If you're experiencing flu-like symptoms such as headaches sore throat fatique backache and cramping but your period is due in a few days could these be signs of pregnancy?

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It could be. It has been my experience (I have had two children and one miscarriage) that everytime I am around 3 weeks or so I get flu-symptoms with a sore throat, etc. and I feel queasy and then about the 4th week I will start getting a morning sickness feeling around 9 a.m. every morning even though I have never vomited with any of my pregnancies (unless it was food that didn't sit right)
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I had Signs of pregnancy cramping sore nipples diarrhea and nausea but only for a few days Im not due for a period for 4 days but took a home pregnancy test today and its neg can i still be pregnancy?

Answer . Yes, testing too early will show a negative on a pregnancy test because the HCG (pregnancy hormone) is not at a high enough level to register on a test. Even test

Can you still be pregnant if your period is 9 days late and have 2 negative hpts with some pregnancy or PMS symptoms like sore nipples frequent urination fatique light lower backache and so on?

Answer . \nIf your period is nine days late, a hpt should be picking up levels of HCG in your system enough to make the test positive. A "normal" woman would definitely s

I have had mild cramping for about 3 weeks now My period is not due until the 8th 2 days ago had massive lower backache and massive cramping like AF was coming nothing no cramping little backache sign?

Answer . Each period is a little different, depending on which ovary is ovulating. The hormone release (prostoglandins) can cause cramping and so on. Start taking a pain r

Period isn't due until Jan18 I've had spotting cramps the past 2 days and lower backaches headaches fatigue I also have slightly tender breast I had sex 2 days after last period dec27 could I be prego?

there a few questions you need to ask yourself was your last period in dec 27 normal for you and was it a regular period When was the first day of your period in dec how m