If one of your parents was adopted can you find out who your biological grandparents are without the knowledge or consent of your parent?

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With limited information it is possible to locate biological parents/grandparents via the internet at such sights as adoption.com. Look for reunion registries through which you can find biological parents if they want to be found.
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Can you be emancipated without your parents' consent?

Answer . Check the laws of your state. I believe, in some states, that parental consent is a requirement, while in other states it's not (as long as you meet all of the other requirements and can prove to the court that emancipation is truly in your best interest/there is a legitimate reason tha (MORE)

Can a step parent take out a life insurance policy on a child without the knowledge or consent of the biological parent?

Answer . \nThis depends on the legal status of the step parent. If they are a legal guardian then I would say that yes they could. I'm sure there must be much more to this story.. Answer . \nIf you are a stepparent by marriage, you have no legal authority over the child in regards to obtain (MORE)

What can you do if your parents adopt you without adoption papers?

Answer . \nIn many cases when adoption papers haven't been signed this is a good indication that either someone in the family was pregnant with you and for reasons of their own could't look after you, so your adoptive parents took over. Even a friend of one of your adoptive parents. Most adopti (MORE)

How do you get emancipated without your parents' consent?

Answer . \nStates that have grounds and procedures pertaining to the emancipation of a minor, do not always require parental consent or involvement. The universal factors are, the parents must be notified of the emancipation filing so they may have the opportunity to contest it, and the minor mus (MORE)

How can an adopted 17-year-old find their biological parents without anyone knowing?

\n RESEARCHED ANSWER \n. \nBefore I give you the added information to help locate your biological parents there are certain things you should know. Congress is trying to pass a bill so adoptive records are opened should an adopted child wish to find out who their biological parents are. It' (MORE)

What if you are trying to reverse an adoption without the adoption parents consent?

You're going to need to do a few things, and most likely a LOT more than what I'm about to tell you but this will get you started. . Get your own lawyer NOW. Make sure he/she is not affiliated with any adoption agency and is REALLY on your side. . If you haven't signed any relinquishment papers (MORE)

Married without your parents consent?

If you are under 18 and not emancipated, you cannot get married without your parents consent. Period. . Okay i think whoever wrote that answer was a worried parent. I've been researching because I'm getting married and in sum other countries such as Ukraine Scotland and Paraguay you can get married (MORE)

How old does a child have to be to decide if they want to be adopted by a step parent without consent of the birth parent?

That would all depend upon what state you are in, what are the circumstances surrounding the adoption. Has the parental rights of natural parents been terminated? In Oklahoma if the child is under the age of 18, a natural parent has to be notified of adoption proceedings.. That would all depend upo (MORE)

How can you find your sealed adoption records to find your biological parents?

I have collected many stories of my birth parents. they are both not alive, that is of the reason I was adopted by a family that is not related to my birth parents. I want closure about all of this. It is a tragic way both my parents and all the siblings born the same moment I was born. My adoptive (MORE)

How can you find your biological parents if you're adopted?

The best way to start would be by asking your adoptive parents if they know the names of your birth parents. If they don't, then ask them if they will help you find them. But before you begin this discussion with them, you have to know they may be upset by it, and may not want to talk about it. But (MORE)

Do adopted children have the right to find their biological parents?

Yes, every child has the rights to find their biological parents. For an instance their health. It's for the child to decide, give them a chance to decide for themselves. When they are adults they can do as they wish but sometimes the biological parents don't want contact and can then take measur (MORE)

Can a biological parent adopt their own child?

I dont think so. i mean lets pretend you gave birth. the hospital mostly is accurate on which baby is which. i read a book about that once and all the mother did was take her to her home.

Can a 17 year old in Texas with a job move in with grandparents without parental consent?

I'm 17 years old and I've always heard that you can leave home in Texas at 17. My parents and I have been undergoing some issues the last few years and though I'm only 4 months away from being 18...I can't take it anymore. I've already tried looking into my options of leaving home. I have a job and (MORE)

In Kansas can school resource officer question kids without parents knowledge or consent?

Unless your city or state has some very unusual and restrictive regulations in place - in most areas of the country, yes, they can. School systems act "en loco parentis" which in plain English means that in the absence of parents the school is responsible for the actions and welfare of children whil (MORE)

Is it illegal to adopt a child without the parents consent?

It is not illegal in certain cases to adopt a child without parent's consent. Being adopted at an older age, my parents had no consent who my adoptive parents were. My biological parents rights were terminated from the state because they were not deemed fit to be parents and I was in the foster care (MORE)

Can you still become adopted without parental consent?

That makes things much more difficult. All adoptions, whether through an agency or done privately, must be approved by a court. The adoptive parents must petition for approval from the court as well as participate in an adoption hearing. Additionally, prior to any hearings, anyone who is required to (MORE)

When can you search for your biological parents if you have been adopted?

Yes, there is no law against it unless the adoption record was sealed by a court order. Even then it can get done, but its a delicate legal issue - theres no straight answer. There are several excellent books on the subject and internet sites dedicated to free assistance for adopted children underst (MORE)

Can adopted children inherit from biological parents if no will?

The laws of your local area will determine whether or not you are an heir - normally adopted children cannot inherit from their birth parents unless they are in a will because your birth parents stopped being your parents during the adoption process, leaving no legal relationship to inherit through. (MORE)

Is age of consent with or without parents knowledge?

"Age of consent" refers to the fact that it is illegal to have sexual intercourse with a minor. There are usually no exceptions - the basic idea is that the minor is not old enough to make an informed, responsible, decision on this matter. Tell your parents if you have any thrust on having sex. I d (MORE)

How do you have a relationship without parent consent?

Although I wouldnt recommend it, you could always find a way to communicate through email, texts, calls and other devices without your parents knowing. Having friends and their parents cover for you when youre out could be another possible option. But if you really like this person, then I would su (MORE)

Where can one find information about single parent adoption?

Adoption(dotcom)'s website offers comprehensive information regarding all forms of adoption. While it is not the definitive source, it is one of the most widely used resources. Parents(dotcom) is another good resource to find information regarding single parent adoption.