poke me in the stomach and even push me to the ground to see if I would bounce. My father and some of my family members always had a comment about my weight. I could (MORE)

Why do some men like overweight girls?

The reasons why men like overweight girls varies: 1. These women tend to be more passive and make the men feel more like men. 2. The women may be perceived as emotionally stronger. They are used to put-downs and tend not to be as superficial. 3. The men just have a fetish for large women. S (MORE)

Do attractive guys like overweight girls?

Yeah why not? The thing is, if he is attracted to you he is attracted to you. Just because you may be overweight does not mean you can't get a hot guy; big women get hot guys all the time. Beauty is subjective. I'm one of the more popular boys in my class,and I have turned down many a skimpy ch (MORE)

What is it like being overweight?

It depends on the person perspective on there weight. Did you know in some countries being overweight is atractive and the only way to get married? The skinny and pretty people in the country are consitured UGLY. I for one think being overweight its stressful. I hate it, it makes me want to never (MORE)

Does he like me even though I'm overweight?

chances are you don't actually have weight issues--you're probably just self conscious--and even if you do, it shouldn't matter to the guy. Appearance comes after personality, always.

Does bill kaulitz like overweight girls?

Umm. I not entirely sure. But from what I've seen, he's attracted to the olsen twins, Angelina jolie, heidi klum. And their all skinny. --- no he wouldn't --- Bill is a sweetheart, I'm positive he would. It also depends on how overweight are we talking like 250 or are we talking like 45 (MORE)

How would you get a guy to like you if you are overweight?

You cannot get someone to like you without compromising who you really are. Trying to change to suit someone else never works. Now, this means you as a person. That being said, you can make some improvements that make up the total you. We all can. If you feel your weight is interfering with your rel (MORE)

Why are overweight people overweight?

Many people look at others who are overweight and assume that they must be lazy and eat lots of unhealthy foods. This is not always the case and our weight is not always something we are in control of. Metabolism problems are one reason why people are overweight. Some people who are overweight do ea (MORE)

Best diet and exercise for an overweight or obese child or teenager?

As a rule of thumb, the diet needs to be free of empty/junk calories. Frequent small meals (five or six a day) are better than skipping meals or eating larger quantities less often. Other options to choose for children's diets with concerns about obesity in mind . would be: lower fat (no fast food (MORE)

Is 133.2 overweight for a child?

is that a joke question, of course they are overweight. Depending on their age they could be severely overweight, say an 8 year old child or just overweight, like a 12 year old who is semi tall for their age. Either way, the child needs a treadmill.

I am ugly and overweight and i like this boy do you think he likes me?

It depends and if you really like him than tell him or ask him out. The worst he can do is say no and there will be two or three days of weird silence and then everything will go back to normal and lastly if you call our self fat and ugly than you will never have the courage to ask him out and you n (MORE)

Why might an overweight person be overweight?

They may eat too much food but, on the other hand, they may well be insulin resistant, which can create a predisposition to gain weight easily (from normal amounts of food) and to experience great difficulty losing weight (even though making a good attempt). . Lack of exercise, poor choice in fo (MORE)

What is an overweight hamster like?

It can be very lazy and mope around. It is good for your hamster to have a belly on him, but not to much. Like us, it can lead to serious health problems.

Are overweight people more likely to get sick?

Being overweight carries an increased risk factor in severaldiseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart disease. Beingoverweight does not guarantee that the person will get sick moreoften than someone who is not overweight.

How do you get a boy to like you when your overweight?

The honest truth is: weight matters more to some people than others. Some people simply will never "like you" if you are overweight; with others the sort of person you are matters more. There's no magic way to "get" someone to like you.

Can a guy like an overweight girl?

Gonna have to go with yes, Fat chicks need love too. Answer Yes, if they are not shallow people which you don't want to be involved with anyway. There are some guys who prefer women with something other than bones sticking out so you hang in there and the right guy will come along!

Why don't girls like overweight guys?

Attractiveness is natures way of saying you are healthy. Attractive features such as large bust, thin, long legs, muscle, etc tells that person can birth a child / protect a family. Unhealthy people tend to be ugly, ie fat, bald, old, frail. Now, you also have fetishes and people forced to compensat (MORE)