If you are 5 days late on a period and you take a home test and it comes up a faint positive and then start bleeding am you pregnant and is in safe to be consuming alcohol?

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Go see your Doctor or stop by a free medical clinic for a pregnancy test. If you suspect you may be pregnant (If you have to ask this question, you obviously have concerns)it is never "safe" to consume alcohol for you and your health, or for your (possible) fetus.
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Are you pregnant if you were two weeks late for your period and a pregnancy test was positive and you had symptoms but then started bleeding 7 days later or was the test defective?

Answer . Honey, if it was a clear positive, trust me you are pregnant. But get to the doctor soon, hopefully you didn't miscarry.. Answer . On rare occasions you can en

You had three home pregnaries test and they were all positive you took them five days before it was time for your period and you woke up this morning bleeding so you still be pregnant?

First, if you are bleeding a large amount of bright red--more than 1 pad/tampon in a short time (hour or so) or if you are passing large clots--PLEASE GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM

You have took a pregnancy test with a faint positive and i was a day late and now i am bleeding?

Are you bleeding like a 'normal' period or spotting, heavy or not? Both of the times that I was pregnant my positive result was quite faint as my hormone levels were still pre

Your period was 1month late home and doc tests were negative then got a light bleed lasting 4 days are you pregnant or was it a late period?

I don't know for sure but my period was 1.5 months late once and i did a pregnancy test which was negative. The next day i got my period and I'm not pregnant so I think it's j